Do Medifast Cheaters Ever Succeed??

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When I am reading through the blogs (a daily activity for me) and I come across somebody that is confessing to cheating, especially in the first few days or weeks of being on plan, I have always automatically assumed that their chance for long-term success is almost none. My immediate thought is that if they are cheating so early on the program that they will assuredly fall off the program completely within a short time period. It dawned on me today that that is a very prejudicial attitude for me to have and that in fact I have no empirical data to back up those assertions..

So if you are somebody that found yourself 'cheating' very early in the program but have still been able to have longer term success on the program please set me straight. It might be helpful for others to hear your story and how and when it 'clicked' for you...or perhaps you are still able to eat off plan occasionally but are still having success...

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Since I never went off plan, I can't answer that. I'm sure that there are some that lost weight. Whether or not they maintained it after MF??? You will get lots of responses on both sides I'm sure, some likely very heated.

I hope you get what you're looking for. My opinion is that staying OP DEFINITELY works...

Comment #1

Exactly what De said. OP works. Not-OP may work, sort of, some of the time, for some people..

Why mess with what works?.

Also, it's EASIER to do it 100% than it is to fight the daily battles about whether you're going to have just one bite of this or that. It's settled. You're not...

Comment #2

I think I've been projecting my own history on to other people. For me in the past, if I've 'cheated' on a diet early on then that pretty much spelled my doom. I guess it would help me, and maybe others, to know that other people have had a different experience. This is something that I'm really wondering about, I hope people see it as a honest question and not a judgment..

I completely understand and agree that staying OP is the best bet and I have personally stayed 100% on plan, but I see so many people that are struggling and I was just wondering about it...

Comment #3

I cheated with off plan foods in the first 10 days, but have not since. I have had a bad day here or there where I ate too much Medifast food or protein, but absolutely nothing off plan. I think the first few days are the hardest and easiest to fall off the wagon. I don't think it means anything for long term success, just that you gotta get up, keep trying, and learn something from the mistake. I'm happy with my results so far and expect to go all the way to goal and thru transition. And if I slip AGAIN, I am going to get right back up and keep going...

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I've been on the Medifast program since April 19th 2010 and I've gone off plan (in a bad, bad way) for about a week and once again for one day. I've also had days where I've missed meals, measured my L&G incorrectly and so on and so forth. However, I'm still proud to say I'm about 55lbs down so far. I have a history of eating disorders of every kind and to be able to stand here about six months later with a near-healthy BMI is just amazing to me. Yes, I messed up a few times but I still see myself as a winner.

I honestly believe that Medifast is a learning experience for many or most. Not everybody can do 100% the first time out and I don't think it's fair to expect everyone to be able to. There's a reason we're doing Medifast in the first place and it's certainly not because we had perfect eating habits before! I agree that being 100% takes the stress away from "should I or shouldn't I" but sometimes people slip up and make an off-plan mistake..

I think the best thing to do is just TRY to do 100% and if you succeed, AWESOME! ^_^ But if you slip up, don't stay down. Get right back up and make the choice to get BACK on track right after your mistake! <3.

As Winston Churchill said: "Never, never, never give up!".


Comment #5

My first rodeo I was 100% OP and had wonderful results and kept off the weight well until a horrible family crisis' happened.

But, even before then, if I gained 15 pounds, I would back here on the 5&1 and 100% OP again, and would lose it all..

Back again, and this time, 100% OP.

This is my 10th day on Medifast and I have lost 14 pounds.

LIME green kitty head speaketh the truth...

Comment #6

I do not eat 100% on plan, ever. I am currently in my 8th month on medifast. I tried medifast 3 years ago and was only able to go for 3 months 100% on plan (with occasional cheating) before quitting. (And I was miserable the whole time). I don't believe I've ever been in ketosis since I started in March 2010. I've eaten out at restaurants maybe 6 times, for lunch or dinner (with alcohol), and I've eaten birthday cake and ice cream at least 4 times.

Eating outside the boudaries of the medifast plan may not work for anyone else, but it works for me. Good luck with however you choose to get to goal!.


Comment #7

What a great question. My answer is yes!.

It's been 7 months for me and I've lost 47 pounds and am 3 pounds away from my goal of 152.2 at 5'9" tall. I don't feel as if I've failed because I've lost weight more slowly than others. In fact, I think I have a better chance of keeping it off long-term because I've integrated little things throughout my weight loss like extra protein, or alcohol (wine, vodka or gin) or an occasional carb and have stayed on-track..

Now I've never pigged out or had multiple meals or lots of desert but I've cheated. I think if we talked more honestly about why we cheat or how to cheat wisely, I think it would be easier and create even more support for all..

Now others will be most displeased with these confessions and have empirical studies about how bad it is to cheat and how it screws up your brain and the process of Ketosis but I feel it is what has allowed me to keep going..

Thanks for thinking about your thinking and putting it out there!!!.

Good luck on your journey!..

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I definitely fall in to the cheating category. First week? Giant bag of full fat popcorn. A week later? Fruit and cookies. I never measured a thing. Still lost weight. I decided to take things a bit more seriously and stay OP.

I know it's cuz i'm closer to my goal weight, but hard to remember that sometimes..

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I'm one of those people who wasn't 100% on-plan...I never went crazy and binged or anything...but I personally don't believe in the low-fat thing so I didn't worry about the odd pat of butter or chicken skin...I ate unrestricted celery (the horror!!! hehehe) and often ate more protein and veggies than strictly "allowed". I would say that I was 95% on-plan (on average) but 100% healthy. Worked great for me! Best of luck!.


Comment #10

My first three weeks I was off-plan out of ignorance (I thought it was 1 veggie serving not 3). I have intentionally eaten off plan foods on 3 or 4 occasions and am sometimes off plan out of laziness (i.e. I don't weigh my meat or veg or I skip a meal or I have 6 condiments or an extra snack)..

Could I have lost more if I had been more strict? Probably. But I am okay with where I am. I understand the consequences of food so much more than I did pre-MF and I look at every mistake as a learning experience...

Comment #11

While I have no empirical studies whatsoever, I can only report how the 5/1 worked for ME....a chronic, life-time dieter who always always managed to regain the lost weight. I stayed 100% OP the entire time I was doing the 5/1 & I completely lost my appetite & my obsession with food disappeared. THAT was the beauty of staying OP....relief from obsession. Cuz once maintenance rolls around & more choices become available, it's quite easy to get the obsession fired up again. That's what has killed me in the past. Thanks to staying OP with the 5/1, I lost my taste for those junk foods that kept my weight problem & food obsession alive & well.

I now eat plain, simple L&G type foods & that helps me with 2 things: It keeps my weight managed and it keeps my food addiction in it's cage, where it belongs. Until Medifast came into my life, I didn't think such a thing was possible frankly.



Comment #12

I think it is best to just do the plan 100%..

