D 100 Questions
How old is the D100..When was it released?.

I believe June/July of this year. I have had mine since late July. Is there a remote or an optional remote available for it?.

There are two that I am aware of:.

- A standard screw-in mechanical shutter release.

- A electronic (wired) shutter release - requires an MB-D100.

I don't know if there are any wireless ones available. I take a lot of low light product shots. Is this a good camera for the purpose?.

Actually it does quite well. I has two features just for this purpose:.

- Anti-vibration setting - shutter opens after the mirror is up and settled.

- Noise Reduction - long digital exposures cause noise in the images, the D100 has a feature that cancels the noise on long exposures.

NOTE: There is no reciprocity failure with Digital images. Is there a newer model due soon?.

There have been none announced, but there are always rumors...

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Bruce.. Which type of Nikkors do you have.....the new Nikons work best with the "D" series on up......MF AI/AIS...and the early non-D lenses will "work" but NOT in all AF modes.....obviously the AI/AIS won't AF... John..

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I currently own and use:.

Nikkor AF 35-80 f/4-5.6D (came with my N70 - soon to be retired).

Nikkor AF 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 D IF.

Tamron AF 70-300 f/4-5.6 LD.

Promaster AF 19-35mm f/3.5-4.5 MC (made by Tamron) From what I have gathered, the D100 will take the following Nikkor lenses, but with the noted limitations: AF-D and AF-G lenses (with or without IF).

- All functions available, not limitations AF-I, AF-S lenses- (with internal focus motor).

- All functions available, no limitations AF lenses.

- All functions available, No 3D matrix, only 2D metering (Spot & Center only ???) AI, AI'd, AIS, and Series E Manual Focus Lenses.

- NO Matrix metering, Spot & Center metering OK, Aperture Priority OK, NO Shutter Priority Non AI and other Manual Focus lenses (most made earlier than 1977).


- They can be converted to AI see Nikkor IX (APS).


- These can NOT be converted. I hope this helps JoeSlotz..

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One correction that I have been notified of... For D100s, if the lens does NOT have a CPU, then the meter will not work at all.

AI, AI'd, AIS, and Series E Manual Focus Lenses.

- NO METERING, Manual use only..

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I have a Sunpak 622 super pro with the Nikon ttl hot shoe adapter and cord. I have tried to use this flash with the D100, it seems to recognize that the unit is attached and shows the flash mode on it's info screen but won't fire the flash. Can anyone give me any info on this?..

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Sorry. I don't know about the Sunpak 622. Nikon recommends only using Nikon Speedlights. I do have an ancient Sunpak 955 Auto (for a Pentax no less) that I tried. It fired just fine on my D100 (go figure!). I would suggest calling both Sunpak (first) then Nikon.

Good Luck,.

Joe Slotz..

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Just one quick question... I recently lost the rubber flap that covers the usb, video out & and dc in ports on my D-100. Does anyone know if Nikon makes a replacement flap for the camera? I just cant understand why Nikon put such a cheap flap on a camera that runs $2000. Otherwise, love the camera...

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Just contact Nikon. Check for the correct phone number. I have had my D100 since July 2002. My cover is still solid. Of course I use a card reader instead of the USB tether. It saves alot of hassle...

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I am interested in learning a good combination of camera and printer to produce photo quality 8X10 prints...

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I use a d100 with two canon printers(s800 & S9000). I know that there is a Canon verses Nikon war out there but the combination produces incredible results. Epson printers are also very impressive...

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The Nikon vs Canon "war" is only with the cameras and lenses. As for printers, it doesn't exist. The Canon s900 and s9000 are excellent printers. Since the s900 is discontinued, I will probably be buying the s950i in the neer future...

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I am in a debate to buying either the D100 or fuji s-2.

All of my glass is nikon but flashes are SB 25. I understand the D100 will not TTL to the SB 25. Fuji says it will. Is it true D100 fouces faster and shutter reaction faster then the FS-2. Please point out why I should buy the D100 over the FS-2I do shoot some sports feature and fine portrait photography. After 20 years I am kicking and screamin all the way but will go digital.


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Sorry, I can't push you one way or another. I only have experience with the D100. I have never even tried a Fuji S2. My suggestion is to take your gear to a local shop and try them both. Get a good feel for them and then do more internet research. There are many well written reviews and personal opinions on both cameras. Good Luck,.


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