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I am so over cooking meals for my family that they like to eat. I agree that I do make them many lean and green meals that they eat, but it get difficult when they ask for sides that I can't have OP. I am determined to get through the holidays and stay OP. That is my gift to myself! How do others deal with all the cooking? I want this to be a lifetime of healthy eating, not just another diet. Am I the only one that feels guilty cooking for my family and tempting myself daily knowing that if I only cooked for myself I would probably already be at my goal weight?.


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I definitely have cleaned up lots of my families favorites, adjusted the ingredients to lower the fat, salt and empty calories. They haven't missed any of it. I don't have a whole bunch of little kids to feed so it is easy to adjust. I also batch cook and just set aside one weekend day and make four or five entrees and side dishes then I mix and match and freeze them. It saves me the temptation every night and it makes life a lot easier, I can focus on the healthy L&G meal and pop something home made into the microwave to serve at the same time...

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I pretty much don't cook anything different for my husband. Then again, the man was known to eat tortellini and jarred sauce every night for dinner before we got married, so as long as there is food on the table, he'll eat it..

Older son only eats 6 foods anyway, and for the most part they aren't anything I would want - except for toast, and he eats that RARELY..

Younger son is too young to care..

I have baked fries for my husband once... and once was enough for me. If he wants to eat something off-plan, he can make it himself...

Comment #2

My husband eats what I eat for dinner. Sometimes I will make him a carb to go with it. Last week I made corn bread for him and my son.

He gets to get his carb fix at lunch time. He goes out to lunch most days, so he can eat whatever he wants then...

Comment #3

My husband has been eating the same lean and green foods I eat and has lost 20 pounds. Early on I made a big pot of rice and kept it in the fridge for him but he didn't eat it and said he didn't miss it so I stopped. He even likes the cauliflower pizza crusts. He makes his own breakfast and lunch and always has so, I am lucky. I don't have to fix things that tempt me every day. But, I have made many things for functions, meals and family gatherings that I can't have on program.

It's hard but it's good practice for the future when I am not on the 5 and 1 any more..

If you are saying that you are eating off plan because you are eating what you fix for your family then the only way to stay on program is to not fix those foods or to not eat them if you do...

Comment #4

So, I have an 8 and 5 year old. I make the breakfasts... which are easy most of the time... I pack the lunches.... easy again... then dinner...

But for the most part they are eating the same proteins as I am and usually the same greens. I am adding in whole grains or pasta sides... whatever it may be. They love their beloved chicken nuggets... but we have scaled back and they can have those once a week...

We no longer order out... I either pick up frozen, which does not tempt me, or hubby makes a homemade one. The weekends are the hardest. I just manage them... I do my best.

I just don't do it. Ok, I did it once for them when they were getting over an illness and had not eaten in a few days... but that's it. Healthier for them too... and slowly, I am hoping for less requests of many things.

Not even for my husband. No potatoes... only brown rice dishes... switched them over to mostly whole grain pastas... stuff like that.

When my "diet" portion of this change is over and I am adding myself back into the mix of more foods... I am hoping my family will be waiting for me ready so that I am not fighting their battle then, which will make it easier for me to maintain also. That's the idea anyway.

As far as Thanksgiving goes... I am making the turkey, green beans, spinach... and I have agreed to make the potatoes and the rolls. My mom is making the stuffing so I do not have to smell it cooking all day.... she will bring it pre made. I am sticking to it...

Wish me luck!..

Comment #5

I find that now that I am "OP" I enjoy cooking for the fam more. I look for new recipes on Food Network site and tend to cook with more flavor they say. I guess you could say I am in the Medi Zone. A few weeks ago we took a Fam trip to Disneyland and I figured out how to stay on plan. It took some creative thinking when it came time to eat at the park though. I was tempted by the smell of the Churros but I made it through and lost 4Lbs that week Everyone keep going it is really the easiest diet ever.

I have lost 49.5 in 14 weeks and if Saturdays weigh in is good I will be past 50 and it is all down hill. We are incredible shrinking people...

Comment #6

My husband and I only eat dinner together twice a week, so he's happy with a good 'ol lean and green. Last week, I microwaved a smalled baked potato for him in addition. When I made the chicken noodle soup chips, however, he LOVED them and wanted to have more than the little corner I offered him! Hands off, buster!..

Comment #7

My husband was happily benefitting from my lean and green meals. I did make an extra side for him and my daughter, but then he started yelling at me for that. He has lost over 30 lbs so far without the Medifast meals. Unfortunately, he started working 2nd shift about a month after I started the plan. Unfortunate because my daughter likes to fight the healthy meals even though she eats them (and enjoys most of them). Plus we just bought a house and have been fixing it up which makes life very busy.

I can't wait until everything is back in order in life so that we can get back into better habits (with making a meal for the whole family.)..

Comment #8

There are a lot of recipes in the Recipe thread, including some for Thanksgiving. Maybe it would help if you made something special for yourself in addition to what you make for your family? It will be slightly more work, but may help you feel less deprived if you get a special dish, too...

Comment #9

Soxley, how do you make chicken noodle soup chips?..

Comment #10

My single childless opinion is that if your family does not want what you are making they can get a job, buy, and cook their own food. If they want things cooked to order, they can go to a restaurant. Visitors to my house get whatever I am having, and they really like it. They are enjoying cooking with me, and I foist tastes of Medifast meals on them so they do not worry and think I am starving to death, or eating wallpaper paste...

Comment #11

Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I am definitely staying on plan because I am loving this new life style. A few things I particularly like is that my watch is so big now I have to get it resized, and I bought some really cute size 8 jeans for Thanksgiving weekend football games. So, yes I will carry on with this, and continue to feed the tribes, but with my plate filled first with OP items. Have a great weekend everyone..


Comment #12

I chose to start this while my dh was deployed, although he's not picky and would eat what I made for dinner anyway, he might add rice though. My Mom lives with us, but in general cooks for herself or for all of us. My kids only eat a few foods and they eat simply so they just eat my lean and some veggies...

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