However, I also think it is essential that people know that just because you are not 100%, or you have gone off and "cheated" that does not mean you will not succeed long term. I have my moments. I am not going to put this 95 pounds back on though...

Comment #13

I just wanted to add a comment about the word "cheating". Whenever I eat something that is waaaaaaay off program I don't tell myself or anyone else that I'm cheating. I spend a little time thinking "Do I really want to eat so off program today? Is it worth it to slow my weight loss this week or not? Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it's no. I'm trying to think long-term, how will I handle situations when I'm not trying to lose weight, and just be a person with a healthy relationship with food..


Comment #14

I have cheated at least once a week. As a couple of people have wasn't a CRAZY binge out session or anything but definitely some stuff that was not OP. I read a comment the other day on here where someone was very much stressing out because they licked some icing off a cake they were making. I can not imagine being that obsessed with what I put into my mouth. Eventually I want to get to the point where I can have a small piece of cake and not feel like I haven't been satisfied. I want top be able to eat EVERYTHING again in moderation and I think that with Medifast we learn to eat smaller and more sensible.

I have full faith though that I have conquered this need to consonantly be eating food that I shouldn't.

I am happy with the weight I have lost thus far and if I would have lost more by nor for being super restrictive..Im ok with knowing that. What Im doing works for me and you have to find that for yourself.

Good luck all..

Comment #15

I really want to thank everybody who has responded to my question. I was initially hoping to bolster my faith in other people, but maybe I was trying to bolster my faith in myself. In any case, your responses have really changed my perspective and empathy level. My intent was not to start a 'cheating' vs 'no cheating' debate but rather to gain some insight, which I certainly have. Clearly there are many paths to success...

Comment #16

[Jenn, I promise I am not laughing at you.].

Bwahahahahaha!!! OMG I tried to picture ME as a person with a healthy relationship with food and I just fell out! Too funny. SOOOOO not part of my universe, or Life Plan, or anything else. I really believe I will always be someone who has to be watched and kept in check in order to keep my weight off. I don't expect it to be painful every day forever, but I do expect that especially in times of stress I will need to manage my impulses carefully..

I am so happy for you that you can envision this for your future. Way to go!..

Comment #17

In my head, I've always felt there was a difference between people who modify the plan in a way that I would consider off-plan, but still stick to it consistently, and people who blog about having a pile of cookies on Day Three, but quickly remind everybody that nobody's perfect. One to me is making a serious attempt and the other is not..

I can see being very successful with the first route, but I'd be surprised if the success level is very high with the second.

I'm a 100%'er because I don't have the mental energy to fight with myself constantly over what I can have and what I can't...

Comment #18

Even the Medifast book says that you may not always stay on plan. The point is to just start up again the next day fresh and go after your goals. I have not cheated yet (this time) - but I know that I am only human and may have some eggnog or Christmas dinner if I am fairly close to reaching my goals then. I am hoping though by then that my behavior will be better, and that I will just eat enough to satisfy myself but not go overboard like I did before with all my good intentions flying out the window and eating everything in sight!..

Comment #19

I haven't been anywhere near perfect. It's an every day struggle for me not to eat things I shouldn't. When I make a mistake I just get back up the next day and keep going. I don't think that just because a person does the plan 100% that they will have any easier time maintaining. Obviously we all have food issues or we wouldn't be here. I have learned quite a bit about my eating habits during this plan and that is what makes a difference.

If you are one of the 100% people that's great but it's also important to realize that just because you fall doesn't mean you will completely fail. You just have to pick yourself back up and keeping on working toward your goals...

Comment #20

That's cool Freya! Sometimes I laugh at myself also!!.

I acutually meant exactly what you said. I'm constantly telling myself that food is fuel, that's ALL IT IS!! Not to cure boredom or as any kind of reward. To me having a healthy relationship with food will mean that I need to eat consciously. One of my issues with food is that I was not eating anything in moderation. I might sit down to an essentially healthy meal, but eat so much of it, it became unhealthy. I know for my weight loss to be permanent I will always have to track my calories, carbs, fat, activity level ect..



Comment #21

For me and my medifast experience it is how one defines "cheating". I use the medifast meal replacements as part of my reduction plan. Some days I am by the book, some days I am not. But all the days in the past 8 weeks (with the exception of just a few) have been clean, healthy eating days. Clean, healthy eating and exercise is what gets the pounds off and the clothes fitting for me. Now this is just my personal experience and I know what works for me.

Now I do not have fruit or yogurt every day, but I do work it into my healthy eating reduction plan. Again, just my personal experience and what works for me. Everyone needs to find what works best for their journey to optimal health..

Happy Melting..


Comment #22

I can't speak for anyone else, only for my own experience. I have been OP since July 10 and have not eaten anything off-plan - not one spoon-lick, bite, nibble, nothing..

For me I see eating off plan a slippery slope and my thought process is 1) I am spending a lot of money on this and I have to respect the process and 2) I need the discipline of eating only what I am allowed. If I give myself permission to lick the peanut butter sandwich knife, then the next day it's a bite of sandwich, then a half a sandwich......

I have lost 33 pounds in 12 weeks, so it's working for me!.

I certainly am not judging anyone who eats off plan - if they can do a little bit and be satisfied and go back OP afterwards, more power to them! I know I can't so I don't. Plus I tend to beat myself up somethin' fierce if I am not perfect (another story altogether)..

Best of luck to you, whichever way you choose to go...

Comment #23

This is how would describe me too. Since June 17th I have been 100% OP. I am afraid to go backwards so my fears help keep where I need to be.

I just dont want to have to start over. It was hard enough getting started the first time in June...

Comment #24

Rather than "cheating", I prefer the term "being human". I agree with a previous poster that the "cheater" mindset can be worse than the actual cheating. You know...I cheated so I might as well cheat the rest of the hour, day, meal, month....

Personally, I fear that I make mistakes every day; primarily with figuring out how to count "mixed veggies" or a salad with more than lettuce in it. I'm still in the mode of freaking out every time the scale doesn't move like I think it should. I've lost 10 pounds and I still secretly think it's a fluke! Having said that, I did eat a slice of apple the other day. It's apple season and it was so delicious and, frankly, worth it. But, that's once in 6 weeks and I don't plan to repeat it. Slippery slope and all that!..

Comment #25

I probably "cheat" most days. I tend to eat extra veggies. It hasn't impeded my weight loss, and I make no apologies for it...

Comment #26

I just want to Thank You for starting this discussion thread, it is very interesting reading and I am glad that everyone is keeping it 'nice'.

I tend to eat off program during times of stress, but I haven't eaten anything off plan, only plan foods in excess on occasion. I don't think this is better and I would like to do better, I am working on my emotional eating issues and hope to get better and better at this..

The highest I have gone is 1500 calories which is nothing like the thousands that I used to eat every day, I feel bad and that is not good for my emotional state, I have to allow myself an extra meal sometimes in order to stay away from non plan foods..

