How do I make sure I never cheat during Medifast again?

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So, I knew that this weekend (my FIRST weekend with the plan) there were going to be some challenges. On Friday night I did really well with it, we went to a Rib Festival (I had the pulled pork sandwich w/ no bun and sauce on the side), then we headed out on the town - I only had 1 "drink" and when we got home and I was starving I had my boca burger sausage patties. Still managed to lose 1/2lb..

Then on Saturday....not so good. I didn't prepare well for my hunger to strike and totally made bad choices.

I got back OP Sunday, weighed myself this morning and I am up 2.5lbs from Saturday morning....I'm sure that some of it is from all the salt in my poor food choices...none the less I'm disappointed that I didn't do better.......

I'm just guzzling water today and staying 100%. Just hoping I can get it back together.....

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Everyone else will weigh in here, but the important thing is to get back up, dust yourself off and keep on.

Next, pour in the water like you are. It must be salt as there is probably no way (you know what you ate, not me) you ate 8750 calories on Saturday to equal 2.5 # of fat.

Third, analyze your choices and what made you go off plan and think about what you could have done differently. How could you better prepare for what you were feeling and what was happening? You did not really indicate what was going on- were you out without food, were there temptations in the house, were you bored, stress, etc. FIGURE IT OUT and be better prepared next time so that this doesn't happen.

As you have success, I think you will find it harder to step off plan.

Good luck!.

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In the beginning of the Medifast plan I made sure to stay home and not have challenges until I know what I am doing and am stronger and better able to plan and handle them. Having said that I realize life does not always accomodate us and things come up. I am only day 11 myself and so far I have been 100% OP but thats because I haven't put myself out there yet haven't gone out to eat. I only go to work and the store for the things I need. You can do this it's a little tricky in the beginning but make sure to read the posts there are some great tips from people who have been OP a while it helps to keep you on track and stay motivated !! Hang in there !!!.

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What Laurie said You can do this!!!.

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Thank you everyon!!! I really appreciate your input and encouragement!!!!.

I was getting so frustrated with myself today, but I have to realize that this is going to be a process, a process that will go smoother if I don't go off plan, but if I do, I just need to get back OP and roll with it.....

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Also when we eat the Medifast plan as written the body uses up the glycogen stores and fat burning begins. Well when you happen to go off plan if the food contained alot of carbs the body will tend to store them again as glycogen for future use. Glycogen is made up of approximately 3 grams of water to every one gram of carbohydrate. So along with the sodium intake you may also be storing some glycogen that contains lots of water..

That is also why when people first start the plan they release pounds in short order. Water weight. Also like the other poster pointed out it takes 3,500 unanswered calories to gain a true pound.

I believe having an understanding of what is going on in our bodies is also another way to help us make better choices along our weight loss journey. That is why I tend to blab on about this stuff.

I have found also that if one is having a difficult time with the plan, eating every 2 hours really helps get past that. For me that means 7 fuelings per day so yes I do eat the approved snack. So be it. Sure beats the way I was eating! .

Have a great on plan day!.


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Thanks for the info Nora! That is very helpful!!!!.

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Better luck next time!.

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You'll be fine. You have the right attitude. Just try to get through this weekend. Once you do, I swear the weekends get easier and easier. BUT>>>>> I do think you're CRAZY for going to a rib cook off your first week, let alone week 20. That's fur sure a tough one..

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@Janine- LOL! I know...I was like COME ON!!!! WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?!? But the rib cookoff was easy (pulled pork sandwich w/out the bun) was Saturday night that got me....I'm determined to be able to "exist" socially with my friends and most importantly my boyfriend while doing will be hard at times, but I just need to get stronger with it.....

Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate the support!!!!.

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Keep in mind that these first few days can be tough to get through. You will be hungry as your body switches into ketosis. From there on in for most people, the going is fairly smooth sailing from there. You can make it through, and the rewards are plentiful!.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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