Day 2 of Medifast and am starving!

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....just had to get that out of my system! I am hoping by posting that, that I won't eat something I shouldn't!..

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It's really hard but after you pass this hurdle it will get easier.

Don't even argue to yourself about whether or not you should eat. Close the internal-conversation even if you have to "concede" that you're making the "wrong" decision. Hang in there...

Comment #1

I started two weeks ago. The first 3 days I was hungry!!!! I added either an additional Medifast meal or some more protein so I wouldn't really go off program. Day 4 I was totally fine and really haven't had a problem with hunger or craving since day 3. You can do this!! It won't be long and it will be fine!!..

Comment #2

Drink more water! Nibble on ice cubes! Do whatever you have to do! It will pass! Infact go for a 5 min walk. Exercise releases endorphins that will decrease your appetite! You CAN do this girl!..

Comment #3

Water, water, water. I can't even express how much water has helped me with cravings. Plus it gives me something to think about other than "man I'm hungry."..

Comment #4

The pickle spears really helped me during my first week...

Comment #5

Yes - I was miserable the first 3 days - hungry all the time and so tired. Day four was just tired. Day 5 I felt more normal and by the end of week one, I felt better than when I started and haven't had hunger issues since..

You will get there - but don't go off plan that will just drag the tough part out longer!!..

Comment #6

The first thing I do when I walk into the office in the morning is make a coffee pot full of hot water. I have a hot cup of tea at my side all day. I drink my 64 ounces of water before I am out the door in the morning so all day I have ice water and tea. The flavors of tea are so good now that it can satisfy almost any itch you have..

The first thing I do when I walk in the door at night is make a pot of tea. It literally has been my lifesaver on this plan...

Comment #7

Hang in there - you can do it!!.

The first few days are tough - you're craving carbs, and your body is not at all happy! You'll feel much different, though, after the first week or so..

Make sure you choose really filling L&G choices - look for the protein choices that are a larger volume and filling, for instance egg beaters. 2 cups of egg beaters with some sauteed veggies makes a huge omelet! And you can split it in half eat half for breakfast, and the other half later in the day.

Just wait until your ticker starts moving ... it'll be worth it!!.


Comment #8

Sugarfree Gum.... Icebreakers Cubes are soft and blows good bubbles!! Keeps me busy and occupied! LOL... I like the Peppermint and the Kiwi Watermelon!.


Comment #9

Like everyone else has already said....HANG IN THERE!!!!!! You can do this!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #10

A cup of hot bouillon worked wonders for me. Also, eat an extra Medifast meal or a piece of string cheese if you are really hungry. Try splitting your lean and green between lunch and dinner...

Comment #11

Wow....posting really did help....i didn't eat my husbands ice cream like I was thinking about! Day 3...still really hungry, probably more so than yesterday..

I have trouble drinking 'water'. I like water, just have trouble getting that much in. I do drink hot decaf chai tea with stevia....does that count as part of my water intake? I know coffee doesn't count, but I still don't understand that...

Comment #12

For every caffeinated beverage you take in you need twice as much water to balance it out.

If the tea is caffeine free then yes I think it does count!.

Some people have did opinions on this though! Good job at staying strong and not eating last night!..

Comment #13

I'm just starting day 6, so I don't know if I can really give advice, but day 2 was tough for me, too! I got through it with my snack. I cut up my 2 pickle spears into small pieces and everytime I got a craving, I had a few. The strong garlic, vinegar, dill taste curbs ALL cravings for me. Worked on day 3 too! Good luck, and just know, at least for me, after Day 3 has been easier....

And as for the water...I bought a BRITA water pitcher and the difference is just as night to day! I never had a problem with tap water, but this just goes down so much easier and the taste is so much better!..

Comment #14

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