It was helpful for me to hear that other people have 'messed up' and were not 'perfect' Thanks Again for the discussion thread..


Comment #27

I guess I don't stay 100% op because I don't really count spices and things that have well, nothing in them! LOL I watch the sodium in those things and add extra water....

I've had a party where I kinda made sure I stayed really close to op but the salad was full of everything! I was picking out stuff then I just gave up and only picked out the fruit and left the cheese and meat.... I figured if I stayed with just protine it would be ok! That night I also had maybe 1/8 tsp of sweets.... if even that much! LOL I felt like a criminal! BUT the next day I was down .5! I'm getting close to my goal though so if I start to stall I will change how I look at things.... If I start to lose only 1 lb a week I may try to tighten it up but if I'm still only losing a little I'm just going to go with it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even in ketosis...... or if I'm just losing because there are so little calories!..

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My very first week on Medifast I had 3 events to go to. One was a house concert (I was playing), which was wonderfully catered. The food was part of our pay. The second was my best friend's son's birthday party. The third was a family dinner. I ate off plan (in the sense of eating foods not on plan) at each of these meals.

I still lost 15 pounds that first week. I don't think I have gone a week without eating off plan.

I am an emotional eater. Boredom, stress, depression, happiness - all triggers for me to eat. Somehow being on Medifast has allowed me to understand this in a way I never did before and to be able to make better choices. As my relationship with food must change, why not start now? For me, being able to make choices about non-plan foods and still be successful is more empowering than sticking to the Medifast plan set out for us by someone I've never met. I am starting to feel like I can succeed in keeping the weight off once I get to goal...

Comment #29

I do not follow the Medifast plan exactly as written. I go to a center and the plan they have written for me does not include cheese. I eat cheese nearly every day. A sprinkle here or a sprinkle there. I never weigh or measure my food. I eat salad dressing on days when I eat beef.

It has taught me to eat 6 smaller meals per day. It has taught me to eat until satisfied rather than stuffed beyond belief. The best thing is that it's taught me how delicious healthy food can be. I can't wait to incorporate non-MF foods back into my daily life. I'm so excited to live my new healthy life enjoying fruits, veggies, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and healthy whole grains.

I have 100% confidence that I will never go back to my old eating habits. When I first started MF, I fantasized about the pizza and burgers I would eat once I reached my goal weight. Now I fantasize about the awesome body I'm discovering through this process! Everyone has to find their own way to weight loss!..

Comment #30

I am a believer in the plan 100%, at least everyone needs to start it that way,,,just my opinion,,,however, I do know in lots of cases, a Dr or Medifast nutritional support will change up a person's plan to help with their loss, or in some cases, to work within a health issue. to me, this is still on plan. binging, drinking,,,,then that is "cheating",,(I hate that word!!) and for most will definately slow the weight lossOn the other hand, I know several people on these boards who have done the occasional binge with bad food and drink, and are near goal weight, or have been maintaining successfully for a good amount of time. Even knowing this, I still support 100%,,,,but I don't judge those who choose otherwise...

Comment #31

I cheated badly my first week on the program (a slice of pizza, chips, multiple beers), and now cheat sporadically (but only with extra protein and the occasional carb-free alcoholic beverage). I don't have a lassies fair attitude about it like some people "(whoops, ate a cheeseburger!"); I take the diet seriously and I stay within the guidelines of daily carbs and calories..

My cheats also are only cheats in the sense that they're not on the Medifast plan. They are, however, on my very slightly modified Medifast plan so, they're planned.

The fact is, it works for me; I'm still losing and I'm not eating horrible stuff. I have a lot of respect for people who follow the plan to a T. But I've chosen to modify it slightly, and it's working...

Comment #32

I follow the plan to a "T". To do otherwise, in my opinion, means I'm not willing to do whatever it takes to lose the weight. If I'm not willing to do whatever it takes, then I'm more apt to give up when the going gets tough. And it will..

Coming from a high starting point, I could adopt the attitude that as long as I'm going in the right direction everything is A-OK. But I know my body. I know that my body will get to a certain point and then decide not to lose anymore. So I stay 100% because I know that if I do this I will continue to lose..

This program is not just an eating regimen, there is quite a bit of head work to be done. If I'm modifying and making my own rules I'm essentially saying that 20 years of research and input by Johns Hopkins Cardiologists is hooey and I'm gonna do it "my way".

I'm not playing around the edges of this thing. I'm fully committed..

Look at the veterans, the long-time maintainers. ALL of them advocate strict adherence to the plan. This is not by "chance". This is not a "coincidence". Am I saying that 100% adherence guarantees long-term success? No. There are also those that had adopted 100% adherence and then gained their weight back later.

I'm investing thousands of dollars in this program, and into myself. I am not going to waste my money and stretch the program out by weeks or months in order that I can have "what I want" to eat on occasion. I am getting what I want. Long term success and health.

And that is my opinion...

Comment #33

Sorry had a duplicate post. Just erased the duplicate!..

Comment #34

I think that statement say it all in a nutshell. Keep up the great work!..

Comment #35

O lordy what a can of worms post!.


I'm not even going to read through all the responses b/c a lot of times people say hurtful things. maybe that wasn't true this time, but i'm not going to chance it..

Here's my experience:.

I have had some weeks of being 100% OP. and by that I mean measuring every morsel I put into my mouth, all of which was explicitly stated in documentation that it is "allowed." no extra condiments, no questionable snacks, no laughing cheese, etc..

I have also had some weeks where one night of the week I have had a couple of whiskey/diet cokes at events (hard liquor is carb free. not caloric free.).

Many weeks I have eaten cheese. many times not "approved" cheese, though I logged it..

Sometimes I have "gone off plan" by substituting extra protein for one of my MFs. rarely, but sometimes, I have "gone off plan" by missing an Medifast all together b/c of scheduling or poor planning.

After four months on the program, I attended 2 weddings in 2 weeks. the first wedding I had 2 glasses of wine. the second wedding, my sister's, I had -what I consider-my first honest to goodness cheat.

I survived all day with no problems. that night, in my childhood home where all my bad habits began, freaking out over the state of my life, I had a giant brownie. my first sugar since June 1st. then I went back on plan the next morning..

I can't tell you if my weight loss will be permanent. I hope so. then again, as a former "Low carb eater" in years past, I plan on eventually moving out of Medifast to a Low carb/south beach style eating for ever. it is what works for me. and as an actress, body shape is important to my work..

That's my story. good luck...

Comment #36

I think this is very insightful, Dynamite. I have gone off plan a couple of times in 9 weeks, but it was either a little extra protein or a no-carb drink.

I'm thrilled with my progress. I think I am learning alot.

One thing I have learned is that I will not have a starch/grain, though. I can't. My very very occasional off plan choices were logged, planned, and measured and kept in the protein/no carb drink category. A starch would be a disaster for me, personally. That whole notion can just wait till the very very end of transition because I will have alot of stuff to work through with respect to carbs and myself..

