Disappointed with Medifast weight loss!

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WI Day today and I've been essentially the same weight for a month. Haven't eaten 5 Medifast meals each day and have winged it on the L & G. No exercise either. Onward and upward..

On the good news front.I still haven't had one bite of any sugar in my old fav form of multiple candy bars. Seems unreal for me to think that I haven't as I used to each them daily...

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How tall are you? Congrats on avoiding sugar, that's big...

Comment #1

I'm not trying to be harsh here, but you aren't following the program. You can't expect to lose the weight if you aren't on plan. If you aren't having all your meals and you aren't measuring your L&G you aren't going to lose the weight...

Comment #2

Which just goes to show that if you don't stick to the plan you don't lose weight. Some people believe that just ordering Medifast and having it around the house will cause them to lose weight. Not so. You actually have to do the work to see the results..

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #3

This is one of the most ridiculous posts I've read here. If you're not on the program, don't expect results like the program and don't come here and whine about things not working out. You've been here long enough and posted on these forums enough to know what to do. So why this post? Why provoke? It certainly doesn't sound like a plea for help...

Comment #4

Are you disappointed that you haven't lost weight or disappointed that you "haven't eaten 5 Medifast meals each day and have winged it on the L & G" or both? Maybe the time for experimenting with what your wiggle room allows is over and it's time to trust in the plan and do it faithfully? Maybe be less disappointed next month?.

Cutting out the candy bars is a big deal. Right there at least you've stopped gaining and are now maintaining. But it's clear here that you want to lose rather than maintain..

Since you haven't been able to do the 5&1 consistently, what else do you think will work?..

Comment #5

I think Rawhide was just sharing, not being ridiculous....

Rawhide ~ it helps me to prepare my Medifast meals (all 5) the night before on days that I'll be out at work or running errands. Get a cooler and carry them with you. You can do it!..

Comment #6

5'2" - My goal is supposed to ber 118 but I'd feel great between 120-125...

Comment #7

I'm disappointed in my weight AND not following the plan. I KNOW what I did wrong and don't need the schoolmarm lectures. MTCup - what good did your post just do for anyone? How VERY rude and harsh of you...

Comment #8

Rawhide congrats on not eating candy barsthat's no small matter. Get back on the 5 & 1 and you can lose those few more lbs!! If the math in my head is correct your BMI is in the "normal" range which may be why you are really going to have to follow the plan exactly to get that scale moving downwards again. And don't forget to drink that water!..

Comment #9

Hi Rawhide! Medifast is a great, fantastic weight loss program...however, it also is not a very forgiving one. In my experience and in my many years now on the boards, it is one of the programs that doesn't let you get away with not following it...and still getting the results particularly for someone in your situation. You are a shorter person...who doesn't have a whole lot of weight to lose. So, the pounds aren't going to come off as easy as someone who may have a larger frame and a lot more weight to lose.

I do think it's fantastic you have stayed away from the candy bars. Mine is pizza. Being on Medifast finally broke me of that addiction. It's step one...and probably what has kept you maintaining instead of gaining while you've not been following the plan.

I think my big piece of to look at the things that are leading you off plan. Is it a certain time of day? Is it a certain type of food? And for me, planning was always my best friend on MF. I would plan all of my meals the night before and then I would build them on My Plan. Then as I ate the meals the following day, I would check them off. I actually still do it now in maintenance. I log all the food I plan on eating on My Daily Plate and then I check off the time I ate it throughout the day.

This week, I know I am going to be busy and stressed....and then I know more likely to want to impulse I logged all of my food for the week. If it isn't in the log, it doesn't go in Shelley's mouth.

Good luck to you...and I hope that whatever is keeping you from reaching your goals, that you figure it out and battle it big time.



Comment #10

Hey Rawhide, I've experimented with not sticking to the plan and sticking to the plan ... I see a ton of success when I stick to it 100%. One thing that helps me is limiting my meals out so I can be sure I'm getting the right portions at home, and keeping bars and pretzels in my car...

Comment #11

Rawhide - If you want to have success on MF, you need to get in all Medifast meals and be diligent about your l&g. If you want results, you need to follow the program a little closer. You are not getting in the nutrition your body needs every day...

Comment #12

I personally agree with MT_Cups post. Follow the plan. It takes effort to see results. Nuff said...

Comment #13

Rudeness is rudeness. I have had mt cup blocked because of that for a long time.

Rawhide go back and reread all your posts on here form the beginning. I went through a few of your old posts and found them inspiring..

Doing this may recapture the strength you had in those posts, also, can you plan a restart date, put in n a calendar and restart doing it 100%?.

Look at all the adult, helpful, supportive, comments you are getting. We want you to succeed. The other comments? in my opinion, they are just children who never learned to treat others well..

"hurting people hurt people"..

Comment #14

Shelly you are a class act, a leader, and someone to be admired..

Thank you for making these boards what they are supposed to be: supportive.

People can either destroy or build.

Thank you for choosing to build..

