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Check out my review and sample pics from the new Nikon CoolPix 900 on my web site page at enjoy your site and have it linked from mine.Thanks, John Cowley..

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Although there is a statement:.

"At least as of this writing in late May, 1998, no digital camera that we are aware of under $10,000 offered fully independent aperture and shutter speed control.",.

I think Fuji DS-300 at $2,000 is capable of that.How about Agfa Actioncam, Minolta RD-175 or Kodak.

DSC-410? I think they''re under $10,000, too..

Comment #1

My Coolpix 900 arrived last week. I have had the opportunity to use it over the weekend and I am very pleased with both the features of the camera and the quality of the images!..

Comment #2

Got my Coolpix 900 a few days ago and have taken quite a few pictures since. The quality of these pictures is excellent! I owned a Kodak DC120 prior to this and the Nikon images are visibly better in my opinion. They also look better when printed on my Epson Photo 700..

Comment #3

Can''t find a coolpix 900 in stock anywhere, anyone have a suggestion?..

Comment #4

I thank you all for your kind reactions and postings related to our new Coolpix 900 digital camera. It makes all the hard work of many people here in the U.S. and Japan worth it!To the end-user who had trouble locating a Coolpix 900, please check our dealer locator on our web site:.

Http:// or try your local CompUSA or Computer City.Best regards,Michael Rubin.

Product Marketing Manager.

Nikon Inc.,.

Electronic Imagingfrom (Michael Rubin, Product Marketing Manager, Nikon EID)..

Comment #5

Having use of a Canon Powershot 600 at work, coupled with the fact that my trusty 35mm Minolta has shuffled off this mortal coil. I am seriously considering the purchase of a digital camera. The Coolpix 900 has certainly caught my attention. Can anyone give me a reason not to purchase this fine looking product. Thank you, Ray...

Comment #6

Ray, in my research there is no better digital.

Camera in this price range and resolution, but.

I CAN give you a reason not to buy it no means.

Of capturing uncompressed images. If this doesn''t.

Matter to you, then you should buy this camera...

Comment #7

I am considering purchase of a Coolpix 900 and understand there is a Raynox 2X Telephoto lens.

Available for it. I notice Nikon offers only optional wide angle or fisheye lenses for the Coolpix. Is there a reason (such as the low ISO 64 rating).

That makes it a bad idea to use the Coolpix with the Raynox telephoto lens? Thanks!..

Comment #8

After taking ten pictures on my new 900, I connected the cable which came with the set to the TV. The picture looked great for a few seconds and then the camera lost all power. I put in another set of batteries and the power would only last for a couple of seconds. Apparently I damaged the circuits. After exchanging the camera I am reluctant to connect it to the TV until I learn whether it was an isolated incident or whether others are having similar experiences. Also, I have heard that we can use rechargable batteries although the small manual suggests not doing this. Any comments? thanks..

Comment #9

I am on a tight budget and have been trying to decide between the Agfa ePhoto 1280 and the Nikon CoolScan 900.Could anyone please provide me with pros and cons for these two choices?..

Comment #10

Jim Chaney''s only reason not to buy a Coolpix 900 namely it's inability to store uncompresseed images is pure nonsense. I have found that the image compression in the FINE mode to be near flawless. The 1.3 MB images are reduced to about 400K-500K each. The camera also stores images in two other compression formats NORMAL and BASIC. I am unable to see the difference in quality for these too. i.e., 150K to 200K images. They are outstanding! There is no reason to buy a camera which stores old fashioned uncompressed TIFF images...

Comment #11

Regarding Howard Berner''s comment, the camera''s specs state 64 ASA but in testing some labs have concluded that the lens/metering combination is equivalent to about 400 ASA. I have taken perfectly exposed pictures in relatively DARK, interior, home situations. In fact, I have not been able to shoot an underexposed or over exposed photo yet. The metering system is simply miraculous - and there are three of them to play with. There is no better camera on the market at this time - including the new Kodak 260...

Comment #12

Regarding Bob Llewellyn''s comment, the main differences I see between Nikon Coolpix and the Agfa are: Nikon has an incredibly sharp 900+step autofocus system, three different Nikon quality modes for light metering; an incredible Macro mode; and it is well made of glass & metal versus the cheap, lightweight plastic of the Agfa. I believe that the Nikon will store far more photos than the Agfa. BTW- I am not aware of any camera which will power your television off it's internal camera batteries for any extended period of time. It is ridiculous to expect this...

Comment #13

If you included a free power supply also a recharge litium battery it would be a better buy than the Fuji MX700 which comes with thosee items included.The Nikon 900 will be very expensive to use without a recharge battery...

Comment #14

I am trying to decide between a Coolpix 900, a Fuji MX-700, and a Canon PowerShot A5. Has anyone compared these three when they were buying. They each seem to have individual advantages. Thanks for the help...

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