I'm in no way "advocating" off plan choices, but rather I am answering your question...

Comment #37

I started the plan on Friday last week. Lost 2lbs right away and stopped. I cheated with a small piece of apple pie on Monday. My meal log says I am eating less than 1000 cal a day I would think at first I would drop more than 2lbs. Any sugestions??..

Comment #38

Without knowing how much you have to lose it's hard to answer that. However, my bet is that you stalled because you had apple pie, which would have put you way over on your carbs. It can take a couple of days for it to catch up to you. Medifast is more about carbs than calores. The program puts you in a mild state of ketosis which helps you burn fat faster. You carb levels should be between 80 and 90 carbs per day and your calories under 1000...

Comment #39

My family is on Medifast and they cheat and cut corners, and depending on the person, they've been relatively successful with weight loss. One person is now in the upper 130's at 5'7 down from 165 and has stayed there. (But refuses to go into maintenance because they are not at 'goal' yet, but also is still having difficulties sticking to the program 100% and losing the rest of the weight), another person has lost 40lbs (they are quite heavy) and they don't stick 100%, another has lost 30 with the same approach. I am 100% and have almost lost 50, and my aunt is 98% and has lost about the same and is now 3lbs away from goal.

From what I've seen with my family who cut corners, they all continue to lose weight, although slower with longer plateaus, but have not lost what needs to be lost to get to goal although they began the program before I did.

In my mind it's everyone's decision which approach they want to take, but I took the 100% route 1) to get the best results the fastest and 2) to make a real lifestyle change so that I don't find myself needing to get back on the 5&1 some point in the near future. I want to be healthy and stay that way without having doubts that that might never happen for me lol. Whatever works for you, right?..

Comment #40

I think you have to be very careful how you define "succeed", and who you ask for advice. After all, opinions are like... well, everyone has them, and they're worth exactly what you pay for them..

I would argue (and hey, it's easy for ME to say, since I've been maintaining for nearly a year now) that if the person offering you an opinion hasn't lost the weight and maintained that loss for some reasonable period of time that they haven't proven their approach is "successful"..

Of course you should take ALL advice with a grain of salt. I'm just suggesting that taking the advice of people who are still in the process of losing weight - mostly "again" - may not give you the kind of usable information you're looking for..

So all that said, and offered with a big grain of salt on the side, here's my opinion - 100% on plan works. It always works. If you stay on plan, you WILL lose weight. If you fool around creating your own plan, it MIGHT work, kinda sorta sometimes for some people depending on the phase of the moon, the state of the tides, your sun sign, and a bunch of other undefined variables. If you're like most of us, you've been doing your own plan for all your life - and you're fat. It didn't work.

What's your goal? Why is it important to you? Who do you love, and who loves you? And why, oh why is that cheat food more important to you than any of those things? Those are the important questions to ask when you're deciding whether a cheat food or meal is worthwhile to you. Obesity kills. That simple. You're trading off your life for a cheat. Why?..

Comment #41

Every diet I've ever done before let me eat unlimited amounts of *something,* even if it was just celery. This allowed me to continue to know I had the safety of being able to "fill up" and feel better, even on the diet. MF, followed strictly, actually forces me to confront my addictive behaviors and emotional relationship with food..

I was contemplating eating to feel better the other day, when under emotional strain. I said to myself, "How am I going to learn if I don't LEARN?" If I keep doing the same thing, short-cutting dealing with my emotions through food, how will I be forced to find healthier ways to deal with my feelings? And I must learn, or die yo-yo-ing..

Cheating is only cheating myself out of a chance to learn a new relationship with food and my feelings. I can't imagine wanting to squander this precious opportunity to practice something new. For what, an egg roll? A piece of fruit? Who cares? It's just food, and I'm not dying...

Comment #42

In 22 weeks I've lost 87 lbs. I've gone off plan 4-6 times. Two were 4/2 days where I had unexpected dinners with friends/family and I wasn't telling people what I was doing yet. The other 4 were times when I made choices off plan ranging from a single light beer to a gourmet meal where I made better choices than I normally would have but definitely not on plan. I think in the long term it might have cost me a couple of weeks in 5/1 extra. I do feel as though each time I went off I learned more about unexpected triggers for me.

I owe this plan to myself. I logged it all and disclosed it too-only to maintain my own sense of integrity here. Those 2 large spikes on my graph here are constant reminders to me. Part of me wishes I hadn't done certain things in those 22 weeks-but a more conscious part realizes that if I spend more than a little time thinking along those lines that I'll consume myself regretting every mistake over the last 35 years or so. Great question.....

Comment #43

Yeah, I wonder myself sometimes why some "cheat" or why some gain the weight back and comeback here time and time again...simple answer..."food addiction"! It always going to be a battle with food and Im sure for most of us it will be, but either way we are not perfect and sometimes people use "food as comfort" and I'm one of them people but since I have been on Medifast I have stayed 100% OP and thats the way I choose to do it! This program costs a lot of MONEY and well Im not going to keep coming back and back again to lose weight...I figure if I cant maintain this weightloss after losing all this weight when I'm at goal...i might as well take a rope and hang myself LMFAO! But either way, since being on mf, definitely teaching me that FOOD DOESNT HAVE TO CONTROL MY LIFE LIKE IT ONCE DID!.

So whether somebody falls off track or regains some of the weight back, doesnt make them a bad person...WE ALL HAVE FAILED ON DIETS it doesnt have to be just MF...but either way thats why we are here to get healthy and try and stay that way!..

Comment #44

I have only been on three weeks but I have been totally, faithfully and anally OP.

I have a dear friend who lost about 60 lbs on Medifast and she was my main inspiration to try the program. She not only lost it like a Medifast champ, but she has kept it off for two years. She is my hero. BUT...she told me after she lost her first 20 lbs, she allowed herself one cheat day every weekend. She said she would not go insane and mainline a whole cheesecake, but she would, for example, get enchiladas and a margarita when they would go out to eat. Maybe she was lucky...maybe her metabolism could handle it.

I have decided, though, because of the way I think, going OP will just not work for me. I lost 70 lbs on WW only to go off plan during vacation and wham, bam and before I knew it, it all came back and then some. For me, if I cheat even a little, it is easier for me to tell myself the next time would not be a big deal either...and the next time...and the next time. I have to have black and white without even a shade of gray. That is why I think this has worked so well for me so far...

Comment #45

Oh, goodness. I have no idea where exactly I fall in this discussion. Personally, I choose to do it 100% on plan but that is because I am finding that keeping the carbs just right is making me feel better. Its a reasonable way for me, but maybe not for everyone..

What I think is that the 100% versus "cheat" discussion is really not the relevant one. It doesn't really matter which way you lose the weight, it's really more about how you are at the end when you go back to real food. BOTH ways will ultimately fail if the person continues to have obsessive issues around eating.

