dark pictures pc transfer
Very new to digital. Have a pentax k10d with an analog vivitar 28~85 LENS. Have made adjustments for manual lens in menus. Picture looks good in lcd when taken but.

When viewed after transfer to pc, all colors are washed out & appear grey. Any help would be appreciated.thks bob c...

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Some questions:.

I do not understand exactly what you mean by "Have made adjustments for manual lens in menus". Could you explain this please..

Does this problem only occur with this particular lens?.

Have you transferred images from another camera successfully, i.e. not washed out and grey?.

What are you using to view the images on the PC?Chris R..

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Setting the exposure mode to AV,for manual diaphragm lens.Focal length is set to manual in the shake reduction settings menu.Tried both microsoft camera & scanning wizard & hp image transfer software..

This is the only lens I have right now so not sure if it's the lens or camera I'm having a problem withthks bob c...

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Have transferred pictures from an hp 4meg camera & they turned out okay...

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Rw1cuth wrote:.

Very new to digital. Have a pentax k10d with an analog vivitar 28~85LENS. Have made adjustments for manual lens in menus. Picture looksgood in lcd when taken butwhen viewed after transfer to pc, all colors are washed out & appeargrey. Any help would be appreciated..

I don't have a K10D, but on my DSLR, underexposed photos can still look OK on the LCD. The only way I can check exposure is to look at the histogram. Look at the histogram on the camera's LCD screen to see if the photo is underexposed..

If you are not familiar with reading histograms, see the following link:.


If that doesn't help, check to make sure that you are shooting in sRGB (and not Adobe RGB) unless you are familiar with ICC color spaces...

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It sounds to me as though you may be getting incorrect exposure within the camera without realising it. I wonder if the camera's LCD has been adjusted so it isn't revealing those errors, and they've only apparent on your computer screen?.

One way to do a simple check of what's what is by working backwards from photos that are definitely OK..

Go to Phil's review of the K10D and look up the Samples gallery, here:

Most of the shots there are properly exposed, so copy down one or two in full-size (in the version of Internet Explorer I'm using, the file resizes to the Window once visible and it's necessary to click on the image again to convert it back to the fullsize 8MP or whatever version before saving)..

Are the brightness, contrast etc of your computer's monitor adjusted more or less correctly so these look good? (If, like me, you originally set up your screen for working with Word etc, then you may well have to change those settings - at least that's what I found!)..

Now copy those image files back into an image directory on your memory card and review them on the camera's LCD. How do they look? Do you need to adjust the camera's LCD settings to see them? If so, once done, how does the camera now display shots you take with it?.


Peter - on the green island of Ischia

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Also try taking a series of shots of the same image on the camera with EV set to -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2. One of these shots should be correctly exposed, hopefully the one with 0 EV adjustment.Chris R..

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I tried bracketing, taking 13 pictures of the same thing. They were either to light or to dark, there doesn't seem to be a setting that will give a decent picture. I'll take it back to where it was purchased & have them try it with a digital lens & see if that will help. Pretty frustrated at the moment, best put it aside before it ends up in the garbage.Thanks to everyone for there suggestions, I'll let you know what happens.bob c...

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This might be a long shot - but are you shooting raw?.

Also a long shot, but I'd try removing any image transfer software from the mix just to eliminate that possibility. Either remove the card from the camera and use a card reader on your computer, or connext the camera as a USB drive and then use Windows Explorer to copy the files. Take any other software out of the loop..

As I said, this is a long shot, but you might as well eliminate anything you can when trying to diagnose..

Perhaps you could post an example here?.

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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The K10D is not keen on Manual lenses , whilst they can be used there is a bit of a trick to itDo a search on it in the Pentax forum..

Get a proper Pentax auto focus lens something like the old 28-80, You will pick them up secondhand for a few dollars.The K10D loves Pentax lenses..

Set your Camera to 10M, three star jpg and Bright mode, plus 1 Saturation Plus 1 contrast in the Rec Menu..

In the Custom Menu set AE-L with AF to 2 (locked together) and set Link AF point and EA to 2 as well..

Set the camera on P mode or green mode and shoot some images, play with Av mode or Tv as well..

The only thing to look at in the LCD screen preview is your histogram, you will find that in a lot of cases it will be shifted a little to the left as the K10D by nature of it's software leans toward under exposing which enables you to gain full advantage when post processing..

The K10D is quite a step up from the *ist digitals which handled manual lenses much easier..

If you are shooting RAW the images are designed to be post processed so dont look as good as a jpg which has been processed by the Camera...

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Arrowman, I've tried both raw & jpeg. I transfered 3 pictures using IE, & have them in a zip file. Pictures came out same using this method. I could post/ send the zip file but not sure how to get it on the form.thks bob,..

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I'll borrow a pentax lens tomorrow & let you know how I make out,thks bob c...

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