D80.. 40d.. can't decide
I think I've narrowed down my purchase to a Nikon D80 with 18-200VR lens, or Canon 40D with the 28-135 IS lens. Both will cost me about the same (I have the option to purchase a well cared for D80 body with very little use cheaper than new)..

Does anyone have any experience using both, and mind sharing what they like/dislike about the two? The size of the 40D doesn't really bother me - I actually like the way it feels in my hands..

I considered the Nikon D40, but I simply don't like the way it feels. It feels too small to me, and although it's a great camera, it's just not for me..

I don't have any other SLR equipment, so the whole Nikon vs Canon thing is starting fresh for me..

I've used the Nikon D40 and D80 quite a bit, and was satisfied with both (other than the feel and controls of the D40)..

I'm thinking the 18-200VR lens on the D80 would give me a slightly wider range... but just wondering if the 40D is a "better" body? I'll probably be shooting mostly outdoors - landscapes, wildlife, low light stuff....

I know there are a hundred posts like this every day.. I just can't decide. *sigh*..

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IMHO, D80 shoots better.but littly noisy(evenfor DSLR).both - worth money...

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I doubt I'll be disappointed with either...

Just saw that Costco has the 40D w/ 28-135 for $1150... good price. Best I have found it locally is $1300...

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Either will do the job well, though they are slightly different beasts. The 40D is faster all around than the D80. Faster frame rate, a bit faster autofocus. It is probably slightly lower in the noise department at high ISOs. That said, the D80 is rock solid. Heck, I'm still using a D70, and the few gripes I have with it have been addressed in the 80.

The lenses are a little ambiguous. I've used the 18-200 a little bit, and liked the convenience, but thought the image quality was just so so given the price. Not bad, but not great. A little distorty on the ends, not as much contrast or zing in the colors as some of the better glass. For the most part, on par with or slightly exceeding nikons kit lenses, but a big financial price for the convenience. The canon, I don't have much first hand experience with, but know 2 guys who know it well.

Just knowing their backgrounds, I'd be more inclined to trust the second guy, but can't say for sure. What I will say about the canon is that on digital, it is not an all in one solution since it is about a 42 on the wide end. You could pair it with a 10-22 or a 17-40 and have a nice working combo (but with some overlap). At least for focal lengths, the nikon would have you covered except for ultra wide angle and smaller wildlife...

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Odd lens choices I would say. The 18200VR won't be comparable optically with a shorter zoom for the Nikon, and the 28135IS for the Canon doesn't have much of a wide angle. But if you're happy these lenses will work for you, fine..

I would say that the 40D is definitely the better camera though. Unless you really hated holding the thing I can't see why you would get the D80 in preference to it..


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I'm a total Nikon fan and own a D80 as well as a D300 and more. But, I'd opt for the Canon 40D in this case. It's a wonderful bargain right now at a little over $900 without a lens. That's unbelievable for a semi pro camera like the 40D..

That said, the lenses are the problem, if you want a all purpose lens. The 18-200vr is by itself in a very wide to very telephoto lens. Optically it isn't up to shorter zooms but it is very good. You wouldn't be displeased unless you were a pixel peeper. Many people own it and love it as their only lens..

The Canon lens just won't get it for a general lens in that it just doesn't go wide enough. You'll end up carrying two lenses, and you might not want that..

The choice seems to be the better camera or the more versatile lens..

Cheers, Craig..

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Andrew Butterfield wrote:.

Odd lens choices I would say. The 18200VR won't be comparableoptically with a shorter zoom for the Nikon, and the 28135IS for theCanon doesn't have much of a wide angle. But if you're happy theselenses will work for you, fine..

I don't know, I can see his reasoning in a certain way. The 18-200 is really popular for the flexibility (although for about the same price, I'd get a 16-85 vr and a 55-200vr, but that's just me). The 28-135 comes bundled with the canon for reasons I can't figure. It's like they're trying to get rid of a warehouse full of them or something. Price wise, the comparison makes some sense too. A D80 with 18-200 is not a ton more than the canon combo. It is almost a question of philiosophies- Cheaper lens, better body vs cheaper body, better lens...

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You do not need to be some weird, unreasonable "pixel peeper" to notice the compromised image quality that can result from a super zoom. To really take advantage of the DSLR capabilities you need to invest in some good lenses and become confident and proficient at changing lenses. After a short while it will be like driving a manual shift transmission. You will learn to change lenses easily..

The choice of the camera body is less important. I would go with the newer body, but then I am already a Canon user (previous G9, now Xsi)...

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