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Hi Guys,.

My name is Dawn and I am trying to decide between Medifast and Nutrisystem. I have not tried either one. It looks like Medifast is more a a shake/bar program. Is there anyone who can give some advise?.

In addition are there must have foods and maybe those that I should avoid ordering?.

Any help would be great!..

Comments (21)

I tried nutrisystem and couldn't get over the taste of the foods. Plus I was never in ketosis and always felt starving. And with the addition of all the extras you have to buy I couldn't keep up.

So far I'm on day 5 of Medifast and I feel great! I'm rarely hungry and most of the foods are pretty decent or can be doctored up!.

I have no complaints yet. The cost is still up in the air right now but the way I feel is amazing!..

Comment #1

Having done Nutrisystem, I can say this MEdifast program is by far supreme. Everyone's different so I cannot tell you which foods you won't like. I like all the foods that I have purchased. It's not just shakes/bars. There are filling, good tasting meals. Look over the site.

You will def lose weight. Medifast works if you work it...

Comment #2

I tried Nutrisystem way back when (long, long ago). I also thought, then, the taste was a bit "off." I think Medifast has an advantage in terms of quicker results. I knew that I needed to see some results to keep myself motivated. In addition, it's simple. I also feel like I'm being rewarded a bit everytime I eat a crunch bar.....

I don't know if the costs are comparable, but I do know that buying Medifast is cheaper for me than eating out at fast food joints as I was doing every day...

Comment #3

I love this program. It is a totally new way of life. I have been on this program since June and have lost 40. Some days are good and some days are bad but that is like all diets. This one though makes it so easy though and the good days really do out "weigh" the bad. The best part is this website.

I wasn't having a good day today and by 10 am I was planning to run my first 5k. Because everyone has bad days too and they share them on this site and everyone picks everyone else back up..

It isn't all shakes either. I have a brownie every night with my tea when everyone goes to bed. I have bars for snacks. I eat the same meal my family does minus the carbs. I go out to eat.

You can do this. There are coupon codes online too to help with the expense. And lots and lots of support...

Comment #4

Well, for what it's worth, I'm losing more on Medifast than my mom did on Nutrisystem, and I think I feel less deprived/grouchy about it. (Of course, some of that just may be me and my mom and our personalities, haha.) I really like having the combined convenience of the packaged meals to get me through the day and the homemade/choice aspect of 1 lean and green meal I prep myself..

There are more options than shakes and bars, and it might take some experimenting to find out what you like. And definitely browse the boards beforehandI did, so I knew to soak my soups, etc, or to try making the pancakes in the waffle iron, or to microwave the bars for a few seconds, or to mix some coffee in with the shakes and drinks, or try the pudding as a shake.. I've found very few things I couldn't tolerate SOMEHOW, and my mom found some of the Nutrisystem options kind of ick. I think for me, I prefer products that are just what they are, and not trying to "imitate" a more carb-dense or fattier food, if that makes sense.

I think everyone's tastes are so different it's hard to be absolutealthough I am one of the many who is not a fan of the peach oatmeal (although I'm okay with the other kinds), but I like the crab soup and the mocha shakes, which a lot of people, I think, are not such fans of. I would suggest getting at least some of the pretzels or puffsto me, it helps to have a sort of solid "finger food" option as well to have something savory rather than sweet (that doesn't need extra prep time, like the soups.) I like the brownies at night, and the pancakes on weekend mornings...

Comment #5

It's been years since I've done Nutrisystem, but I never lost the kind of weight or had the rate of loss that I have on Medifast. I also find that eating every 2-3 hours and limiting carbs has really helped me keep to this plan. They are frankly good habits that I hope to keep for the rest of my life..

Good luck whatever you end up deciding!..

Comment #6

I tried Nutrisystem a number of years ago and did so-so. I didn't like any of the food (esp. the breakfast items) and had to buy a lot of extras, partly because of my weight. When I was researching programs last year, Nutrisystem wouldn't even consider me because of how much I had to lose (a recent change in their requirements is what the rep told me). I've done well on MF, it's cheaper, and I'm not hungry all the time. I have a list of Medifast foods that I like, some that I tolerate and others I avoid, but I didn't like anything Nutrisystem I tried..

I really like Medifast and I've seen great success. I think overall it's a better program (eat more often, food seems better tolerated all around)..


