Different body reactions from Medifast?

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So, my body loves low carb eating. Loves, loves, loves it. I did great and lost weight so easily on Atkins (except for the body odor, bad breath, and smelling like bacon all the time), South Beach was great and I lost weight (too much cooking... sigh), and my body loves MF. I've had no side effects except for great weight loss and as long as I'm in ketosis I'm not really hungry. The only times I've gained or lost 0 in the last 3 months were because of TOM or Labor Day weekend craziness.

But then I come on this board and people are going bald, having rashes, dizzy, always hungry. My hairstylist is the one who told me about Medifast and she was always ditzy, dropping things, and forgetful on it. It makes me wonder if something like the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet has some merit, but at the same time I think it's also been debunked. Not that I'm promoting any other diet-I'm just curious why our soon-to-be skinny little bodies have such different reactions?..

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My body too love low carb! On WW I was dizzy, light headed and hungry all the time. I feel so much better when limiting my carbs!..

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I read Jillian Michael's book and she was talking about how we are a fast or slow oxidizer. Here is some information that I found on the net about it. Whether it has merit or not I don't know but here is a link if anyone is interested in reading the information..


Comment #2

Interesting topic.

I did well on South Beach too, and I found I could maintain my weight well. I never did make it to goal. I also did well on WW years and years ago in graduate school. However, when I attempted that again before MF, I just couldn't fight my cravings. I had no will power. I can't' believe my will power on MF.

I think this works for me 1) because it's low carb and I feel good and 2) it limits my options.

As for all of the side effects others report, I have not had much. Maybe I felt ditzy for the first month my body was adjusting, but everything normalized. I wonder if the side effects (e.g. hair loss and ditziness) people report are during the time that their bodies are adjusting. We are significantly changing our energy source, and our bodies need time to figure out how to cope? Just a thought.

As for the hormonal changes, I am glad I have not noticed anything. That seems very complicated.

In any case, I am thrilled we do not have these issues. This is by far the best diet I have been on, and I never lost so fast. I also feel like I am learning more this time about my body. So hooray!..

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I do really well on low carb diets too. I loved South Beach, but ended up slipping back to my old eating habits. However my husband cannot due low carb. He tried South Beach and Medifast and he has horrible reactions to it. He gets super shaky, dizzy and really irritable - even after 2 weeks, which should be long enough to adjust to. But he does really good if he doesn't drink any alcohol or soda - weight falls off him...

Comment #4

I first did WW 13 years ago and lost weight really easily, but that's because I was doing low carb! But every time I went back after a break I ate more and more poorly, and didn't lose weight easily because I'd eat a lot of sugar and carbs. Hopefully I do better in T & M on MF...

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I followed the Blood Type Diet and really liked it for the most part. I lost weight (about 1-2lbs per week) and felt great. But it's probably mostly attributable to removing refined carbs and wheat from my diet. (I'm a type-O.) I thought I'd stick to that diet forever, but pizza proved to be my downfall. LOL!!..

Comment #6 TOTALLY described my WW journIES. "If I save 22 points for supper, I will be able to have fries and a Big Mac." Gee, wonder why I failed my third time around? That is why I need is black and white. No gray wiggle room for me...

Comment #7

Haha! It was wine, chocolate, and pb toast that took up 90% of my WW points..

Comment #8

Much of the reason that people on low carb diets have the sysmptoms you mentioned above; is the fact that they don't get enough Omegas....those are important for brain and nerve function...

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I've been thinking how I miss the feeling of a carb lull, if that makes sense. Soothing. I'm sure I'm healthier for giving it up, but there was definitely a reaction from my body to a bunch of carbs like potato products, bread, etc...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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