Do I have to give up alcohol during Medifast?

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This is going to be the toughest part for me, BY FAR! Not that I'm an alcoholic but b/c MOST of the social situations I go to or host have alcohol as one of the elements. For instance - this saturday I am meeting up with my best doubt everyone will be drinking. I can't do this at all right? I know the answer but maybe I'm searching for tips or advice...Thanks!..

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No alcohol during 5&1. So sorry!.

But you know, it's quite entertaining hanging out with drinking people even if you're not drinking. I've done it for many years - not because I'm an alcoholic, but because I really just like to drink once every year or two. I let myself catch the buzz of the group..

Try to think more about the fun and your friends, and less about the drink you're not having. You'll get used to it, I promise! And it's sooooo worth it...

Comment #1

Officially, no alcohol is allowed on this plan, and most people here abstain..

Unofficially ... I will get a rum and diet coke sometimes. No carbs. I try to limit them to special occasions. Last weekend I had two and my weight loss definitely slowed down, but I'm still losing..

The problem with alcohol in a nutshell is that your body will metabolize it before it attacks the fact, so it will slow down your weight loss. There's also calories in everything, so keep that in mind.

But for me, sticking to no-carb drinks and limiting them has helped me maintain a happy medium between weight loss and feeling like I can still hang out with my friends and enjoy myself on this diet.

Keep in mind, this is just me - YMMV...

Comment #2

I have seltzer water/club soda and a packet of simply lemon. I know it's not the same, but losing weight is more important to me than having alcohol. fitting into my size 10 jeans and buying cute clothes is way more fun than drinking for me! I know that someday after I reach my goal and maintain my weight for a while, I will learn how to incorporate alcoholic beverages into my life in small amounts...

Comment #3

There are two bigger problems with alcohol than it slowing your losses because of being metabolized as fuel. 1) You're off plan and you know you're off plan, which makes staying OP harder every day after. And 2) many many people find they order some nachos or a burger or whatever once they're a little "loosened up.".

5&1 is temporary. And we know if you follow the plan as designed it WORKS. Which is pretty awesome, really...

Comment #4

You know, I have been on medication for about 4 years now that does not mix with alcohol & I will be on this medicine the rest of my life. So, like it or alcohol. Threfore, I don't get to drink when I go out with friends, when my DH has a bottle of wine, when we go out for a nice dinner for special occasions. has not changed in any way how I enjoy my time with friends, DH, family, etc. I figure no alcohol with the Medifast program? Easy peasy in the big picture of my life..

Sure, I can choose to ignore the medical precautions and go ahead & drink, but there will be cause & affect. Same way I can choose to not stay on plan - same thing - cause & affect. Sure, I can choose to do 85 in a 65 speed zone, but same thing - cause & affect. So you see, this same principle applies in all areas of our lives. Choose your battles. What is important to you? Your health, losing the weight, the drink, the affect it will have on losing the weight..

You already know the facts. What do you choose?..

Comment #5

I read up on all this and still chose to imbibe. Felt like crap for three days. Totally not worth it. Jus' saying...

Comment #6

I went to a nightclub after starting MF. My usual drink is red bull and vodka or vodka cranberry (so many calories and sugar, yikes). Instead, I ordered a glass of red wine. Never order wine at a nightclub. The bottle goes to vinegar because not enough people drink wine at a nightclub (because the bottle goes to vinegar... wait, this is a vicious circle here).

No carbs.

Thing is? I don't like alcohol and coke (diet or no). I sipped a few times, made faces, then realized, what the hell am I doing? I'm sitting here, intentionally drinking something I DON'T LIKE that will stall my weight loss, just because "that's what you do at a nightclub.".

Got rid of the nearly full glass of wine and cocktail and had water the rest of the night...

Comment #7

You don't have to give anything up. Life is full of choices and we are all free thinking adults (I assume). Having alcohol is not on plan. Having alcohol is also your choice. If you do choose to drink try and make the most sensible choice you can. Also realize it may slow your loss or it may not depending on other factors of the day.

Please do not choose to go out and drink then come on the boards and complain to all the people that explained alcohol is not on plan that you didn't lose any weight or not as much as expected. As much as we get to choose what we eat and drink we also choose the consequences and/or victory of off plan foods and our diet. Folks are taking the time to explain why something is or isn't on plan and it is discouraging when folks ask then complain about the answer then complain they didn't lose weight. (I am not trying to generalize and say this is how you will react) I am just saying what is the normal occurrence. Once folks get used to the plan and how great you feel, abstaining is easy..

Good luck on your journey and on making the best choices possible for your lifestyle...

Comment #8

The official answer is no, alcohol is not on plan..

That said....

I have had a few over the past year.

I take along a bottle of diet tonic and ask the bartender to make me Vodka tonics. I log every jigger. I also make sure I have had my L&G either as soon as arriving or just before I leave home so that I am not hungry.

Bar food is a far bigger draw for me, so I also take along a bag of Medifast puffs or pretzels and a bag of chopped pickles and some black olives...

Comment #9

Alcohol is not on plan..

One thing to remember if you DO choose to drink alcohol while on Medifast your tolerance will be MUCH lower than you are used to because it is such a low calorie diet...

