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The last time I checked, my 990 does the same highlights detection in histogram mode... do I have a special 990?"The folks at Nikon recognized this problem, and provided another special display mode that they simply call "highlights", accessible via the custom settings menu options 27-2 and 27-3. What this mode does is "blinks" any highlights that are saturated all the way to pure white. It does this by taking the pure white areas on the LCD and toggling them between white and black. The screenshot at right shows this happening with the globe of a light bulb that we've deliberately overexposed. This is a very slick feature, invaluable to photographers doing critical product photography for publication. (Why oh why couldn't Nikon have given us this feature on the 990?)"..

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My D1 did not come with any CF card, let alone the 96MB one. Did anyone else get a CF card with their D1?..

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Ooh - That could be a bad error on my part. I assumed that the configuration Nikon sent me was the standard one, particularly as the card was in the camera box, as opposed to a separate container. I'll check with Nikon and see what the standard config is. I suspect you're right though, that the unit ships sans memory card... Thanks for the note!..

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Third party software support for the D1 is growing. In addition to Mike Chaney's excellent Qimage Pro programm, mentioned in the review, there is also Eric Hyman's Bibble program:.


Which also works as a Photoshop plugin to allow the direct preview, tone compensation, exposure correction, and opening of D1 raw files directly into Photoshop. Also both Qimage Pro and Bibble now support standard color gamuts and ICC calibrated workflows.Also, there are very clever noise reduction filters being developed for the D1 that, in beta versions, make ISO 3200 fully usable and ISO 6400 entirely acceptable for non-critical and smaller format applications (4x6 to 5x8). These should begin to find their way out of the lab soon...

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In case you have just started to exploit the Nikon D1 and don't want to experience the same problems many other users did, check out the non-official Nikon D1 FAQ document at is in printer-friendly Adobe Acrobat format, has grown to 77 pages and contains more than 200 frequently asked questions (and their answers) about the D1. It's totally free, independent and even contains no ads whatsoever.%%Gerhard..

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An owner of a D-1 since 12/99, I still am not able to use it in the portrait studio with an Apple laptop because of Nikon's failure to bring Capture software up to date for Mac OS 9. Will they ever fix this?..

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I have had the chance to use the D1 for several days, and would like to describe an unfortunate experience.I am a very experienced digital camera user, a professional whose work almost entirely is used for the web. I am completely familiar with the operation of many different models.I rented a D1 and almost immediately that it underexposed all photographs by two stops. All.All the camera controls were set to positions which should have created a properly exposed picture. The EV setting was correct, the exposure mode indicated correct exposure, the subject was middle grey to begin with, etc.Once I noticed the trouble, I even hit the global reset buttons to set all controls back to their defaults. Still the camera exposed everything two stops under.This difficulty took place with the version 1.0 of the firmware. I don't know how much the firmware could have played a role.Test your model before you use it to photograph anything critical...

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 Without question, the Nikon D1 is an awesome piece of equipment. For the most part, it's incredibly fun to use.A huge drawback is it's inconsistency with respect to skintones, especially Caucasian ones. More often than not, many of us have noticed that there is a very considerable magenta tint. It's very obvious, and can only be fixed inside a program such as Photoshop.Nikon acknowledges the problem. For several months, they offered to let us know when the problem could be fixed, either through a software or firmware update. Now, they admit that there may never be a solution.It's a huge price to pay for a camera that will not accurately reproduce skin tones.

How can anyone know ahead of purchasing the camera if we don't talk about it?..

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I love my D1 for what it's good at.I dislike my D1 for what it's bad at.I hate Nikon for not being supportive of the problems (bad skintones, poor exposure, untimely and unfair priced software updates) that this camera has.Many users and owners feel compelled to defend their investment without being realistic about having more useable images from the camera. (having to color correct hundreds of shots is not an advantage over film. Time is money. Time spent correcting photoshop images is money lost, probably the money percived as savings over film.)Nikon better get on the ball, becuase the new Fuji and Canon are going to cut right into D1 sales if they can't keep thier customers happy.Chris..

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I have been a Nikon user since 1957 and the D1 is the best thing they have come up with in a long time. For example, try this. Infrared photography. By using a Kodak Wratten number 87 filter (black as hell; you can't see a thing through it) you can shoot infrared in the black/white mode or color if you want a pink picture. Set the camera at manual position. Basic exposure at ASA 200 would be 8 seconds at F8.

Double your exposure to 15 seconds on a rainy, overcast day. You'll be amazed at the results. If you've done any infrared photography with film, you know the shortcomings. None of those are here. Larry..

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Is your D1 still underexposing? Did you get it or the firmware fixed? Thank you...

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Hello everyone ! I need some help...... am on the fence about which digital camera to buy... The D1 or the fuji S1......any comment I would be greatly appreciated !!!..

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