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I am going to buy the nokia communicator 9110 and need for it a new digital camera.I am intrested in the new nikon but I need for easy handling a camera with a IrDA connection,I was not able to find out whether the new nikon 2.1 has got one,please help thank you..

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(I hope this is read by Nikon engineers): this Cooplix 950 camera looks like it fulfills all desires, but the only thing I am still waiting for is that all functions can also be accessed and activated by a laptop computer through the serial port. In my case, I want my laptop to be able to create a folder on the smartcard, and then let the camera shoot 12 pictures (while a tripod with motor turns it around) and store them in that folder, so that afterwards I will be able to make it into one panorama picture. So the camera should respond to commands sent through the serial port, just like a modem does. You can thus query the settings, change them, activate the shutter, etc. Right now there is no such software on the market, since there is no such camera as far as I know, but I will certainly be interested to write such software once there is a camera that allows it.Actually, the first modems and the first computer terminals (called dumb modems and terminals) also only had buttons to change their settings, the settings could not be changed from the computer. But nowadays, one cannot imagine any of these devices with only buttons. I hope the same will happen with digital cameras, and Nikon will be the first.Of course, a camera is supposed to be able to be used loose from a computer, but why not while being connected to and controlled by a computer?..

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After searching relentlessly for a Nikon 900s, and being told repeatedly that it would be worth the wait, I am extremly happy to have waited for this camera. The output image quality rivals film in many areas, and the functionality of the camera definately makes up for it. As for the previous comments about the lack of "tethered" image settings, I can only say to wait and see. Most people DO use the cameras untethered, but I can see what you're going for. I would think that you would be better served with a digital camera "head" with very good resolution, hooked up to an imaging capture device. This would allow you to do the types of things that you're suggesting. As for me, I'll take the IPIX and the NIKKOR fisheye, stitch two images, and have a 360 x 360 virtual world...

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This Nikon 950 looks like a great camera (except for the flashcard hatch location - by the tripod socket). Still wish I had gotten a 900S as I will never be able to afford the this new one!!! By the way - when will it and the 700 be available and what will their list / street prices be?Thanks from a Nikon junkie.....

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OK...OK, $1199 for the 950I hadn't gotten that far yet!..

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I think Nikon is finally making the camera I want.The 950 has nearly every feature one can think of except it lacks a USB port, which I think is very important...

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I was "inches" away from purchasing the Nikon 900s last week. I happened upon the Nikon WEB page and called the sales office back in New York to find that the 900s had been discontinued and that a newer model was coming out. I'm "extremely" happy that I held off buying the 900s. The 950 is just what I need. I did a lot of research before making my decision. It was a toss up between the Nikon brand vs the Kodak brand.

Nikon N90S owner..

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This is a follow-up on my previous call for cameras that allow themselves to be actively controlled by a laptop. Now I have to give credit where credit is due: I found out that Kodak's cameras already do that, and Kodak has a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) (for free!) that allows one with some programming skills to easily accomplish this task.So I borrowed a Kodak 210+ and started experimenting, and now my laptop is able to set the Kodak's settings, fire the shutter, download pictures, etc. My "motorized" panorama VR project is developing positively. However, I haven't heard of a similar Nikon SDK. And I definitely do want to do this with a Nikon Coolpix, because I need to use the wide-angle lens. At least I couldn't find any info about software developers support programs on Nikon's web page.

Mail address...

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Thanks for everyone's comments. The only one I see needing comment is the one about the direct camera control via PC. I've forwarded that onto Nikon's product manager for the unit. I don't think that there's a Nikon SDK for their cameras, although I haven't burrowed through the Nikon web site recently looking...

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Greatings from France (and excuse me for my wrong english !).

I read comments on this page about connecting the Nikon coolpix 950 camera to a computer and take photos trough the serial cable.This works effectivly with the Nikon coolpix 900 (and 900S) with the 'Came' software you can find at this adress :


Maybe it will also be possible with the 950, and the author will develop a version for this camera ??The best is to ask him, I think.Best regardsRoland..

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Nikon Coolpix 950 is a very good camera in terms of quality and controls. One extremely important feature missing is "USB" support. Why is it so important ? I have 1.5 MBits/sec internet connection and it is only and barely satisfactory. Just imagine downloading 64Mbyte from FlashCard through windows serial port on speed 115Kbits/sec.What a total nightmare ! Yeah, sure, I can buy PCMCIA card reader on PC. Get real ! To me, Nikon Coolpix 950 is going toward the right direction quality-wise but it is, at best, a cool toy...

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I like what I read about the CP 950. But it still needs more features:.

1) Support Compact Flash Type II to accommodate the IBM Microdrive, at 340MB you can store a lot of images.2) Support MPEG movie, Sony has this feature.3) Support high speed connection, ie: IEEE-1394 or USB.At the mean time, I stand on the side-line and wait until Sony uses HiFD in it Mavica...

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You can get a compact flash USB reader for $70, don't let the lack of USB on the camera deter you.For the laptop guy, I think the minolta 1500ex also does what you want, i'm sure they're coming out with a 2mpix ccd addon for their camera soon...

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Yeah, I think Nikon has produced a great camera, again. But it shows their lasck of planning when two days after PCMag rates their camera (900s) that they are completely out of stock. And for them to make such a big hype about this one and then not to have it in stores until April 15. That just really pisses me off. If anyone knows how I can get this camera before then. Email me. BTW- MicroWarhouse has the 950 listed for 999.95...

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