D40/D40x vs. D80 both with kit lenses
If price was removed from the equation would people choose the D40x or D80? I've seen conflicting internet info with some people saying they prefer the D40 family even though the D80 seems like it technically is a superior camera? I kow that in the long term a lot depends on the "glass" (look at me with the lingo) but for the time being I'm going to stick with the kit lenses until I bump up against their limitations. I'm mainly stepping up in class to take pictures of my first son, who will arrive shortly. Image quality is my number 1 concern Thanks in advance for any advice!.

P.S. if you think the D40 with a particular lense is the best option let me know...

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Many nice things were said here in the bottom posts:

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If offered a choice of one or other as a gift I would definitely go for the D80 for the better features but if I was buying new without my existing lenses etc the decision would be far harder..

For the D40x.

The D40x has marginally better IQ and the best dynamic range of any sub-pro camera.For the D80.

Better viewfinder, 11 AF points (3 is a bit limiting), wireless flash facility, RGB histogram, more choice of lenses..

So it comes down to price (which varies markedly in different regions so beware of criticism based on price versus features) and likely use. If your photos will be one up from snaps go for the D40x (but consider also the D40). If you are going to use your camera more creatively and as a tool then the D80 might be better..

Here is a very positive review of the D40x.


And a more neutral review here:.


And a list of compatible lenses here:.

Http:// (scroll down to AF-S).

And here.


If you are getting the D40x try to get it with the 18-135 rather than the 18-55..

Chris Elliott.

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Personally, I'd take the D80 every time. Just for the flash capabilities if nothing else, but there are too many other features in that body that are missing from the D40 series..

Yes, there are a ton of people posting here about how much they love their D40's, and I don't blame them. The camera takes good pictures. But, they have to work around the limitations built into the unit by Nikon, whether they admit it or not. Unless the camera is used purely as a large point and shoot, it has limitations. The D80 has not been crippled at the factory, making it a much more useful tool..

This is similar to the Canon 10D/300D, one full featured but costing more, the other still taking good pictures but limited by design at the factory. Users had to find ways to work around those built in limitations, or spend more money to get the features they needed..

Both were done for cost. Nikon has sold a ton of the D40 series, on cost alone. People will then defend their purchase strongly, even if there is something better they could have had instead..

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As I said in the other post, I miss the bracketing function and nothing more. Since I have the D200 which is better than D80, I can't seem to find SUCH dramatic differences between the D80 and D40 that would matter in normal usage. I take the D40 almost 90% of the time.Can you please explain why the D80 is so much better than D40 in your eyes?.

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The main reason is the built in flash control... better handling for me... no restriction on lenses... more control for the shooter..

I have a Fuji S5Pro available as well, along with a D70s, Canon 30D, 20D and 300D. I like all of them except the 300D better than the D40, and the 300D is about equal in my eyes..

We all have different needs and likes. While I have nothing against the D40 or it's users, I personaly prefer something different. If I wasn't clear about that in the 1st post, I apologize. More choices are a good thing, I choose something different..

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