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I am going to buy my first digital camera and I have been discouraged by all the problems with red eye that have been experienced by users of the Nikon 990. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced similar problems with the new 880? I am surprised that none of the reviews on the 880 mention red eye one way or another. I would think this would be a hot subject in view of the 990 problem...

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Does anyone know if the 880 has the ability to connect to my Nikon Speedlight? If not then do any of the Coolpix have this option? I fear the built in flash won't be enough for my needs!..

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I think all the 9XX models have an external flash option, but according to the 880's review at it doesn't have one. You could pick up a slave flash or a slave to use with your current flash, but that's not quite as handy. I think the 9XX models also provide for a TTL-like mode that further controls an external flash by quenching it once enough light has hit the sensor on the camera? I think the TTL mode would make the flash a lot more useful under varying conditions as there would be less involved like having to make sure you set a particular aperture, or making sure you're within a certain range of distance for that flash setting. You'd also be likely to need another Nikon special item that has a plug and cord on one end and a flash socket on the other. If you do a web search for Nikon 990 or 950 and external flash, you'll find more on this. Try and One of the things you need to watch out for is Nikon's very low external flash circuit trigger voltage.

Good Luck!..

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Barry, I've been debating on what camera to buy myself for quite some time, and like you think the NIKON 880 is right on. It really is incredible that given all the RED-EYE problems the 9xx series cameras have, no one has addressed this on the NIKON 880. Have you bought the camera yet? If so how do you like it? Is the red eye a problem? I was just about to pick one up. Please e-mail me with any info you've got. Mark..

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Would the editors or anyone who knows be able to tell us how this camera compares with the Oly C-3030 ? They seem to have some fairly similar specs. I briefly tried a C-3030 at the local store and, coming from the SLR world, it "felt" a little cheap. Also, does the 880 show which of the five auto focus areas is currently selected in the viewfinder as well as on the LCD screen? Thank you very much.n..

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Just received the 880. I am disappointedIt is NOT compatible with Windows Me (millennium edition). Called Nikon and the answer was hard to take... wait till the end of October for patch to be posted... not pleasant after spending so much on the product. Wonder why a compatibility test was not done before release? I would think someone at Nikon would surely know the new windows Me was coming out.


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Mark, I'm afraid you've run into the bloody part of being on the "Bleeding Edge of Technology"... The only (rather obvious) alternatives that come to mind are: 1. Put the old OS back on for a month. Preferrably Win98, or 95RevB or higher(maybe) (UGH!) 2. Slap in another drive with the old OS - when the patches come out you can reformat/upgrade it and it'll make for a nice mirror/backup boot drive if your main drive goes belly up. (EH...) 3.

You can either continue to use it after the patches come out or dump it on Ebay... Good Luck and avoid the Bleeding Edge... (insert Mocking Halloween Laughter sound track here which sounds suspiciously like a bunch of Pepsi swilling weenies in Redmond, WA.)..

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Gerald, some good thoughts here. I contacted Lexar about your ideas, they agree, said I might try the Jumpshot and if that does not work, use a PCMCIA card adaptor. Good idea. Thanks for getting my mind on the right track. Boy... bleeding edge...


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Good Luck, Mark. Avoid the edge. Everyone, take one step back from the edge... One more thought. Isn't the Jumpshot also a USB device? Wouldn't you have the same problem? Or does it just appear as a block of "dumb" memory as some have suggested?..

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Bob (sorry for the slow response, busy here!) - I think image and build quality is pretty close between the 880 and 3030. The 3030 gives you more control, the 880 will be easier for someone not as comfortable with aperture/shutter speed settings. (Nikon's "scene" modes are very nice.) BUT, when figuring price, plan on buying the "optional" battery/charger kit for the 880, as it's really a must. Yes, the 880 does tell you which focus area it's using: A set of brackets light up on the LCD screen. No indication in the optical VF though...

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I recently received my NIKON 880, after comparing and trying the CANON S20, OLY 3030 and the SONY DSC S70. The 880 takes great images, it is easy to use and the menus are intuitive. It fits in the hand and addresses the "point and shoot" beginner up to the person who requires some manual input.


-Excellent white balance setting.

-Quickview feature provides a lot of data on each image.

-Macro is amazing.

-Scene mode works as it should.

-Excellent colour accuracy and image quality.

-Price is right (subjective).

NEGATIVES (My own opinion).

-Limited aperture setting in Manual mode.

-High battery usage (when using LCD), rechargeable is a must.

-NikonView 3.1 does not function with Windows ME.

-Software supplied is not as good as those supplied with Canon.

-Noisy AF Taking everything into account, with comparisions with what is available at the moment, it is a excellent camera.

I suppose other manufacturers will come out with better as the technology improves, but for the price and the image quality, this camera is worth the price...

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Pardon long note - questions at end. My retailer was kind enough to let me return the 800 2 days after I purchased it - when I found.

The 880 review and discovered the "perfect" list of features for me, including: USB port/Movie capability/Higher resolution/Simplicity of.

Point and Shoot, with room to grow/None the RedEye issues I'd read about in the 950 and 990 However - that was more than a month ago, and I still haven't seen hide nor hair of the 880 in Central florida anywhere. Furthermore, I've found conflicting reviews. Some say USB and serial port connections, others say no, some say "off the shelf" batteries can be purchased, others say no. Is the 880 out in stores yet, or are you ordering it somehow? -Is it worth the wait, or should I just settle for the 800? -or- Should I bite the bullet, buy a 990 and deal with red-eye by becoming a better photographer? -Any recommended retail stores that have the latest digital cameras and experienced/helpful/knowledgeable personnel?.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Does anyone know if the 880 will work with Windows 2000?? thanks..

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