Someone can stay on plan 100% and, wow, lose a ton of weight very quickly, but that doesn't mean a thing. What matters is how prepared that person is for their endless future as an eater of real food. If someone goes through the program obsessional about the plan because they are terrified that one little cheat will spark an eating binge, then they haven't really changed a thing and at some point in the future they'll fail.

OTOH, if someone is much more easy about food and can stay on Medifast for the most part, with a few choices to eat off plan, and then get right back on without going through hell or have to wrestle his/her demons to the ground again, then that person most likely won't have to worry as much about going wild once they end the diet.

OTOH, (I've got lots of hands! I"m an alien!) If someone is going off plan because they CAN'T STOP THEMSELVES and they CANT give up whatever, then they are much like the first person who is on plan 100% yet terrified because food still rules them..

I think the more important discussion has to be around figuring out how not to be obsessional and compulsive people. I think Medifast gives us a really good chance to get there because it takes care of the blood sugar issues and over time it will slowly help our bodies adjust back to normal levels of hunger hormones. Once we get our bodies calmed down then we potentially have the space and time to get our heads and our souls calmed down. Medifast at it's best is a time out while we figure some things out...

Comment #46

This is what I know. I can only speak for myself..

I stayed 100% on plan for over 8 months. 99% of my days were 5+1. I had a few 4+2 days, which are on plan, when I went for some strenuous hikes that required more energy than 5+1 offered me.

I experienced weight loss every week I was on the plan. I did not have any stalls. I only had two weeks where I lost 1 pound. Every other week was 2 or more pounds.

I made goal in 8 months. I lost a total of 108 pounds. I dropped from a size 22 to a size 6. All of my blood tests come back in extremely healthy levels. I can run and exercise without any shortness of breath.

Today I still have an eating plan. I follow it daily. I write down everything I eat. I don't eat anything that I haven't paid for with my daily metabolic calorie level or by extra calories I've banked through exercise.

On Black Friday, I will have maintained my weight loss for 1 year.

All I can say is what worked for me. Boy did it work! After 30 years of obesity, a poor relationship with food, and yo-yo dieting, this is what worked for me. One off plan slip would have led to another and I would have been back to 246 pounds. That's what my history tells me. I needed to break that cycle.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #47

Instances like this make me wonder how important ketosis is to our program. your friend, for example, threw herself out of it once a week and lost 40 more pounds...

Comment #48

Ketosis seems to *help* but it's certainly not *necessary* for weight loss. We're eating 800-900 calories a day. Most people should lose weight no matter what at that calorie level.

I think the bonus of ketosis is that you don't feel the hunger so badly, which makes it way easier to stay OP...

Comment #49

Of course 100% on plan works best. THAT is a no brainer. I believe most people want to stay on plan 100%. Of course there's the young, party type person who has 15 lbs to lose that it isn't worth it and will go off plan, but I do believe for the most part...very large people who have carried their weight for a long time have an addiction.

I feel their struggle and feel compassionate towards them. They are literally killing themselves...

Comment #50

Aw darn....I licked the chocolate ganache off my finger last week. The flavor exploded in my mouth and I realized what I was doing. I actually ran to the sink to rinse off the rest.

I have not been 100% on plan. Sometimes when we go out I end up with too much protien or vegetables. Or too much fat. I try to be extra careful with the carbs, but a few found their way into my mouth. That first 7 days was not fun, do not want to repeat that..

That said, I did suck down my Medifast fruit punch while the family was enjoying Leatherby's ice cream last weekend. Um, and Cold Stone the weekend before. Darn...they eat a lot of ice cream!.

I did find that if I stayed on the lower end of the calories I lost slower, but I'm not a small person (nearly 6' tall). I have been adding a lf cheese stick to bump up the calories and am losing faster and I'm not as hungry...

Comment #51

I am chef instructor and have to taste numerous off plan items as part of my job. This does not mean that I am gorging on desserts (I am a pastry chef) but I am definitely consuming some things that are not 100% on plan, even if it is just a few spoonfuls. When I started Medifast I knew this would be the case and I am ok with it. I am careful about everything else I eat and try to walk/excercise each day. After the first ten days I have lost 8# so something is working out right. The bottom line is that even with the tastings I am eating controlled portions and better food than I did before the program.

I am determined to break that cycle...

Comment #52

I was on the program for 4 months before reaching goal. I NEVER cheated, not one day. I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas without cheating. However, since I've been maintaining, and knowing how much I've grown to love fruit, anytime I think about going back on Medifast (to lose the last stubborn 5 pounds), I get antsy because I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP MY FRUIT. I know in my heart that Medifast works without hunger pains if done correctly (not even one little extra bite) and that I will only be hungry for about three days before the hunger pains subside and the weight drops off BUT I keep thinking, why fight it????It's only five pounds...

All that to say, I dont understand why once the momentum kicks in, why would anyone want to cheat???? It is so much easier to follow the plan as written and watch Medifast work it's magic.....


Comment #53

I've had to look at this like I looked at quitting smoking - it's been trial and error...and if I have a relapse, I get right back on the wagon. I've been smoke-free for two years, and some days it was more of a struggle than others...and so I expect it to be with my new, healthy eating habits for the rest of my life...

Comment #54

But I wonder how much faster she would have lost it without those days on the other hand, if those days allowed her to stay on the program when she might have given up ....

I don't know it's a slippery slope for me, it has to be pretty much all or nothing. I can wait for the other stuff until t&m. it's not like I don't know what off-plan things taste like i'm sure they taste pretty much the same as they did before mf, so ....

Plus, i'm cheap LOL I don't want to do anything that's going to make me have to pay longer than I have to...

Comment #55


I don't know it's a slippery slope for me, it has to be pretty much all or nothing. I can wait for the other stuff until t&m. it's not like I don't know what off-plan things taste like i'm sure they taste pretty much the same as they did before mf, so ....


I found after I transitioned that I enjoyed leaner, healthier foods much more than poor choices. What I thought would be a "treat" certainly was not in the end. I would feel bloated and awful and actually had retrained my palette for some things.

I am now losing an additional 10 pounds and find myself more frustrated at times than I did during initial weight loss. Not sure why, but I accept this is my choice and stick with it. I've been more tempted to go off plan however and hate that feeling!..

Comment #56

I think you said it well. The OCD tendancies that many of us face can be repeated in the OCD of 100% OP as well. The REAL journey is retraining yourself how to live in the gray area because the real world is never black or white.

A "cheat" does not mean you have to torpedo the rest of your day/week/month... Owning your choices and learning how to make better choices the next time is the real journey. The fact is, once you get to T&M and then completely off MF, you are going to have to live in the real (gray) world and be confident and practiced at making good decisions if you want to keep the weight off for the long term.

