D70 v 20D or will there be a D90??
I have heard many rumors of a new Nikon Digital SLR that was to compete with the Canon 20D. I have been waiting for a "Good" prosumer DSLR, I was poised to purchase the D70, then a Canon Man made me almost purchase the 20D. I have no allegiance to one or the other but I do have a N80 with little invested in lenses so a conversion would not be an issue. Questions:..

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Me too! I've been "frozen" on the dSLR issue for months! I have an FE and N90s, a 24 and 105 micro (so some lens investment, but not overwhelming, and reasonable comfort with Nikon layout) yet have seen enough doubts about Nikon digital image quality and have enough intuitive qualms about their small sensor that I am thinking Canon and also waiting for the air to clear. Any others out there who are in the same quandary as Bill and I? Best wishes, Ed..

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I have a f90x 20&60 macro and a coolpix 3100, eagerly awaiting a new Nikon dslr around 8 or 10 mp. full frame would be wonderful,but I imagine the price wouldn't be...

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I am in process of choosing my first dSLR... at the moment my only digicam is old Canon Powershot A40. I have been exploring reviews for the last 6 months, having targeted Canon G6 and Nikon 8800 at first, but quickly evolved to dSLR segment. As my budget is kind of limited, majority of my research was dedicated to Nikon d70 and Canon Digital Rebel, a bit of Rebel XT as well (still not enough info on that one, but nice compare is just published on ). For me, d70 seems to be best choice - definitely better than Digital Rebel, and still a little bit better than Rebel XT. EOS 20D is better, upper class camera, but too expensive for me.

Replacement for d70 is unlikely to come out this year, but with Rebel XT launched, I wouldnt be so surprised if Nikon launch some kind of d70 XT after that D100 replacement already mentioned; guess it all depends on how much Rebel XT will make impact on d70 sales. Now back to d70. Considering image quality, beside more frequent moir problem, it appears to be superior to Digital Rebel. Even with smaller resolution, as whole package Im finding it more attractive than Rebel XT. Talking about sensors, small sensor size stands true for Nikon prosumer cameras (8700, 8800...) but when it comes to dSLR cameras, d70 sensor (23.7*15.6mm) is actually a bit bigger than 20D sensor (22.5*15.0mm).

Just for the record, Im not hot-headed Nikon worshiper as my user name might indicate... it is combination of my family and first name, and has nothing to do with my preferred brands. Ive been using it as my email and forums name since my first Internet experience in early 90s, having just an old film Canon Prima Twin camera when I selected it (together with some old Russian cameras). Im just too lazy to remember different names..

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There is no question that, for the moment, the D70 is THE DSLR anywhere near it's price point. The 20D is NOT going to provide better images. I've seen results from both, printed and on screen. The difference in MP is too small to be a factor, but the faster performance of the 20D might be. In addition, the D70 has 1/500th flash sync while 20D does not. The 20D has the better ISO range.

Consider that with any real camera you're choosing a set of lenses more than a camera body. I feel that Nikon is superior for lenses, but that's not to say that a 20D with one of Canon's good lenses won't be fantastic. You really can't go wrong with either. It's just that the D70 at under a grand with the excellent kit lens should give pause to anyone looking at the prosumer units. After messing around with a 20D I determined that the D70 was easier to use and the savings could buy me an extra lens.

Read the shootout between the 20D and D70 here:

The only way you can go wrong at this point is by missing all of those great shots and moments by waiting for the "next camera." When the D80 (or whatever it will be called) is released the D70 will STILL be a great camera. And consider this: Nikon has yet to make any noise about a new D70 type replacement. Let's assume they announce one in the Spring. It'll ship by Summer or early fall. Top dollar for the first few months and a wait for firmware and bug fixes. Are you prepared to wait a whole year to get a DSLR? Robert B.


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Hi,I just purchase D70 body or 28-100 "G" lens,lens is not sharp and gave me dull prints.which lens I can use(afortable)for portraits or group pictures.secondly I cant effort SB series 600/800 flushes so pls advice me that how I can capture pic who is far about 20 meter with me ,is it possible with popup flush.pls visit my site""..

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You made a mistake if you did not get the kit lens, 18-70mm. It's a fantastic lens. Two other great lenses for the D70:.

Nikon 28-200mm. A great all around lens for around 300.00.

Nikon 50mm 1.8. Amazing fast lens is also so sharp it's scary. The price is around 100.00!!! Shocking.

If you find your pics "dull" you need to learn more about how to set and shoot with your camera. Trying asking questions at It's a more professional venue. Robert B.


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Many thanks to Robert B. for his clear message about D70 and the rebels/20D. It made me decide which brand to go. I have been a Nikon user, currently owning a FM3a and really enjoying the rugged body together with fixed manual focus lenses. Saddly I will need to invest to AF lenses as I go digital and certainly the D70 body does not quite match the metalic body of the film workhorses from the FM series. But still the D70 is a clever camera with good build quality and - thank god - it does not require you to press 2 or 3 buttons each time to make some basic settings, something that Canon engineers seem to be fond of.

I have a question. With my old FM3a I have manual lenses 24, 35, 50 and 70-200 mm. I know that these lenses will still fit on the D70, but obviously I will need a handheld lightmeter. The question is whether the depth of field indicator on the lense and/or the depth of field preview works in D70 after multipling by 1.5. Many thanks, Kostis..

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Just before I bought my D70, the 20D came out... But, since I had several lenses already I went ahead with the D70 and no regrets. I was floored with the print quality of my 13x19 prints. So I don't really need more mp's. I am still interested in FF sensor so my WA lenses will be WA again. A secret benefit with Nikon dslr's is that pro quality glass can be bought for ridiculously cheap prices for the manual focus lenses that are AI or AIS these work on the D70. The non-AI lenses do not fit, so don't try using them...

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