Comment #10

LMFAO! You bet your bottom dollar you have too LOL..

Comment #11

After going to some social events where drinking was a big part of the evening, I had a lot of sympathy for alcoholics in recovery! I know it's not even close to the same thing, but I just felt a lot more cognizant of how they must feel at those types of events!..

Comment #12

Kind of like a Medifaster going to the buffet or dim sum with friends!..

Comment #13

Recently wrote a blog about why exactly alcohol is bad for weight-loss. I decided to do some research and find out for myself exactly WHY it's bad and learned a few things in the process. Some alcohols only have something like 90cals and 0 carbs per shot, so what's the big deal right? wrong.

Here's the blog on that:..

Comment #14

$83 for every ~6 days you decide to drink..

If you drink a bunch of drinks on Jan 1st, then a bunch of drinks on Feb 15th, you're looking at ~$83 per event...

Comment #15

I'm glad I don't drink, then I don't have to make the decision not to!..

Comment #16

BF is a musician with a steady gig every Friday night at a bar/restaurant here in town. Before I started MF, I would have a glass or two of wine while I hung out with friends and listened to him perform. Since starting MF, my beverage of choice is decidedly nonalcoholic and OP. Do I miss having a glass of wine? Sure, sometimes I do but I'm much happier with the weight loss. It's a matter of priorities and choices - mine are losing weight, getting healthy, and having that hip replacement surgery. I found out that drinking is definitely optional and it doesn't impact whether or not I have a nice time. That said, at some point in time I will probably have a glass of wine or whatever but not for the foreseeable future...

Comment #17

"Since starting MF, my beverage of choice is decidedly nonalcoholic and OP. Do I miss having a glass of wine? Sure, sometimes I do but I'm much happier with the weight loss. It's a matter of priorities and choices - mine are losing weight, getting healthy, and having that hip replacement surgery. I found out that drinking is definitely optional and it doesn't impact whether or not I have a nice time.".

Totally agree- I'm enjoying feeling myself in better shape and at a weight I didnt think I"d see again I have been out socially and on a couple of occasions have had a rum and diet coke - staying away from wine due to carbs - and I realize I really didnt need them -.

The times I used to have a glass of wine - cooking dinner, or just when coming home in the evening - just habit - the mood passes more often than not. I want to see the scale reflect it more than I want the temporary feeling...

Comment #18

I was JUST thinking while reading thru all these posts about how much money I'm going to save not drinking and eating out.

Thanks for all the advice!..

Comment #19

PLUS! I'll get to buy new clothes when I lose weight vs. buying drinks..

Comment #20

When I was going through my before pictures, I was shocked by how many of them showed me with a drink in my hand! I'm not anti-alcohol by any means, but those pictures of me with booze serve as a great reminder for how I, personally, can't successfully control my weight with alcohol in my diet. For me, alcohol tends to go hand in hand with greasy, fattening foods - probably because of the places I would go to drink and lowered inhibitions..

Many people do manage to maintain a healthy weight while consuming alcohol, but I can't, at least not for the foreseeable future. I'd encourage folks to try abstaining while on the 5&1, both to give the program a chance to work to it's maximum potential, and to test out how they feel without drinking. Of course, if someone can find success while incorporating booze in their diet, more power to them!..

Comment #21

We are also big social drinkers - we actually have a cooking group we get together with every few weeks and enjoy wine tasting, etc. Since I have been OP, I have learned to enjoy sparkling water with a wedge of lime. It allows me to have a "drink" in my hand and the bubbles make it feel so different than my regular water. I actually save this drink to only have on social get-togethers to keep it feeling special. So far, so good. Everyone has been very supportive and didn't realize I wasn't eating parts of the meal until I lost weight and had to confess my plan. I love this plan!..

Comment #22

Agree with everything that has been said here. I did have one drink last weekend and I can tell you it was MY choice and I did not beat myself up over it. BUT .. it did slow my weight loss this week ... but I can't complain about that because it WAS self-inflicted!..

Comment #23

I've been on Medifast for about 5 months....... and I tried to do the "oh this won't hurt" thing. Well, trust me, it does hurt. It's slows or stops the weight loss and it contributes to bad choices in the food department.

Its not worth it. It's like giving up anything else for the sake of your health. If you can give up french fries or chocolate cake - you can give up alcohol. Since I stopped indulging in the occasion rum and diet coke my wieght loss has been steady and predictable. Still not as fast as I would like, but steady..

Good luck and happy losing!..

Comment #24

Literally was the center of everything we did. It is amazing how you even see other people when you are completely sober. You can really start to recognize so many toxic relationships..

Comment #25

I think motoboys hit the nail on the head...

"I have learned to enjoy sparkling water with a wedge of lime. It allows me to have a "drink" in my hand and the bubbles make it feel so different than my regular water.".

For me, it's the idea of having the "drink" in my hand. So sparkling water and lime works great...

Comment #26

I guess the question for you is do your friends REALLY care or even notice what you're drinking? Isn't the reason you get together the opportunity to spend time with your friend? If it ISN'T and booze is the only reason you get together with people you need to get some new friends!..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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