GoDaddy review : Should I invest in GoDaddy?? Did I just find a good domain name?

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Something tells me I did. I just picked up

Sound like a winner? or do I need to go to bed?..

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I'm new but this is what you will be told (based on experience).

Without content, page rank, back links etc the domain is worth nothing more then the registration cost (and even then, on this forum it would be like getting blood from a stone)..

Also, I guess type in traffic would also be minimal if any. But... if you think the site is worth something then go for it..

Finally, it's look like the site has been used for affiliate marketing already.. - Google Search..

Comment #1

Very good points... but, it is surprising sometimes how much some of the dumb domains sell for. If you look on ebay you are pretty much guaranteed to get at least $500 for a 3 character dot com... even if it's dumb like this:.

I'm thinking I should be able to get a grand for this.... heheh..

Comment #2

I thought the same thing about my domain..

Anyways through it up onto eBay. Lots of people seem to be making money from flipping domains out there, the thing is it just won't happen here (unless you a dropping a money spinner in their hands and even then the price I suggest would be way below market value)..

Comment #3

LOL... yeah, I guess this isn't the place to get good ideas for domaining lol.

So far my best luck is posing on Sedo. Think people will bite on ebay as they aren't quite as bright there...

To be continued.....

Comment #4

It's not that it won't happen here, it's just people aren't retarded here and aren't going to buy "because there is no competition since is parked" for "$500-$1000" that you registered three days before you posted. Just like that other douche trying to sell (which he also just registered like last week) for xxx then gets a sandy vagina when a guy offers him $2,500 for it and doesn't go through with the deal, what did he expect. We aren't idiots here, if you want to make money with your shitty domains and get respect for being able to operate MS paint and explain the process of selling milk then go to DP...

Comment #5 is a pretty cool domain name. Unlike the others mentioned in this thread, yours has a history dating back to 1998 and shows having a few pages currently indexed which means no google ban..

If you are asking how cool the domain is, I give it a 7.5/10 ... and that's not bad at all.

If you are asking how much you can sell it for. I'd tell you that I picked up (pretty cool too IMO) the other day for < $10 and it has a history dating back to 2001. So really not much without a site or traffic..

WF is probably not the place to sell average domains though. We're looking for value and are not internet noobs so probably a much tougher crowd than DP, SP or ebay. Though I do admit that the commerce flowchart done in mspaint about buying and selling milk was top notch .... I'm submitting to digg right now. The cow got totally fucked in the deal!!!.

Going out on a limb here but I'd think if the right domain was sold here, the price you would fetch would be much higher than the other places I mentioned because we appreciate value and 90% of us have the cash to pick it up if it's that good...

Comment #6

Archive history and a indexed pages, unless you are getting converting lasting traffic, doesn't add value to the domain. Also a few backlinks or Pagerank can disappear after the domain is dropped.

Your domain shows as registered in 2006. This is not a generic domain and shows only 6000 results for the phrase in Google. This type of domain has no immediate value = worthless...

Comment #7

Sniff, sniff ... wwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Learn to use

I'm a developer and am not flipping the domain so I can really care less about your perceived value..

Not that this particular domain has back links, But I'd hope people drop existing links after a domain expires but from my experience, less than 1/2 do.

Old backlinks = golden domain name.

You should find something else to do with your spare time as you suck at domaining ... and are an even worse troll..

Comment #8

Lord Brar to Register 6 for price check. Lord Brar to Register 6 for price check...

Comment #9

Have you ever even sold a domain in your life. stfu.

Btw, you have no right to call someone else a troll...

Comment #10

I find it odd that hasn't been taking!.

Just wanted to share!.

Worth a rep+?..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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