Digestive issues with Medifast?

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Hey I know this is a TMI, but I am really concerned. I have not had a BM since Wednesday, almost a week and had troubles while on Medifast before then. I have tried everything this week: flax seed oil, miralax, probiotics, benifiber; and now I have been taking all of them for two days now. I am afraid to use the stimulant laxitives because I don't want my body to become dependent on them. Should I stop the medifast diet until I become regular again? I am guessing it is the Medifast meals because I am eating TONS of vegetables and drinking way more than 64oz of water. Should I go to the dr? I have never been irregular in my life, probably because I normally ate a lot of whole wheat and fruit. Please help...

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Well, this is completely "normal". Happened to me too! Go to the store and get yourself some SmoothMove tea. It's amazing and causes no cramping, pain or discomfort. Just make sure to seep it as long as it says. You'll wake up the next morning with a normal BM. Then from there after take a daily probiotic and maybe some flax seed.

Your BMs will be smaller and less frequent as you're taking in much smaller meals. But this should help and you won't get dependent on them! Good luck!!.



Comment #1

Sent you a personal message before I saw your post here.......

Everyone....... EPSOM SALTS for constipation! Nothing works better or is more gentle!..

Comment #2

REALLY?!! What do you do? Lie in a bath soaking in it? Ingest it... (eww?) Sorry for my ineptness... inquiring minds want to know!..

Comment #3

I use Nevella probiotic sugar supplement..... every night in my brownie! Took a day or two but I go pretty much every day...

Comment #4

Epsom salts is a great quick fix! Omg! The first time I tried it I thought I'd die from the taste! (instructions are on package). And about 20 mins later I felt a rumble. Then..... The gates of hell opened like never before! Please only try this if you are gonna be home for a couple hours!!.

I say, give it more time for your body to adjust. Or ask your doc his advice.

I do not think you should go off Medifast unless it's a last resort!..

Comment #5

I am going to buy the epsom salt at walgreens right now. I don't care how it tastes I just want it to work! Thanks so much everyone. I am so glad they have these discussion boards...

Comment #6

I'm having the same issue, Adial32. Thanks for asking the question. I've been taking stuff too and nothing. I think I'm gonna try the epsom salts. Is it really safe for consumption? I've never heard of anyone drinking them before. At this point I'm willing to try anything, though!..

Comment #7

With epsom salts, as with any other laxative, take it a night and at least 30 minutes after your last meal. It can take effect in as little as 30 minutes or as long as 10 hours, depending on how severely constipated you are and how much you take. Be warned, it tastes GHASTLY, so the faster you drink it (and you may want to hold your nose while drinking to lessen the taste) the better. Be sure to follow the dose with at least 8 more ounces of clear, plain water. It is salt, so drinking the extra water immediately is crucial..

Good luck to you. I know the feeling, and I hate it, too. Just makes me miserable all over...

Comment #8

I was "slowing down" and was starting to get bloated. Some fresh spinach with dinner two nights in a row, all better now. Made up for several days of near nothing by going several times a day for 3 days. No more bloating and hopefully the scale will show a loss this week too...

Comment #9

I also use the smooth move tea it's effective but gentle, and tastes pretty good!.

The best part is that you can "adjust" the potency. For just a bit of constipation, I brew the tea for just a couple of minutes. When I'm really having problems, I brew it for 10 minutes, and then rewarm it a bit so it tastes good.

Most grocery stores with an organic section have some version of this tea - if not "smooth move," it may go by another name. By the way, some of the herbal dieter's teas actually have the same ingredient, Senna.


Comment #10

Try KONSYL...see link below...a friend told me about it. It is natural and rally cleans the gut out without it being an emergency explosion! I am an avid Miralax daily user plus Probiotics. But I want to try this to mix things up. I found the powder at Walmart. As others have said, your calorie intake is so low and your body uses most of the calories, it takes your body some adjusting to get "going" again. But once you start this, stay on a daily intake and adjust as you need it..



Comment #11

LOL. Except for the taste part, I have had the same results in the past from anything heavy in sugar alcohols (maltitol, etc.) It will clear you out pretty quickly!..

Comment #12

Well, no luck yet...maybe something is wrong with me...

Comment #13

Are you feeling bloated? I went into a clinic before ordering the food, and one thing the manager mentioned is that because the food is nutritionally-dense, there's less "wasted bulk" ... which can translate to less "output" (ie: you poop less frequently and in less quantities). It's only been 3 days for me, but I've noticed that difference...

Comment #14

I had the same 'problem' in the beginning. Did the same thing with laxatives and was worried. It's just like Ivysmom says. Less 'crap' in.. less 'crap' out. You're consuming exactly what your body needs.

The first few bm's will be hard but they'll get better. Your body is adjusting to the change.

Of course everyone knows.. the comments here aren't to replace the advise of your doctor.. just my own experience (I know others have had the same). If in doubt.. go in for a check up..

Comment #15

Less food in, less waste out. You won't have a movement every day because there's less waste involved, i.e. your body is using the nutrients..

Smooth move tea works well. I also take a daily probiotic and add benefiber and ground flax seed to my Medifast meals...

Comment #16

I have the opposite problem which makes me wonder if I have some sort of intolerance. I have epically large movements every morning (often very loose)...

Comment #17

OH MY GOSH! thats funny......... there are instructions on the package for using it as a laxative. You put 2-4 tsp in a glass of water and drink it. If you drink it with a straw you'll bypass the sour tasters on your tongue and isn't quite so puckering!.

It works great - no cramping, no runs, just a smooth "move"!.

Try it.........

Comment #18

Oh, Lord I am laughing so hard! I used Epsoms salts religiously to soak my knees when I was running and often scratched my head at it's many uses...including plant fertilizer! I've having similar issue but think I will try the tea!..

Comment #19

Could be an insensitivity to soy......... or, I find if I eat too many of chocolate products, especially the anti-oxidant dark chocolate drink......... wow! I'm in the bathroom way too much. But then, I've been diagnosed with IBS also.

All I know is.......... Epsom Salts is the only laxative I'm using from here on out! Its totally natural and works fast!..

Comment #20

OMG - I hate this topic but.. I just swallowed the Epsom Salts. ( I normally bath in it too!)..

Comment #21

Smooth Move tea works wonders for me! I found out the hard way to drink it before bed like the instructions say-my tummy made odd noises all evening while I taught.....

Comment #22

Epsom Salts does work but please be careful. I wasnt pay attention one night when I was mixing it. I grabbed a tbsp instead of a tsp and so I consumed way too Much. I have never been so sick in my life. I had to be taken to the hospital, was given muscle relaxers to calm the stomach convulsions and had to have 4 bags of fluids pumped back into me to keep me from continuing to dehydrate. I was unable to keep foods down for 3 days. Please just be careful when using this because as I found out, too much can do major damage..

Comment #23

No kidding. I used 2 T and then one more. I think most of it ended up staying in my glass. We live and learned. Sorry you had SUCH a tough time. Yikes...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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