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From the specs on the 800 it seems as if Nikon could have done much more with this camera, such as:CompactFlash II slot (for MicroDrive).

USB interface.

Shipped with 20MB card, rechargable AAs, etc.I guess I'll wait for the next generation (again)...

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As for 20MB compact flash cards... you can always get them yourself... Of course, Nikon can always raise the price to include an 20MB card... which would cost you more than the cost of an 20MB card if you buy it yourself...As for USB interface... Get an USB reader... Or better yet, an PCMCIA reader...And if you really want microdrive support, Halo will have one for CF-I soon.....

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Geesus. Can't that fix that cheesy flash card door?!?!NEXT!..

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Have had the Coolpix 800 for about two weeks now. Here some first impressions:.

- I bought this camera because of it's advertised features (particularly the 480-step autofocus), the report on this site, and because I did not want the Coolpix 950 which is already a year or so old and has this twist-system which I find awkward. Also because I have had Nikon cameras for the past 13 years or so.- Find the camera easy to use, the user interface is fairly intuitive and much easier to work with than say the one I have on my Nikon F70 for which you need the manual almost every time.- I've always had SLR's (first the Nikon F301 which I has or 11 years and which was a great camera, after that for the past two years the F70 which was a disappointment in many ways compared to the F301), to suddenly have a "pocket model" camera with an LCD screen takes getting used to and one has the feeling one is less involved with the action of composing the picture. I'd definitely have preferred say the D1 but then again who can afford that. I definitely consider the Coolpix a temporary camera for a few years until I can afford a digital SLR.- Whilst a lot pricier than many SLRs this camera only has one "eye" for s strap. You can't carry it around your neck (as two eyes would be needed), instead a wrist strap is supplied. This hightens the risk of accidents with the camera I believe.

I was stupid enough not to check the contents of the box at the shop as it looked as if it was unopened. I got the bits afterwards, but Nikon could have printed a list with box contents on the side of the box or something to make checking the contents easier. I got the bits in the end. But I do find it suprising that Nikon does not think of basic issues like this, which for example in the IT industry have been common for years. They could also close the box using a holographic sticker.- I did a test session with four images of the same subject, in Basic, Normal, Fine and Hi modes.

Still just in case I will use the camera in Fine mode (because under some circumstances there may be more differences between these settings I guess; maybe not...). Image quality I found quite satisfactory.- The camera comes with an 8 meg flash card. This is okay for testing and a bit of fooling around but you really want a bigger one in real life. I'd suggest to calculate the price of a 64 meg card into the deal because that's the least you're gonna want. Nikon (for whatever stupid reason) states in the documentation that the camera will only work with cards up to 96 meg branded Nikon or Sandisk.

I got a 128 meg Delkin card and it works fine.- There are no filters available for this camera at the moment (November 99). I always use basic filters to protect my lenses, and it's not a big deal to supply them. Not providing filters will probably provide Nikon with more repairs on lenses. I'm not impressed.- It comes with a camera bag which is useless for most purposes. It can only be attached to a belt.

It went straight into the bin. - Summary: after two weeks use it looks like a good basic digital camera to me, but Nikon got some homework to do in the details (strap and packaging, camera bag, providing filters, and stop telling proprietary untruths; CompactFlash is a non-Nikon standard and all cards are the same whatever the brand as long as they are CompactFlash cards)...

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Camera has shutter speeds up to 1/750th, but it looks like you cannot use these to purposely freeze action because there is no shutter-speed preferred mode. This makes the camera unsuitable for sports and other action photos.Another reviewer poo-pooed the advice to use only Nikon memory cards, but I do know that my Simple Technology cards worked in my Kodak DC120, but not in my CP950. Don't assume generic brands of memory from you older camera will work in this one...

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I have found my Nikon Coolpix 800 to be very useful, and can not put it down. I got some Nexcell rechargeable batteries, and boy are they nice a must have item! Another addition is my Delkin 128 meg CF card. I use the camera mainly in 1600x1200 fine mode, the highest quality JPEG the camera is capable of taking. Oddly enough at this setting my pictures ran a mere 215k on average, 104k min and 715k max so far. The 19 pictures I based this on totaled 4.185 megs. So on average just under 600 pictures will fit on that card based on the 19 pictures that where quite different.

Usually photos with lots of different colors take up more space, but a photo of my bookshelf full of books was a mere 184k while a closeup photo of my chocolate colored Burmese cat face took 634k!, and a close up Photo of my silver/tan colored Tonkanese cat face took only 250k. So even if all my photos turn out to be 600k I can still get 200+ pictures on that card, quite amazing! I use a HP Photo Smart 1100 printer to print my photos, and it does an outstanding job making 8x10 prints when using HPs Premium Plus Photo paper. The HP Photo Smart printer and the Nikon Coolpix 800 makes an awesome team! Some pictures, especially indoor shots while using the flash benefit greatly if run through Adobe's Photo Shop Auto-Level filter. Photo Shop LE (a cheap scaled down version of Photo Shop) has this filter as well, and is worth every penny just for that filter alone! As for the 2x 1600x1200 mega pixels on the Nikon (Is it worth it? Question). I compared a photo taken with my companies Kodak DC210 1152x864 megapixels.

When printing 8x10 photos there was no comparison, the Nikon just blew it away. I know this is not a good comparison given the DC210s age, but it was all I had at my disposal for a simple test. If youf just putting photos on the web or doing 4x6-5x7 prints a simple Megapixel camera is more than sufficient, with only slight differences in the smaller prints. Later on (Last week in December or first week in January 2000) I will have photos on my website taken with the Nikon 800. Go to

If you have any questions send me an E-mail. I also do some video stuff with my Panasonic PV-DV910 Digital Camcorder and firewire card as well.Enjoy!..

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Sorry! I made a mistake on my post above. My pictures averaged 677k in size / 189 pictures per 128meg CF card (still not bad at all!). When I saved my images in Photoshop it defaults to a higher jpeg compression ration resulting in smaller pictures thus distoring my results. Sorry for the miscommunication.David..

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I have owned the coolpix 800 for just one week and must say how impressed I am with it. After doing much research on the subject of digital cameras I was a little apprehensive to begin with, having learned from many sights on the net how bad they are and could never come up to scratch. Well I have to disagree with these people, I can honestly say that I have taken shots in absolute darkness and the results have been stunning. The daytime shots are brilliant and I would recommend this camera to anyone. In fact, I would go as far as saying...In my opinion, 2.11 million pixals in a nikon camera has to be the ultimate in digital photography, I know there's bound to be improvements but lets face would have to go a long way and spend loads more money to beat the results of the coolpix 800.....

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