Do I need a bridge camera or dslr? Help please :)
I know nothing about photography..let's get that bit out of the way first..

I currently use a Fuji Finepix F10 compact camera. Since having acquired a new puppy I have been taking lots of photo's and as you can imagine most of them are on the as you can also guess most of them are blurred..

I understand a bit about pixels, sensors, shutter lag, low light. I just want a camera that will take photo's quickly....start up quickly and take the photo's before the dog has moved...then I want it to be in focus if the dog moves....does that make sense?. I need a bridge camera or dslr? Baring in mind that I would be most likely to use the auto function most of the time and that I don't have a huge budget. So am guessing that budgetwise the bridge camera would be my best bet but will it do the required job?.

I would appreciate any recommendations of camera's that you experts think I would be able to use and get decent shots from and thank you in advance of all the wonderful advice I know I'm going to receive ..

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If you are taking pictures indoors, then a dslr will be far better than anything else..

As a pentax user i'd suggest looking for a new or used k100d super and getting the 50mm f1.4 autofocus prime lens. the excellent low light performance and image stabilisation of the camera, plus the wide aperture of the lens, will allow you to get high enough shutter speeds indoors to 'freeze' the puppy!.

You would just need to put the camera in aperture priority mode (Av), set the aperture to something wide (f1.4-2.8) and the camera will do the rest. if the pictures were still blurry, then just increase the ISO (sensitivity). very easy to do, and it will benefit the rest of your photography to learn some basic principles..

In uk prices you can pick up a k100d super for around 250, and the 50mm f1.4 new is about 150..

You will also have a fantastic camera for all your other photographic needs as well how will I get her to strike a pose........

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Thank you for that info. I have been checking out prices and I could get a better deal by buying the package with the 18-55mm lens. Would that be ok for what I want instead of buying the body and the 50mm lens? Thanks...

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You'll certainly appreciate the speed of an SLR, as well as it's ability to take good photos in low light..

Don't be swayed by one user's experience though. Have a look at what's available. You'll see the Nikon D40x or Canon XTi (400D in some countries) are very popular choices, though you can't go too far wrong with any of the entry level SLRs..

If you find you can't get the indoor photos you want with the supplied 'kit' lens, and there's such a lens in the range for your camera (there is for Canon, for instance and no doubt others) you could cheaply add a 50mm f/1.8 lens that'll give you great low light shots..

It'll help you to learn about how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect your photos. It's not as difficult as it sounds..


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The k100d and the kit lens is what I have and i'm very pleased with it. I would say go for the kit lens package first and see if you can get the photos that you want. you can always decide to upgrade the lens later..

The k100d runs off AA batteries, so don't forget to pick up 4 batteries and a charger too. i'd recommend sanyo eneloops, such as these:.


These are the ones I have and they last ages..

I'm sure the entry level canon and nikon cameras would be fine as well, but I went for pentax because I think they are excellent value for money, and have image stabilisation built into the camera. nikon and canon put image stabilisation into (some of) their lenses, and such lenses are much more will I get her to strike a pose........

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Me thinks you can spend more than you are letting on so I'll head you in a direction that will be helpful to you [I just looked at your profile]..

First the camera, your needs are simple now and what you need is "simple yet quality." At first I was going to recommend a used 300D (first Digital Rebel made) but now I think you should go to the 350D. In Canada, I see them from time to time in advertisement in "flyer's" for around $250 new. Believe it or not these are still being sold new. If you buy it new, you will get the kit lens. Check out eBay for a used one. At this stage of the game in your photographic development (or lack of development) this camera will serve you well and is better than any point and shoot.

Lenses. I see a few have recommended the Canon 50 mm f1.8. This is a great lens with a so-so construction quality, but the optics are great. Here is a picture of my dog taken with this lens:.


As others have said, it is good in low light conditions when you don't want to use a flash - you don't want that harsh light look of flash. Here is a low light picture taken hand held again with the 50 mm lens:.


You will be able to get some low light "mood" shots of your dog with this lens..

Canon makes four different 70-200 lenses, they are all excellent; none of them are "cheap." But the cheapest of the four is their 70-200 f4 L lens. Get this lens after you have bought your camera, the nifty fifty and the kit lens. You might be able to pick this lens up cheaper on the used market as photographers move from the f4 version to the f2.8, or the f2.8 with IS, or the f4 with IS. The great great majority of photos taken are within the 70-200 range..

Go here for a review of the four different lenses:.

Http:// I have no hope, irrationally I believe in miracles.Joni Mitchell..

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Thank you very much for all your help. I have taken the plunge and gone for a digital slr, the Nikon D40x with a 18-55 lens and will hope to add a zoom later on. I read quite a few reviews on it and it did seem to accomodate my level of expertise or lack of it but with the capacity to keep me interested and wanting to learn how to use it's features. Many thanks ..

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