I was there the first time I did MF. I maintained for over a year and then life came knocking (beating) at the door and I lost control. It's all part of the journey. I learned from the missteps I took how to set myself up for a longer lived success this time around. I feel confident that the success plan I have designed covers the bases and will support me long term..

I truly believe that conscious choices is where the REAL work toward success is to be done. For instance, the first time I did Medifast I had a friend that I met every Wednesday while our girls were in Girl Scouts together and we would go to a local place and share a house specialty appetizer (homemade kettle chips fully loaded with all kinds of totally off plan goodies which I will not name so as not to tempt anyone's resolve) and two beers.

I made a conscious decision to keep that routine with my friend because it is important to have balance and not totally divorce yourself from your "former" social life (as long as it was an emotionally healthy one). I had a salad (my green for the day) and 1 Mich Ultra. This was a planned event and one that I made consciously and that I monitored by making sure my other choices were adjusted to keep within proper numbers by choosing leanest meats and lowest carb veggies and no condiments or snacks on that day..

Another instance was Thanksgiving that year. My uncle was a French trained pastry chef and he made all the desserts for our family feast. Many were his signature items I had enjoyed on several occasions in the past, but one dessert was new. He said it was so time consuming he was unsure he would make it again. I made a conscious choice that this was a dessert that I would have 2 bites of so I could celebrate his passion with him. It turned out that my uncle died (way too young) unexpectedly less than 2 months later.

Some may call these two situations "cheating" and my reasons "rationalizations". However, I see them as triumphs because these were learning rungs on my ladder to success. I grew with these decisions in a positive way that has helped me to have a more healthy relationship with food and I am satisfied with that progress..

I guess to me it all boils down to your motivations for your actions that makes the difference between advancing your growth in a positive direction with your food relationship for long term success and "cheating". The choices I have made have all been motivated by doing the mental work I need to do to learn control and restraint and balance where food is concerned. They have helped build my confidence in myself that I CAN do this and I will succeed..

Something (good) teachers do is called "backward design". You plan with the end in mind and backwards engineer that result to create your curriculum. It has worked with my students for several years and it is what I have applied this second (and final) 5+1 go round for myself...

Comment #57

Great discussion..

I lost ~90 lbs and only went off plan 3 times for planned special occasions (i.e. a luau in Hawaii)..

DH lost 50 lbs and he was never truly 100% on plan. He often had rice or a baked potato and occasional deserts..

I believe that the key is to know YOURSELF and what will or won't work for you. I am 100% positive that I would not have been successful if I had consistently gone off plan. If going off plan derails you, then don't do it again. Of course, that is easier said than done...

Comment #58

Ultimately, it comes down to one's own measure of success. I'm down 50 pounds in 3 months. For me, it boils down to success and how I feel about my efforts. I am proud enough to go forth with the next 50 pounds. Regardless of the efforts, one determines pride in the next moves, for themselves. And off program doesn't mean's a choice.

Real life means we make choices and live with them.

The only concern I have with the two sides is when one chastises the other side. What's the point of criticizing someone's confession about anything? I feel that anyone who comes here and shares their success or struggle is deserving of support, regardless of my opinion. I, for myself, can be prouder of stepping outside the line of the program than of being on a "high horse" about how I'm doing on this diet. How hard is it just to be kind, forgiving and supportive to those who seek it?..

Comment #59

I have cheated quite often but it's usually been extra L and G or extra Medifast food. I still have lost at a nice pace and didn't even catch much grief for it at the Medifast center. It'd probably be different if I were eating candy bars or something. As much as I would like to be 100 percent all the time, I'm not going to beat myself up for not being one of those people. I've done a great job and am thrilled with the results I've gotten.

Good Luck!..

Comment #60

You are soooo right. The last time I did Medifast there was a group of bullies that organized themselves to go pounce on anyone uttering a single word of "off plan" speak or empathy from any poster toward anyone who "confessed their food sins". It was a named club on the clubs board (whom I will not name here) that has since disbanded and apparently, from what I read on the board posts, imploded upon themselves toward the end which I found quite ironic and karmic. They even created a dictionary posted in their club "manifesto" with derogatory names they called people who cheat and people who try to offer support in a positive way to those who go off plan among other words..

The boards became a very ugly, unpleasant, and unmotivating place to be while this group was in action. I made a decision for myself to quit using the boards entirely at some point because I could no longer stand to be exposed to the destructiveness and emotional upset caused by these bullies.

When I came back to MF, the first thing I did was lurk on the boards to see if the bullies were still organizing themselves to abuse people whose opinions were different than theirs. Once I was confident they were no longer in action, I began participating on the boards again..

The fact of the matter that we can all agree on is that we are all here on a journey to lose weight and mend our personal relationships with food. Beyond that, we must all respect and tolerate that there are as many paths to success as there are people using Medifast and it's not our place to judge (or police) people for their personal decisions...

Comment #61

LOL, you gotta be in a pretty bad place personally to get your jollies picking on a bunch of people whose worst transgressions were slipping up on a diet plan...

Comment #62

LOL... It was pretty pathetic, but isn't that how bullies always operate? They beat others down about what their own personal insecurities are...

Comment #63

Shauna, the story about your uncle and the pastry brought tears to my eyes!.

I've always said that there is no food worth sacrificing my health anymore. I have also experienced overeating the "good" and "right" foods, and I'm humbled by all our struggles. There is a price to pay for everything: staying OP means giving up spontaneous treats and free eating, and eating freely might mean giving up health (or at least quicker results). But, ultimately, each person has to decide for themselves where they will find balance..

Now that I'm back on Medifast to reach goal I'm remembering what I've loved about it from the beginning - the simplicity and elegance of the masterfully designed program. It works when I work it!!.

I think it's a matter of balance and priorities...what might be ok for some is not for others..

I'm just happy so many are finding success within this wonderful program, and I wish us all smooth sailing toward goal and T&M!!..

Comment #64

Very good read! I've seen this post for a week , I'm glad I read it...

Comment #65

I am not 100% OP...I've been on Medifast for about 4 weeks and I'm down 14.3 pounds...I have not binged or completely gone off of Medifast ANY of those days, but I have allowed myself a little more protein a few of the days, I've had alcohol a couple of times, and I always eat more veggies then I probably hasn't hurt me and I'm losing. Granted, I'm losing slower than most do, but I'm happy with my progress AND....I have made some GREAT CHANGES to the way I look at food, the choices I make with eating, and I drink SOOOOO much more water now Medifast has helped me so much...and I'm happy with how I'm doing. I think this is a personal journey and as long as we are making healthier choices and eating our Medifast meals daily and not going "CRAZY" with our "cheats" here and there, we will keep working it! Good luck to all of you!..

Comment #66

I agree Goddesslynne,.

What draws me to Medifast is the elegant simplicity as well. I have a very stressful and busy life as a teacher and knowing that the portioning is all done for me and all I have to do is grab and go makes the program very easy to fit into my unpredictable life...

