Daughter Interested in Photography
What do I need to consider as I seek to purchase a "first" digital SLR camera for my daugher as she heads to college this fall with aspirations of studying photography/journalism? Her experience thus far has been with cameras such as the Canon EOS Rebel XT (school camera used for photography for yearbook, etc..) She's quite good and bright enough to (I think) need something along the lines of the Nikon D40/D80 and/or Canon EOS 40D - but I also want to purchase a camera w/ lenses that will suit a variety of learning situations while not breaking the bank. Thanks!..

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... then she should be asking the question here, not you..

Seriously. Have her do the investigation. That's part of the learning process..

If you need to make it a present, then give her a photo book or somesuch with a card saying that you will buy her first entry level DSLR for her. Have her bring her investigation and information to you. Then you both can discuss the pros and cons and go shopping..

Sounds like that could be fun to me..

Jay Turberville

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You may want to consider contacting the school to see if they have any suggestions. I can see where trading lens (borrowing) and accessories between students (and possibly the school) would be a great monetary benefit to students. So the choice may have to do with Canon vs Nikon, and which is more popular...

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I think it is a matter of budget and what she plans on shooting. The Canon 40D is a nice camera with the kit lens. Then you add the flash, bags, tripod, extra batteries and more lenses it all adds up. I am wondering if the schools offer suggestions on what would be needed..

I hope that helps a little..


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And all I can say to your post is:.

YOU are a wise man!!!.

JimOlympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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The Rebel XT she used on the yearbook staff is a great introductory camera and can be bought cheaply at present, therefore leaving money for lenses, tripod, bag, and other accessories. Don't buy the camera as a kit; rather, buy the body and whatever lenses she wants. After two or three years of developing her skills with the XT, she will be ready to move up to a new camera body..


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Just a link to some good (but a little dated) information on the equipment of a photojournalist. You may not be able to afford all the equipment. But at least you'll know what's involved..


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Newbie08 wrote:.

She's quite goodand bright enough to (I think) need something along the lines of theNikon D40/D80 and/or Canon EOS 40D.

The body is probably the least important. Other than avoiding the D40/60 (because the more limited fast lens compatibility), any recent Canon/Nikon body will be good enough. It might even be better to have two used/cheap bodies than one expensive one. The main reason for Canon/Nikon is the greater ease of borrowing (or even renting) other gear if needed. Also make sure the gear is covered under your insurance. Theft/loss is not uncommon..

She'll want fast lenses. Much journalism is available light. To not break the bank, probably either Sigma or Tamron 17/18-50 f/2.8 and then a (possibly used) 70-200mm f/2.8 if it's not too heavy for her; otherwise the 50-135/150 f/2.8 lenses or 70-200 f/4 if that's all the budget allows. Add a 30mm or 50mm 1.4 for the really low light stuff (also many classes want you to start with a prime.).

Finally a decent external flash with bounce and/or a diffuser and off-shoe cord (The diffuser can be home made.).

This would be the low-budget version of the photojournalist kit mentioned in the previous post. You should be able to shoot anything with this kit, although she'd quickly want a longer lens and higher FPS for football/baseball..


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Newbie08 wrote:.

What do I need to consider as I seek to purchase a "first" digitalSLR camera for my daugher as she heads to college this fall withaspirations of studying photography/journalism? Her experience thus.

There are two issues here that you need to consider first:.

1. Does the school have a pool of lenses their students can use, and if so, for which camera system or systems?.

2. What student discounts are available through the school that may not be available through other retailers or the manufacturers directly..

The program managers should be able to help you with both of those questions. In the meantime, prices will go down and bodies will get better, so unless she wants to do something special travel-wise with the equipment, I'd hold off on purchases until late summer..


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Paul Robertson wrote:.

In the meantime, prices will go down and bodies will getbetter, so unless she wants to do something special travel-wise withthe equipment, I'd hold off on purchases until late summer..

I'll dissent from this for two reasons:.

1. She should be familiar/comfortable with the camera as possible before the other college stress. She might also want to start a portfolio..

2. If you start looking for used lenses now, you have a better chance at finding a deal (or at least recognizing one.) Avoid e-bay and look locally (craigslist) or at FredMiranda's or KEH or B&H used..


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