Day 2 of Medifast - do I need to do 4 & 2?

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Well, I could really use some advice. I know everyone's first few days OP are always tough, from what I've read here. I also know that some of us (OK, me) have been known to eat for emotional reasons, instead of hunger. But here's what's up with me:.

Day 1 was tough but I was mostly OP, except for a few extra condiments. I added flavors and spices to my shake, pudding and soft serve. I felt somewhat weak and shaky but got through it..

Day 2 started about 4 a.m. when I woke with a blinding headache. Took some Aleve. Fell back asleep. Woke again at 7 and the headache was raging. Ate some Medifast pudding, took some Excedrin.

Finally got rid of it around noon. I managed to stay OP until about 3:30. At that point I felt physically ill, was shaking all over, felt depressed and irritable and horribly weak. All I could do was lie in bed. Finally with my L&G meal, I added in a few grapes.

Felt SO guilty ... but SO much better! In fact, I was so satisfied that I forgot to eat my next Medifast meal! First time that EVER happened! I did eat it, just an hour late, and felt great. I still feel OK now. It was like that one extra "splurge" today fixed me for the rest of the night. ???.

So now I am reading that some people with more to lose (I have almost 100 lbs. to lose) should start on 4&2 and then go to 5&1 when they have lost some weight. ??? What do you think? Will I feel better in a couple of days if I stay OP? And how do you get through the shaky, weak, headachey, must-eat-something-hearty-or-I-will-faint feeling??.

Thank you for any advice!!!!!!! Still plugging on ......

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Well it's normal to feel that way esp the headache because your body is going thru carb withdrawals. It went away when you ate those grapes. You have your body added carbs. My guess is, you were almost over the withdrawal headache but now MIGHT have to start over. Fruit is not allowed because it's higher in sugar then the program allows for.

Try the 4&2 for a couple days and eat your veggies from the higher carb side of the scale. Then ease into the lower carb ones like lettuce. That should help minimize the withdrawals.

Remember, you CAN do this and the feeling yucky only last a little while compared to how good you are going to feel when you do lose weight!.

If at first you do not succeed, try try and try again!.

I play head games with myself to keep myself from cheating. When I see a piece of cake instead of focusing on how good it just taste, I turn all my attention to the fact that it causes cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. When I really focus on all the negatives it takes away the urge to eat it!.

Jump back on the wagon, eat all your meals and stay clean! I promise, you'll feel better!..

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Btw personally I don't think you need the 4&2. I'm much heavier and am doing great on 5&1, but do what feels right for YOU, esp if it's gonna help you stay on plan!..

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I had a raging blinding headache for almost 5 days. I felt just downright horrible. I also knew I am a carbo addict and knew it was going to happen. I just made up my mind I have to get through this no matter what. Now it is 7 1/2 weeks later and it was worth all the agonizing because I feel better than I ever have before. I have always been prone to headaches and have been headache free for over 6 weeks.

This program works if you do it like it says. The fruit has been eliminated because of the high carb content. It will make you hungry cause your body recognizes it as sugar and will eat it first and make you want more. If you can push through it, it will get better. The overwhelming stuff will pass after a few days and you will find your taste buds changing.

Make sure you are drinking massive amounts of water too. Hope this helps. Stay motivated and you can do it!!!!..

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I felt like I had the flu for the first 4 days...headache, nausea, weak, light headed, lethargic, body aches, etc. I stayed on program, ate all my meals and drank all my water. By the fifth day, I felt so much better. I haven't done the 4/2 plan. Drinking some bouillon a couple of times a day really helped me during those first few days. You can do this, but you have to stay on program to get through and on the other side of those first tough days. I think you just have to tough it out...

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I actually felt miserable for the first 2 weeks. It sounds like you were heading for ketosis and by adding in the fruit and candy you probably pushed yourself back a little bit. Its certainly a personal choice to do 4/2 or 5/1. I lost 183lbs and only did 5/1 but that's not to say that 4/2 isnt a good choice for some people. Again that's a personal choice. If you do decide to stick with 5/1 know that the shaky, headache and feeling drained will pass.

Once you move into ketosis that will pass. Good luck on your decision.


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The feeling horrible does pass. I felt absolutely awful on day 2 and day 3, and then woke up on day 4 feeling like a brand new person. The memory of feeling so incredibly awful for 2 days has kept me totally on the plan. I swear, it is amazing to be eating so few calories and NOT be hungry. All I can say is to try to stick it out through the first several days because it does get better...

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Hi - all will get better. I had a couple of headaches after not eating my healthy fat and also when I did not get all my water in - so be sure to eat ALL you are supposed to eat and get that water in!! You can break up your lean green. For lunch have a small salad with with 2 oz of lean protein and a Medifast meal (I use the parmesan puffs as croutons) and then at night have the rest of your green and then balance out your protein. The boca burgers & eggbeaters go a long way. Also - eat slowwwww. In the first 2 weeks I tried to make each Medifast meal last at least 10 minutes - now not so much.

There is no such thing as failure - it was just a difficult beginning - soon to get better...

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Until you get past the carb withdrawal, you are going to feel crummy. I started with the goal of losing more than 100 pounds and I've only done 5&1. I did not succumb to my inner spoiled brat. Maybe because I know the tricks my body will play on me when giving up an addiction (used to be a smoker for 15 years), but I was resolute. My body does NOT always know what I really need to get past a stressful situation..

Get rid of those trigger foods in your house so you don't go to them again. If you have an emotional need to eat, have a pickle spear or some celery. You are attacking your issues on two fronts: teaching yourself portion control and finding other outlets to deal with emotional stressors. Plan your meals, plan your response for when your inner brat clamors for gratification and it'll learn that you are going to stop at 1-2 pickle spears..

Another thing I did when the cravings got bad at night: I put in my mouth guard and went to bed...

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THANK YOU my Medifast friends!!! You guys ROCK!! Loved all the advice. I jumped right back into 5&1 today, even with going to brunch after church (found out they had a nice salad with grilled chicken on top, who knew??) and hours of trick-or-treating with the kiddos (not ONE BITE of candy passed my lips. Wasn't even tempted!!) I didn't feel as weak or shaky today either - but maybe cuz I took a nice nap! Overall a MUCH BETTER day and I am fired up again. This support on the boards is the BEST part of MF, no doubt - I've never had such awesome support even on other online diets I've tried. Hugs to you all!!!..

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I have always done the 5 & 1, and I had 119 lbs to lose. I felt so sick almost the entire first week~headaches, dizziness, nausea...but by day 6 or 7 they went away and I have felt great every since. In fact, I almost never get headaches at all now. Sugar and carbs are like a drug, and these horrible feelings are withdrawal symptoms!.

The first week IS hard~we've all been there. I think if you can just stick it out and not give in to the carbs for a week, you will be so glad you did. Take motrin/tylenol/equivalent, nap when you can, sip broth, and tough it out~you can do it!!!..

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