Comment #67

Aren't comments like this exactly the type of thing you consider bullying? Lots of things have changed on these boards, the saddest one is the attack of those that were successful doing the program 100% and the treatment of many successful 100% vets in maintenance who have been driven off the boards by those "opposed" to bullying. It works both ways you know. We shouldn't have to keep our opinions to ourselves, any more than those who chose to NOT be 100% should have to. It has become a major taboo on these boards to be in the 100% group and to suggest to others that it's worth trying, and I find that very sad..

I have honestly never met a person on this program who is a rule follower that is insecure at all about the program, or their lives in general. The people that I know, both in real life and here in the cyber world are extremely strong and focused people, determined to do whatever was needed to get to the goals they set for themselves. We all know that the program works. What so many have never understood, or choose to ignore, is that all we ever want is to see everyone here share the success that so may people who have followed the plan as written have seen. Can everyone follow the program 100%? Of course not. Will it work for those that don't follow the plan 100%? I'm sure there are many that will meet their goals doing Medifast their way, and there will be those that don't.

We're all here for the same thing and I will continue to give my support as I always have. Promoting this program as written. Will I smack down someone for eating too many veggies? of COURSE not! But go snarf down a cake or go on a booze binge, well, then all bets are off!..

Comment #68


I am truly sorry if you feel you or any others have been attacked for doing the program 100%. I have the utmost respect for those who can do the program 100% from the beginning and stay there, I just don't feel that it is reality for most of us..

I have only been on the site since August of this year, but the feeling that I get from posts is the opposite, I feel maligned for NOT doing 100% and I am concerned for those who come here and don't 'get it' right away and drop the program before 'getting it' because they feel that they don't measure up to the 100% 'ers..

I am here the the long haul, no matter how long that takes, so you can't scare me away, but sometimes it does make me hesitant to report my transgressions, as I feel I must..


Comment #69

I don't post very much. But I do read a lot. I don't know what it is about forums that can bring out the **** in people. I have read stuff that people were down right rude! People come in here for help not to b brow beat. ( it's just as easy to say ... I do it this way,it works for me...

) someone on here said something that rang so true "we didn't get here by being perfect... How true. I've been op since I started in July ...that's me..

Comment #70

Personally, I do not believe anyone ever is 100%. There may be those that abide closer to the "by the book" guidelines than others....but I really do not think any one any where has ever weighed every single piece of meat (do they take their scale to the restaurant or what??!??!) and measured out every condiment...(oh let's see I can have 1/16 of a teaspoon of cinnamon AND 1/32 of a teaspoon of oregano ....and..?!?!?!) Never chewed a piece of gum and had sugar free jello on the same day?!?! or wait let me cut this pickle in 5ths so I can also chew my gum today.... get my point?.

Different people consider "100%" by their own Oh I was 100% EXCEPT for the day I had blah blah blah...well then it's simply NOT 100%...maybe 99.999...but not 100%.

I agree with whoever said the point is to conquer this thing and not live in such dread that ONE bite of something will send us spiraling but to LEARN on this journey. I think it's important to do our BEST every day. Stick as close as YOU CAN to the program as written but don't fall apart if a situation is such that you eat a sliver of a carrot in a salad at a restaurant....because the truth is that one tiny sliver knocks you off of the sacred 100%..

I don't believe people fall off the wagon. They CHOOSE to jump off. I don't particularly like the word 'cheat' is a CHOICE ...albeit a bad one. The only person you are 'cheating' is yourself anyway. "Cheating" implies to me that there are two entities involved...the one setting up the 'rules' and the one who is either chosing to abide or not abide by them. In this journey YOU are the one who sets up your destiny.

Anyway....I'm two years beyond goal and thankful everyday for Medifast. I feel really good now about being able to eat wedding cake at my daughter's wedding....and I feel really good about deciding to get back on to 5/1 for now to take myself to an even lower goal weight.

Wishing you all the BEST for the REST of your life!..

Comment #71

Well, I'm sure this won't be popular, but here goes..

Probably in my second week, I started eating 1/4 cup of roasted, non-salted sunflower seeds (already shelled). I have eaten them for almost four months now and have lost 35 pounds. (205 to 170....5"7"). I guess I would have lost more, but it has been easy for me to stay OP otherwise. The seeds are very filling and satisfying. I eat them very slowly so it takes a good long while to eat them all.

I feel like it takes the place of a LOT of bad stuff I could be eating instead..

So, for those of you who are really hungry and having a hard time, you might give sunflower seeds a try instead of a cookie or chips! Those of you that can stay are great, but realize there are those that need to figure out how they can adjust their eating with a liveable option..

Please don't bash is just what has worked for me and MAY help someone else and keep them from quitting altogether...

Comment #72

The first time I did this program I did it for 3 months. For about the first 2 I was 100% OP. After that... not so much. In about 3 months I have gained back 15 pounds, and I am back because I have more to lose..

I know there were some days I wanted to gouge my eyes out just from having to eat 6 times a day, and other days I felt dizzy and added in some extra chicken. I think if you have no health issues and no problems etc 100% is going to give you the best result. Success is different to every person, and honestly as much as this time around I am going to do my best to stay 100% OP I know my body well enough that if I feel I need more protein I will have it.

Is that the best way? No. But, for me it is what works. Who knows, maybe I won't have any dizzy days 7 weeks into the program. I have learned some skills from this program that have kept me from gaining it all back and then some. Bear in mind only 5% of people who do this diet for the first time, take it off and keep it all off and maintain..

Embrace that weight loss is part of your life journey! For your health I encourage everyone to do this plan 100% because, well that is how drs wrote it, but when I have spoken to my dr about issues we came up with what would work for me. I chose to go Off plan and party for like... 3 months. I feel that making a choice to come back, do it again is success, realizing that for me this will be a life long thing, but after a couple weeks on Medifast food almost becomes such a small part of my life it changes everything about me! One of the best things for me was hitting the day where I realized I was no longer food obsessed, and sometimes, food annoyed me..

I don't really worry about 100% accuracies in anything but I do suggest it in this plan. If you are struggling, talk to the dietitians, and see if there is something that can be done to help. Most importantly don't beat yourself up. Unplanned eating (sorry I dont like he C word lol) might happen. The most important thing is to get back to it and give yourself the gift of yourself! you deserve it..

Comment #73

I was able to go off plan a few times and get right back up the next morning and be on plan again. It was all in the mental and emotional place I am now. I worked extremely hard on that before I began to make physical changes. I knew I had some issues I needed to work through. I was ready for this. I don't ever say things like lost this forever, etc.

I can only take maintenance one day at a time just like I took the weight loss phase.

To answer the original question I think different people will be successful in different ways. The important thing is to know ourselves and be honest with ourselves. We are only fooling ourselves if we are not honest about what works or doesn't work for us...

