Diet Sodas OK with Medifast?

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I haven't yet started (my first order of food has been shipped, though!), and I've been reading the forums and gathering recipes ... and have (at least) one or two questions:.

I've noticed some recipies using diet sodas ... are diet sodas OK with this plan?.

Is there a limit on how much is allowed in a day?.

Thanks in advance!..

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Diet soda is okay and they say to limit caffeine to 3 beverages a day, I think...

Comment #1

It's all explained in your first shipment - you'll get some literature, a quick start guide, plus info about where to find all kinds of info on the web. They want you to limit caffeine to 300 mg per day so that effects the types of diet sodas that you will use, and there is also something about limiting the amount of artificial sweeteners. Make sure you read all your info when you get the box. If you have questions you can always go to the nutritional support part of the boards and get advice from registered dieticians. Medifast has covered all the bases and this plan is very easy to follow...... well, they don't provide the will power, just the information.

Good luck! Stay in touch and let us know how your doing and if you need any help...

Comment #2

Well, if we could powder THAT and sell it we'd really be rich!..

Comment #3

WARNING not all diet sodas are no calorie and no carb sodas.

Diet ORANGE CRUSH and probably the other diet crush's have high fructose corn syrup in them.... and calories and carbs...

So BEWARE and read the labels...

Comment #4

I was just going to post the same thing. I used it early on and it threw me out of ketosis. Read all labels! Diet doesn't mean 0 calories or 0 carbs...

Comment #5

I was also going to post that warning. You need to be careful and read the label. Not all diet sodas are created the same. Soda, tea, coffee and the water you use to prepare your meals does not count towards your 64 oz of plain water. Rule of thumb is drink your water first, then allow yourself to indulge in a soda/tea/whatever afterward as a reward...

Comment #6

I found that getting in my water at first was so hard that I kind of just gave up my diet caffine free Coke just by chance. I used to look forward to and drink 2+ a day. Now after 4 months I will have MAYBE 1 a week!..

Comment #7

Also... Diet Rite sodas are not only 0 calorie and 0 caffeine, they are also 0 sodium! Most sodas contain a lot of sodium so I like this brand, and it is very cheap at walmart...

Comment #8

I know there is a lot of debate about whether the diuretic properties of caffeine cancel out the hydration provided by the caffeinated beverage. But assuming that you don't excrete all the fluid in a caffiented beverage, just some, wouldn't this policy of not counting soda and tea lead to people having pretty different hydration levels? I.e. if I drink 64 oz water plus a coffee, two sodas, and water used in meal preparation, my hydration level may be significantly different than someone who ate crunch bars for every meal and only drank the 64 oz. of water with no extra tea, coffee or diet soda. Has anyone noticed a difference in their rate of weight loss after cutting out "extra" fluids like coffee, tea and soda? Just curious...

Comment #9

Waist Watchers has some great flavors. They are all calorie, carb and sodium free...

Comment #10

While I understand what you're asking here, we're not the experts and I am only repeating what nutrition support has posted when the question has come up in their area for the bazillionth time. Their answer is always as I have answered it. Since they are the experts of this plan, I can only parrot their words and bow to their greater knowledge.

As far as experience, I didn't drink anything other than 1 cup of decaf most days but up to 3 on others while I was in the 5&1 stage and I saw no significant difference in my losses. I always drink a gallon or more a day of plain water (still do in maintenance) ...

Comment #11

I have been getting sparkling mineral water and adding Torani SF syrups to them. Choc and almond are yummy as is choc and coconut!..

Comment #12

Just drink tons of water and stay OP, and you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure that a cup of coffee or a soda is not going to be the deal-breaker for losing weight. And limiting yourself to 64 ounces isn't necessary - drink LOTS. As fat breaks down it releases toxins and hormones into your bloodstream which need to be cleared out by your organs. Water helps this flushing process..

This is a long-term lifestyle training program, not a quick fix. It's best not to obsess too much about it past staying OP, as that's just perpetuating bad food habits, you know?..