Comment #7

Having not tried Nutrisystem I can't comment on it, but I have desperately tried for YEARS to find something that works....... this is the first thing that has. I could cry that I have been so successful. I won't lie, the first 10ish days were hard! Very tough, but since I paid so much I slugged through and thought that I'd "give it a month". I have not looked back. I WILL GET TO GOAL with this program.

Hip replacements etc.

Join us!..

Comment #8

I have read there are coupon codes? Can anyone tell me how I can get them, because the expense is quite a lot for me, not that I'm not finding ways to go without, it would just be nice to get aliitle break once in a while. Thanks!..

Comment #9

Just do a search for medifast coupons and some will come.


Comment #10

You can usually find the coupon codes by searching the web for "Medifast coupon code". You can also find one in most women's magazines. They are everywhere!.

Also, I have tried Nutrisystem (and most other diets!). I got tremendous stomach problems from the food, and found most of it inedible - which is weird because I'm not that picky. I know that Nutrisystem was more expensive, especially when you consider how much other food you need to add..

I love this plan - I am losing steadily, and for me it was not hard to adjust, and now it is a way of life for me. I miraculously no longer crave the bad foods - not only that, but when I see them or smell them it is really unappealing. I feel like this plan has detoxed me from the bad stuff. I no longer fear maintenance!.

Good luck, whatever you choose...

Comment #11

Also, if you place an order through the Medifast homepage, click to Medifast site through ebates. You can still use the coupons, and you get a nice percentage back on your order. Big crumbs use to have a bigger cash back, but alas Medifast isn't on their site anymore...

Comment #12

Thanks to all for your comments and feedback! I am ordering as we speak and hope to be providing the same advise someday....Thx again!..

Comment #13

I did Nutrisystem a few years back, and I found their food to be awful in comparison to MF. Their brownies were truly the worst thing ever, not even close to tasting like a brownie. Now Medifast brownies are delish. Also I lost quicker on MF.

MF might cost more than NS, but it more than makes up for it in taste and speed of weight lost...

Comment #14

I've never been on Nutrisystem but I've lost 50 pounds on Medifast since June. They could charge double and I'd still do it. I really had given up hope I'd ever see myself in this small and I still have 22 to lose, but still it rocks to lose weight so darned fast...

Comment #15

What?? Do they have a weight limit to the people they sell their food to??..

Comment #16

I've not tried Nutrisystem but have done JC in the past. What I like about Medifast is that you can eat one meal a day of "real" food. I did not like the programs where all you were eating was plan food. To me, I need to not only learn about portion control, but since I'm not a cook, I needed to learn the basics of cooking healthy foods. Only having to cook one meal a day, and the L&G ideas I've received from the members on this site have been invaluable. If Medifast was comprised just of bars and shakes, I would not have done it.

While I'm months away from transition and maintenance, I think this process will assist me in keeping the weight off because of what I've learned (and am still learning).

I too did a lot of research, and was fortunate that a number of co-workers did Medifast prior to me (and did very well on it), so I had a good feeling going into this plan...

Comment #17

Happy to hear you decided to go with MF!! I was on Nutrisystem for 1.5 years, lost 20 lbs, but couldn't keep it off after I tired of the food. It has a very distinct smell. Some of the food is good though. Anyway, after I just couldn't do Nutrisystem anymore, I found Medifast and haven't looked back..

This is the best program EVER and something you can do to maintain your weight forever if you want too. I reached goal in 5 months!! I've maintained for almost a year and still use Medifast meals 3-4 times a day. I just LOVE it!! Very excited for you...

Comment #18

I have tried both programs and like Medifast alot better. With nutrisystems, I felt like the food I was eating didn't really have the nutrients that I needed and I was CONSTANTLY hungry. With Medifast, the hunger (and cravings) really go away in about a week. There is alot more variety now with brownies, pretzels, soups, shakes, oatmeal, puddings, etc. that really make the program interesting and delicious - PLUS you get to choose your own lean and green meal which is very healthy..

Good Luck (and join us)!..

Comment #19

Having not been on NS....I have to say this program has worked better for me then WW. I have been so happy on this program. Try this have 30 days to decide...

Comment #20

I tried Nutrisystem and liked a few of the meals. But, Medifast is proving easier with better results. There seems to be less hassle, less prep. And I'm learning more about healthy eating with the 5&1 because it uses "real" food, focused in one setting. It's also (almost) guaranteed to taste good, also because it's real food.

The Medifast bars and shakes can get tiring, but at the same time, it's nice to grab and go and not think about having to find something healthy to eat...

Comment #21

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