Comment #74

This is a GREAT thread and want to thank everyone for reporting your experiences. Wow, ya'll are amazing people. I tend to forget how difficult it is for others because it was so easy for me. Thanks for opening my eyes a little...

Comment #75

Koko7...ur right , 100% op r by the book, no i'm not. I don't always weigh my food. and I know I have more than 2 tbs of half and half everyday in my coffee! LOL..

Comment #76

Yes! I do take my scale to restaurants. I do weigh every darn thing that goes in my mouth. I have, with a crystal clear conscience, been 100% ON PLAN for 5.5 months. This works for me. It also works for many others here. We are not bad or mean people.

For others, the way is different, not bad, just different...

Comment #77

Beemer - Don't let her get to you.

Koko - Yes, I DID measure everything I ate. I don't chew gum and gave up mints for 5&1. My condiments consisted of splenda and an occasional use of basil or pepper and baking powder, which I DID count as condiments. I DID measure and weigh every single thing that I ate. The assumption that just because something is hard and takes a lot of self discipline makes it impossible truly irks me. This is how I am in all aspects of my life.

Did I have to give up things I love? Absolutely. I started at the peak of summer fruit season. Damn near killed me seeing all that healthy fruit in the stores every week. Gave up wine as well. Even in maintenance I can count the number of times I've had a glass of wine or a cocktail on my fingers over the last 3 years.

Did I ever once feel deprived? NOT ONCE!.

When I say do the program 100%, I don't necessarily mean to do the 5&1. There are lots of programs offered by MF. Some members have had to alter the plan a bit per physician or Nutrisystem recommendation. What I mean by do the program 100% is pick a plan and then DO it. As laid out in the guidelines provided by Medifast and/or your physician or NS.

Don't ever tell me that there is no way anyone can be 100% OP all the time. I think you'll find that the most successful maintainers on these boards chose to do their program that way and carry forward the lessons they learned into life after MF.

Wishing everyone here success with whatever program YOU have chosen and am cheering you ALL on to reaching your goals...

Comment #78

These two statements don't seem to jive together but maybe I'm missing something...?.

When you say "I never felt deprived" with such emphasis in the context of explaining that 100% OP is possible I feel like it implies that 1. if we feel deprived we're doing something wrong, 2. that feeling deprived is our fault somehow because we're tempting ourselves with off plan food, 3. that we shouldn't feel that way because we chose to be on the diet and therefore should never doubt that choice or resent the need for it..

You are a very special person if you never, not once, felt deprived on the plan. I am glad your food issues are less complicated than mine, but feeling deprived and learning how to handle it is part of my process. And making mistakes is also part of my learning process - it's how I taught myself over time to stop binging in the first place. I am a type A, goal oriented person too but my eating issues have an emotional component I have to grapple with that makes the process less straight forward..

I appreciate you sharing your experience but you might want to consider how you frame it because there seemed to be a lot between the lines that I'm not sure if you intended...

Comment #79

[quote=NightOwl2]Feeling deprived and learning how to handle it is part of my process. And making mistakes is also part of my learning process - it's how I taught myself over time to stop binging in the first place. QUOTE].

This is spot on, and really spoke to me. Thanks so much for your wisdom, Night Owl. Bless you!!.


Comment #80

I just want to remind people who feel beat up on either side of this debate, that we're (almost) all a bunch of addicts here.

Addicts going through withdrawal are mean sometimes. The boards are a safe place to let that out while hiding behind a computer screen. We stay MediMean while working through learning how to handle our emotions without burying them in food. This is true for people who are 100% (acute withdrawal) or 75% (withdrawal alternating with the comfort of a fix followed by shame spiral followed by withdrawal)..

Also, fat people have a tendency to be insecure. There is a lot of "hiding" that drives the need to gain weight. We feel safely invisible when larger. As we lose weight we feel exposed and vulnerable, even more than we did when we started. So then we read into others' words and feel attacked. Which sometimes we are (see MediMean above) and sometimes we're not..

Yes, it's tough. There are a lot of ways to struggle with addictive relationships to food, eating for the wrong reasons, and trying to become more healthy. Yes, sometimes people are going to be complete screaming jackholes on this board. But try to remember that there is a LOT more support here than negativity. Even if something looks like a personal attack, I promise you, it's more about the poster's stuff than about you. And it's very likely that the poster is sincerely trying to help you see a way that worked for them, to let go of food obsessions and regain control.

Have a lovely OP day, all!..

Comment #81

Yeah, I noticed that about 5 minutes after I posted, too late to editSEEING the fruit was hard, not eating it was not. I didn't miss that taste. Something about seeing all the beautiful colors in the store could get to me. Maybe you consider that a contradiction. I honestly did not feel deprived by not eating it. I keep a bowl full on my kitchen counter for my family and it never once bothered me.

It was a choice I made. I just learned to avoid the fruit section at the store and that took care of the problem. It was there waiting for me when I hit goal, as I knew it would be...

Comment #82

I have talked to many medifast friends who, also, modify big time. They have done really well too. I need to stay on the plan, so I can guarantee myself a loss. It is the weight loss that gives me the steam to stay on medifast.

By the way, and yes, I am bragging, I have almost no appetite and my sweet tooth is about 1/6 of what it was...

Comment #83

I still consider myself 100% OP and there have been times that I have taken a bite of off plan food,if I was hungry I might have a piece of protein like a bite of chicken but I don"t freakout about it.In 2 months I've probably done it a handful of times and I'm still down 25lbs...

Comment #84

I am trying so hard to understand, but I dont. H. why do you think koko's statement was directly to you? She said she did not know anyone who.... You responded like her post was addressed to you. Could you have told her "well now you do know one who does medifast 100% - - me!" instead of getting so mad at her at her and changing the thread? In my opinion I see you arguing a lot with posts. Why is that?.

When the arguing starts the thread changes and we lose some benefit. The arguing is hurting the threads..

I stay on the plan % 100 and KoKos post made no negative impact on me at all. These posts are going out to everyone on medifast - - - like radio waves. That post did not have anyone's name on it. Why did you answer her like she was saying you did not follow 100%. Why did you answer her like you were furious with her and like she was personally attacking you?.

I may not post, but I do read the threads. And the arguing is terrible for medifast...

Comment #85


You are going to be a great lawyer. Your thoughts are logical and concise. I love it!..

Comment #86

Why are you breathing life in an argument that was over days ago?..

Comment #87

I remember this group very well. I was so happy when I read it had gone away. There is a person remaining who posts often, but the tone is not as offensive as when the group was together. Power in numbers perhaps? It was a really sad state of affairs & I have to say I am thrilled that the boards seem to be much more open to folks who utilize the medifast meal replacements whether that be by the written plan or as a reduction plan that works for them. If we purchase these products we all have a right to be here. I find reading about a person's journey very helpful for me no matter what that reduction journey may look like.

The board has changed for the better indeed.

Happy Melting..


Comment #88

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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