Comment #13

I am on my 4th week and drink 120 oz. of water a day. Find sometimes if I am really hungry a small glas of diet eases that but don't drink it like I used to ( 3-4 a day)..

Comment #14

Get a NASA diaper...

JUST KIDDING! [couldn't help myself].

But keep in mind that all the water does have to go somewhere.

Don't repeat my mistake of drinking 24 oz, then getting on the road with a dog in the car (can't leave beast in car in heat to run into most restrooms...)...

Comment #15

If I was you I would limit yourself to very FEW sodas a week!..

Comment #16

I would give up eating before I will give up my Diet Coke. I am a DC junkie, always have been. There is no diet on this planet I would be willing to give up my DC for. I managed to lost 38 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for 18 months now. Was the weight loss slower because of it? Probably but I did not care...LOL.

That being said, it's not how fast you can lose the weight but IF you can keep it off for the long haul that counts. After all, dieting does not end with the end of Medifast (my mantra)...

Good luck!.

Angelina (136)..

Comment #17

I do plan to follow the plan strictly because I wouldn't have signed up for it if I didn't trust that it was a reliable way to lose weight. But I do better with forming habits when I know the rationale behind them. As a research nerd, I have been taught to question everything. I don't think that's a bad food habit (not sure what you mean by that) as much as it's part of my learning process..

My inner biologist feels compelled to make a slight correction - you are right that the byproducts of fat being burned are partially excreted through urine which is facilitated by drinking lots of fluids. You also sweat some of them out (fun fact). However, these products are not toxins and hormones, but rather glycerol and fatty acids. Hormones are involved earlier in the process when they signal the body about how to use stored fat.

Told you I was a nerd!..

Comment #18

We like nerds and geeks here! Number crunchers (tips hat at eagle), trivia junkies and others. The more the better!..

Comment #19

Nerd away! I'm sure your information is correct about the breakdown of *fat.* But it is not complete. Fat is not the only thing in a *fat cell.* Fat cells also store toxins and hormones. When the fat *cell* is broken down for scrap, these toxins and hormones are released back into circulation...

Comment #20

That makes sense. It wasn't possible to tell where the question was coming from in your original question. A "bad food habit" is something related to compulsive overeating or an eating disorder, or even just a bad relationship with food or our bodies.

Many of us have addictive relationships with food. We can be prone to transfer addictions, to weird obsessive behavior with micromanaging our fat grams, and all sorts of mental tricks we play on ourselves to either make the diet harder (I'll lose faster if I only have shakes!) or to make it fail (If I don't lose 20/month it's not working! -or- It's fine for me to add a couple ounces of cheese to this and not subtract from my lean, because I'm hungry.).

So a question that's fixating on minutia can signal someone's getting wrapped up in their head too much, and might be more successful if they relaxed and trusted the plan a little more..

It's a hard lesson for many of us, to admit that we don't know better than the plan. If I could be trusted to know what's best for me I wouldn't have gotten to 235 pounds. Surrender!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #21

I'm familiar with the hormones involved, but what would you consider a toxin stored in fat cells? Do you mean situations like eating fish that has mercury content that may be stored in fat cells?..

Comment #22

A quick google search of "toxins stored in fat cells" yields a whole bunch of hits. If you're interested enough to wade through the nonsense of the internet, looks like people are indicating pesticides, organochlorines, DDT, THC, and lord only knows what else. Have fun!..

Comment #23

I don't limit my diet soda on purpose. I drink minimum 2 liters of water a day. If I want some diet coke I will drink it. Honestly though it isn't much only because after drinking all that water I am not that thirsty. I have found that sometimes when Medifast leaves me feeling foggy the sodium in the diet soda helps...

Comment #24

Heh, "wrapped up in my own head" is pretty much my normal state of being.

I do trust the plan, it's clearly my best option. But that's different from thinking it's a perfect option. For that to be possible we would need to know a lot more about nutrition and physiology than we actually do, on both a population and individual level...

Comment #25

Absolutely! And they keep improving the plan, over the years, as those Johns Hopkins docs get better intel..

But for me, right now, it works, it's not killing me, and I can do it. That's good enough...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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