Dangerous time of day for Medifast program?

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My toughest time of day is late afternoon... anytime betweem 3 and 6. IF I slip. that is when it's going to happen. I am "hiding" upstairs in my room right now, trying to keep my focus. so far, so good...

What is your hard time, if you ever have one???..

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Between 9am and noon.. I get really bored at work and am tempted to think that eating will alleviate that boredom..

Comment #1

Oh afternoons definitely. Especially if it's a slow one at work..

So I come here and it helps...

Comment #2

For me it's late at night if I'm having trouble sleeping. I know a huge binge will just knock me out, but more importantly I need to remember waking up with a food hangover feels soooo bad...

Comment #3

While making dinner...for sure!! especially if I am making a side for my DH that I cannot have (which is often because he is ANTI veggie)..


Comment #4

Definitely the afternoon. Has to be conditioning left over from years of school and coming home to two or three bowls of Cheerios. In fact, I can hear the snacks calling now.......

But I'm not picking up and talking to them right now...

Comment #5

I 'save' a soup for late night. The "warm in my belly" curbs cravings, it filling, and helps me sleep. For during the day cravings, I swear by the dill pickle trick. I cut up my spears into bite-sized pieces and munch a few pieces whenever a craving strikes. The heavy dill taste heads off just about any craving. Then I just remember to drink and extra glass of water each time, to fight the high salt content. Sounds kinda silly, but it really works!..

Comment #6

For me it's after 7pm. I usually have my last Medifast meal around 7-8 and want to snack afterwards. I've been going to bed earlier lately to avoid having to think about it...

Comment #7

I am going to buy some pickels.. right now, I have been cutting up these cute mini cukes that I found at my grocery store. I am just happy that the day is done. I had a banana pudding for my last meal and the taste was wayyyy off.. not sure what it was about it. next time I am going to make it into a shake.

And it was GOOOOOODDD !!!!!..

Comment #8

I don't have any difficult time of day right now. Before I started it was when I came home from work...I'd eat the house! Now my head is so wrapped into Medifast that it doesn't faze me anymore. I also try to keep my hands busy so that helps. I just hope I can keep this going once I go into transition...

Comment #9

3:00 to 7:00. I wonder if Donna is right about being conditioned from so many years of coming home from school and snacking. I never thought about that but it makes a lot of sense..

What I do is space my meals so that I have my L&G at 1:30, and then Medifast meals at 4, 6 and 8:15. Basically I just eat my way through the tough hours only it's Medifast instead of a half pound bag of Hershey's kisses...

Comment #10

My most dangerous time is right about now...when everything is winding down..

I just made a iced cappuccino with 16oz of decaf coffee and lots of ice, and I'll nurse until it time to go to bed...

Comment #11

Later afternoons before dinner time roughly..but I just eat my Medifast meals around this times.....

Comment #12

Kayhamil, I'm with you - I was trying to narrow down my toughest hours by looking back over my food diary, and it seems to be like 2:30 to 6 or so. But then, I do have another tough time, like others are saying, at night if I stay up late watching TV and get the munchies. OH, like RIGHT NOW! Luckily I have one Medifast meal left ... I like hot cocoa at night. Mmmmm!..

Comment #13

My toughest time is in the evenings. I do like GiGi, and space my meals so that I have a larger gap between meals during the day, and only a two hour gap between meals in the evening, much easier to resist temptation by telling myself a snack is just around the corner..

Comment #14

My dangerous time is between 3 PM and 6 PM. I try to have a mini pickle or SF jello to hold me over. Sometimes, almonds as my snack with 1/2 a diet z-up works too...

Comment #15

My hard time is at night, specifically when I'm sitting on the couch watching TV. About 2 weeks ago I started implementing a new rule that I don't eat after 7pm. So good!!!!..

Comment #16

I agree with you, that's the worst time for me too. I have been chewing a piece of gum and getting into bed...

Comment #17

For me it's 4pm - 7pm If I get past that time without bingeing I'm fine.. If I go off plan it screws me up for the night and sometimes into the next day!!!..

Comment #18

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