GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to invest in GoDaddy?? Dedicated Host?

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My host has effed up for the last time and I'm seeking new hosting..

Dedicated Hosting.

$300/month maximum budget.

Awesome support.

CPanel enabled.

Recommendations please... and if I use one of the companies posted I'll happily purchase through an affiliate link. Just don't let that influence your recommendation...

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What did they do to screw up? Just curious if it was too much downtime, or if the server getting trashed from ddos or virus..

I've been happy with mod_security running on Apache, shared hosting with Hostgator. But I don't have the coin yet to move to a dedicated box...

Comment #1

Check out TechieMedia... their tech support is awesome... if I have a serious problem they are on it within minutes....

Earlier this year they rescued over a hundred of my sites from dreamhost... they sorted out all the issues I had with the scripts not working, etc... that's one thing I love about them, they offer support for 3rd party scripts, which has saved me loads of time and aggravation... they're also nice to me when I ask them stupid questions..

Comment #2

Liquidweb. Awesome support. See if they have some deals going at WHT...

Comment #3

SoftLayer is my #1 recommendation - PM me (anyone else if you want) I can get you good deals - I talk to the senior acct manager almost weekly..

Setup by tonight usually...

Comment #4

Hi dude,.

No matter wt hosting company you are going to hire. Just check these points before hireing:.

Access to control panel - You should not use a host unless it gives you access to a well defined control panel. What does this do for you? It allows you to control the features of your web site (account) from your web browser. For example, using the menu you should be able to upload files, protect directories, add autoresponders and so on..

Excellent automation - This is perhaps one of the more important features of a good host. Automation. You should be able to access everything you want from a well designed menu and do virtually anything without involving a human being..

Control of creating protected directories - Sometimes it doesn't seem important, but sooner or later you will almost certainly want to create a protected directory. This is a directory (or folder) on your web site which requires a username and password. Any good web host will allow you to do this directly from your account menu..

And the Last but not least..

Domain Parking - It's incredible useful to be able to park a domain on your web site. This can be useful for having several closely related domain names ( and for exmaple) as well as to just reserve domains for future use. A good host should be able to allow you to do this for at least a dozen domain names...

Comment #5

Could you not tell that we're talking about dedicated hosting by the post title? Or maybe the other replies? What about the fact that we're TALKING ABOUT DEDI'S?!? SHEESH...

Comment #6

Was going to say .. shit - if we were posting about regular hosting I'd reference to my post 1.5 years ago which HARDLY ANYONE RESPONDED TO ... douches..

Choosing The Right Web Host..

Comment #7

Fer Christs sake avoid ServerPronto. I had a server go down, it took them 4 days to respond to my support ticket, and another day to reboot the server. Fuckbags...

Comment #8

Use a VPS.. / are my recommendations...

Comment #9

You twat.. Why would anyone specifically looking for a certain type of product listen to recommendations from someone who blatantly ignores their (very clearly stated) requirements and tells them to use an inferior solution?..

Comment #10

I also have heard good things about Softlayer..

If you check them out, remember to look specials -> SoftLayer Specials..

Comment #11

You're right, I should have clearly explained by I recommended a VPS to save them money, when the chances of them being able to completely use all the available resources of a Dedicated box is almost completely nil, and they want stability - which they can get fallover IP's, a nice console in case they lock themselves out, and always upgrade on the fly if something truly exceeds their expectations..

If you really want to own a Dedicated server with a VPS, check out Amazon EC2..

As for Cpanel, you can grab a box from Linode or Slicehost, then check out a licensing company for Cpanel, which is about 14$/mo... on top of a 20$/mo basic VPS, and most of those companies will install everything for you..

34$. Higher Profit Margin...

Comment #12


He wants dedicated cuase he's hustler... can't you scroll up and read a bit?.

Are you a VPS freak?..

Comment #13

Ok, and now it's time for me to set you straight. For someone thats all for saving money, why are you getting screwed so bad? cPanel for VPS is a $5 monthly fee at cost, which most VPS providers will give you it at that cost - so why are you paying $15?.

Second - VPS's are great and all for lower scale op's, but once you get over a certain threshold (you know.. like over 500 visitors a day on a mysql site) - most VPS's will buckle unless it's PROPERLY setup, which is almost never now a days..

Make sure you do your benchmarks. Until then, I'll stick with my 8 core opteron form Softlayer...

Comment #14

I must be insanely lucky as I have several sites over that threshold ... many on shared and not a single one on a dedicated. In fact, I've had one site hit 5k daily on a shared plan before feeling any pinch, moved to vps and it looks like I've got the resources for about 20-30k daily..

I've got no advice for trig as I don't run a dedicated anything anywhere ... sorry for adding so little to the conversation...

Comment #15

There are a lot of factors. How many queries per page, optimization per service (mysql, apache) including caching, how "loaded" the box is via the host, etc..

A 50 query page with mysql may top out around 500 uniques/day depending on the other variables...

Comment #16

Meh, I've been stupid - I've been meaning 5000 not 500. I'll explain the rest in like an hour...

Comment #17

Ok, as I was saying. There are a few other things you need to watch out for with the VPS that, although you still need to watch out for them, aren't as serious with a dedicated server..

Obviously there is CPU and RAM allotment. Some companies won't even give you a guarantee'd CPU allotment, so you're screwed if someone else is trying to take a lot of power. Most will give you a small amount such as 512 MHz guarantee'd, etc..

RAM is about the same way. You have burst RAM and guarantee'd ram. Once again this is up to the other clients on the box as well as how they stacked it. If you're on a great box, you might as well have the damn thing to youself. If not, you're going to be pretty screwed especially if the RAM guarantee is <512 MB. That's all of the common sense stuff, though..