Comment #15

Thank you Tori and Shelly. I probably should have been more clear about what I've been doing. Obviously I haven't been 100% OP in that maybe I'll eat 3 or 4 Medifast meals instead of 5. Have truly lost my appetite and admittedly WAS trying to test the system to see if eating less than 5 would increase my weight loss. I have eaten some Lean every day but got sloppy on accuracy of measuring and skipped the Green many times. So.lessons "hopefully" have sunk in a little deeper..

Thank you to all of the nice and encouraging people on this board. I have learned so much and yes.making mistakes encourages learning. For me, this board is a place to journal my Medifast feelings and get clarification.NOT to get chastised. To the people who continue to use sharp, harsh, dismissive, pompous tones.consider changing your attitude. You were new at this once too and if you have encouraging suggestions to help your fellow MFers "get it" more clearly.bring them on. If you don''re probably too bored here and might find a different Medifast board which meets your needs better...

Comment #16

What long time? You joined in October. And your page is blocked. And no ticker. Unless you're hiding from previous drama you created under another name, there's no "long time" here..

MT tends to tell it like it is. And she's a vet whose support I appreciate, who hangs in to help out those of us still on 5&1...

Comment #17

I am NOT saying this is the case for you. You will need to find your own truth about this. If you were my best friend, and you described this pattern of eating on a diet that's already restricting intake to under 1000 calories a day, I would gently ask if you thought perhaps there might be an eating disorder involved and had you seen a professional for an evaluation?..

Comment #18

No - no eating disorder here.just sloppy measuring. On the days I'd eat 3 or 4 Medifast meals.I probably had more than the suggested Lean than I should have or ate a restaurant salad with friends...

Comment #19

Good news! I'd keep a close eye on things to make sure you're getting your nutrition in, then. You'll lose faster too!..

Comment #20


Just try to follow the plan a little closer and you will see some great results..

I personally don't like to see rude comments on this board either. We're here to support each other and not slam each other...

Comment #21

Hi Rawhide,.

I was surprised by the tone of some of the responses to your initial post. I wonder if people even realize how they come across. As a rule I think the people on these boards are really supportive and full of great advice so I'm glad you stuck around!.

I think once you figure out how to get all your meals in you will rock this program. Having the problem of not eating enough is one I'm sure many of us would love to have! Maybe figure out which Medifast meals are less filling for you and stick with those for the timebeing..


PS - Kudos on breaking the candy bar habit..

Comment #22

Rawhide - From my personal experience on the 5&1, when I did not get all my Medifast meals in, I either stalled completely or slowed my losses more than normal. It's not about replacing an Medifast meal with l&g. You NEED the vitamins and nutrients in those packets to help keep your body properly fed and fueled. If you eat over on your l&g, then log it, but don't skip those Medifast packets!.

Sounds like you are trying to refocus to find out what is causing your stall. I'm guessing you have and it's up to you now to get cranking again...

Comment #23

Does anyone know how to block certain people? I've searched "how to block". Can anyone direct me please? Thanks...

Comment #24

Go up to edit profile/settings and click on buddy/ignore lists. You can then put the specific user name in the ignore list...

Comment #25

Mt_cup has been helpful to me in many instances and I think her opinion is valued however, telling someone that their post is the most ridiculous thing they've seen is counter productive. Once you insult someone, any point you're trying to make is going out the window because all that is left is the rudeness that was shown. I think her point is valid but said in a different way would have had much more impact.

Yes, Medifast is a plan that must be followed pretty well in order to see results and I think you know exactly what needs to be done for the plan to start working for you again. I had a big fat 0 on my last weigh-in and I know exactly why I did. I let things get in the way of my water intake for over a week and this was the price to pay. I made the fix that needed to be done and woke up to a 2 lb loss this morning. What are you achieving by doing Medifast halfway? nothing but a waste of money (a lot) and time...

Comment #26

Freya the last time I had you unblocked you were fighting with a poster.

You said wrote that you have more than one name on medifast? Why do you have more than one name?.

Your post sounds a little conspiratorial to me. I hope you are ok..

If you are taking up for MT's post you have a lot of people to argue with..

You are right. You are not welcome at my page.


The accusatory post was very very out of line but funny.

Medifast friends thank you for all the thank yous on my page and for the emails!.

We are losing!.

I love medifast!..

Comment #27

Hi Rawhide,.

Just out of curiosity, are you perhaps ready to transition?..

Comment #28

Awe stuick with it, you are goin to make to least you stay op unlike me I slipped and slipped again...WE CAN DO THIS!..

Comment #29


Re: Lost all motivation....

"Being on a diet of course is hard..but being OBESE is even harder and I choose to stay 100% on the this diet and I'm sure you can too! It can be hard at times too, and I have to deal with it all the time..but you can do day at a time!".

That is your quote from a while back.

And I believe you can do it...

Comment #30

Hope we have a better day today on here!..

Comment #31

I retract the compliments. n my opinion you are not agreeing to disagree with anyone. That was the most passive aggressive response I have ever seen on here..

"you are right, we will have to agree to disagree. I wish there was more of that in the discussion boards....taking what works for you and leaving what doesn't." Are you kidding? After you write that you say Dolphin is being passive aggressive? It's like you gave us in your post a textbook demonstration of passive!.

Say what you want, but dont be critical of a poster WHILE you are giving us a textbook example of it in your post...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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