Now for the real kicker. Most people don't think about the disk inode offering per VPS. This is a -big- factor if you have a lot of files and/or do scraping like I do. I would hit the disk inode limit way before I would hit my space limit. Just keep this in mind, because the fucker fills up fast!.

The other thing in comparing VPS / Dedicated is how stable the performance is. If you have a dedi and you are the only one on it, if you have a performance slow down it's due to your stuff. A VPS is so versatile, that if Customer B cancels and now Customer D (you know, a smaller mirror to imageshack or a web scraper like me) gets throw on your box, your resource usage and allotment can change literally overnight. It's not nerely as concrete..

Anyway these are just my 2 cents. Hope it all makes sense, and if not just ask I'll try to explain it a little more .....

Comment #18

Oh please, set me straight..

As far as price, I mentioned, and who NEITHER offer cpanel period. The 14$ was referring to getting cpanel directly FROM a licensing partner of CPANEL..

CPanel - The Leading Control Panel.

VPS Licensing. You'll notice that most of these VPS companies OFFERING cpanel packages, also rip you a new one in price, and specs. Again, look at Slicehost and Linode... Both are reputable companies, with very generous bang for the buck..

Next, if your VPS is buckling at 500 visitors/day, you don't know how to configure your LAMP, or you're on a REALLY shit VPS. Again, referring to the above 2 companies I mentioned, they've done their shit right as far as I can see..

For benchmarks, yes, a dedicated box will win, considering the hardware allotment is not comparable to a dedicated box for most packages out there..

It comes down to needs, most of the "ballers" on this site are running dedicated boxes, and using maybe 1/4th of the actual resources they need, at PEAK. I've got a couple VPS's, and a couple dedicateds, each hosts what it needs to host..

Linode has no i/o limit, and has generous RAM/CPU allotments for the price. But spending 100$+ for something you can easily do on a VPS... is 100$+ you could've spent on a new car..

No need for bigger penises here... I'm sure your 8 core from Softlayer is using at LEAST 1% of it's capabilities, which I guess justifies the cost to you..

And no, not a VPS freak, I just think wasting money on something you don't need is dumb. This guy said he was on shared hosting, and the hosting company messed up, so he wants to move to a dedicated solution? Softlayer is great and all, but they seem to be a mostly unmanaged solution...

Comment #19

LOL on this.

Now I'm interested in knowing your host now lol...PM me.

Onto the thread, I've used quite a recommendation would be Liquidweb...

Comment #20 Ruby On Rails Hosting.

They do ruby on rails hosting, but offer php plans as well (which is what I use).

Currently I run the $25/monthly VPS with LXadmin instead of cPanel so the system resources stay under control. LXadmin does the same things cPanel does, the layout is just different and takes a bit of getting used to ... but for only $25/monthly it was worth the headache..

I still have my shared host through this company because the deal I got 3 years ago was outstanding ... $10/year. When I outgrew it, they moved my big site to the vps and I used the shared account for another domain..

I think they've got $5/month plans currently .. but I'd suggest the $15/m vps if you've got more than just one domain and the sites are not resource hogs. The $25 plan doubles your ram and diskspace. They are both good deals.

I've had similar success with my hostgator reseller package, but it didn't push the limits that railsplayground does..

Hope that's what you were looking for..

Trig, they offer dedicated servers @ $200/m ... which sounds a bit on the high side...

Comment #21

Softlayer for dedi, but gotta agree with all thats been said about the benefits of a properly configured VPS....

I'll throw my hat in for even their cheapest $20/month plan gets you 360RAM, in your choice of one of 4 diff. data centers. Want redundancy? You can clone full install/setups + easily add them to new accounts in other data centers... If you have more than 1 account the bandwidth limits are pooled (meaning if your vps in texas only uses 20gigs this month the remainder on your cap can be used by the other vps account you have in their newark, NJ datacenter)... those are just two of maybe 30 reasons why i'd suggest you go with a VPS rather than shell out the $ for a full dedi (well, at least for 95% of you out there).

There are countless tutorials and guides available to help you streamline the install for whatever your intended use is for...

Comment #22

I know people that have used them for shared hosting, but I personally wouldn't bother. i've been in the hosting industry for quite awhile now (got out of it a few years ago when I sold my company), but midphase should be thought as one of those oversaturated, throw-away hosts... like hostgator..

If you want a decent dedicated server, as someone mentioned before in this thread, go with liquidweb. their support is phenomenal, and even if it's more expensive, you get what you pay for..

Especially with hosting, I wouldn't think twice about skimping on costs. what happens if your host goes down and doesn't backup because they lack competence, etc...

Comment #23

I'm going to recommend I've had a server with LayeredTech since... 2004, I think. The network has been pretty much rock solid in their Databank (I think that's the name) datacenter. They also recently merged with, so they've got a lot more options..

I've also heard a lot of good things about SoftLayer, who now has 3 datacenters. Haven't used them personally, but a friend used to use them for a high-traffic, forum hosting website - he said that support was always great, and he used their iSCSI SAN storage for actually storing the databases. It's probably not necessary for whatever you're doing, but having iSCSI SAN solutions on a sub-$300 dedicated server is always a plus. As a slightly cheaper option, they've also got dirt cheap NAS storage available (not as fast, but great for off-backups & anything like that)...

Comment #24

Limestone Networks offers good and reliable dedicated servers for an extremely affordable price...

Comment #25

U can check dis out SimpleNet Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers & Co-location, Reseller Web Hosting, San Diego, CA..

Comment #26

Why don't you try

Professional support, flawless reputation and good prices as well.....

Comment #27

Seems your only two posts are of the same exact message. I wouldn't be surprised if the third said the same in another thread...

Comment #28

Los Angeles Premium Dedicated Servers & Colocation - WebNX has been amazing for me the past 3 years..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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