Constipation from Medifast? Any laxatives?

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Hate the constipation. What is everyone doing besides a laxative?..

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Have you tried flax? It really works. Also you could try "Smooth Move" tea. It has Senna and works well...

Comment #1

I've discovered probiotics. They work great. I had tried everything else and that did the trick. I had no idea how backed up I was after 12 weeks on the diet. Now, all is well...

Comment #2

Metamucil sugar free at night and no problems so far..

Comment #3

Adele:Flax oil or seeds? How are we to count that?.

Bailey: Probiotics? that is interesting. Thanks..

I appreciate these boards and the people on them!!! Many, many thanks...

Comment #4

Probiotics. Got them at the health food store and no more problem...

Comment #5

Seeds! Gold is best, according to MF'r "Byebyebutt". She is an EXPERT on Flax. She turned a bunch of us onto it about 3 months back. Its AWESOME for SO MANY THINGS! Anyway, 1 tsp of seeds in your coffee grinder. Throw them in soups, shakes, whatever. They are a nutty taste, which I love.

I put them in my hub and kids food as well, daily. Very high in Omega 3.

MF recommends them and they are considered a "oops" I forgot! LOL! Regardless, you can have them. Hopefully she will chime in. She usually does on constipation posts! LOL!.

Let me also add, probiotics is AWESOME as well. Very very good. I will add that back in on wk 3 of Transition (via yogurt)!..

Comment #6

Thanks!!!! My hubby is getting jealous since all I say is "I love these ladies"...

Comment #7

I bet the flax seeds grounded will be GREAT in the pancakes! I will be buying them tomorrow...

Comment #8

Well Tracy, look at all the great answers to solve our problem. We have no excuse to be constipated anymore. God willing...

Comment #9

Oh, EFF CONSTIPATION! I've posted about this before. Bad times, bad times.

While it depends on what your exact issues are, I'd tried a few things (and had to go the lax route a couple of times, it got that bad - and that NEVER has happened to me before), I started taking Colace, and that has helped a lot and in a relatively short period of time.

Citrucel did nothing for me other than make me retain water in my bowel but not move anything along...

Comment #10

And I have the complete opposite.. Medifast gives me the runs ARGHHHH.


Comment #11

I started using the Medifast Omegas and found it really helped me!.

Good luck!!..

Comment #12

Oh, same here! I had *no* idea either until I started taking probiotics and added some Smooth Move tea. It was... <delicate cough> very effective...

Comment #13

I started taking Miralax and when things started moving again, I dropped the daily dosage to one tablespoon per day (usually in my coffee) to keep it moving. So far, so good...

Comment #14

I have a big, heaping spoonful of metamucile in a big glass of water every morning and I have no problems at all. I make up for the carbohydrates in it by having NO condiments or anything else extra with carbs in it and I only use the very leanest selections for lean and green. I think it's working. I'm losing weight and not constipated. I LOVE MEDIFAST!..

Comment #15

Those of you using the probiotics, which products do you use exactly and are they available at a store or only online...

Comment #16

I went to my local health food store and the woman gave me Ultimate Flora. It is an adult formula with 15 billion cultures per capsule. You take one a day...

Comment #17

Throughout my 10 months on 5&1 I found probiotics really helped a lot. I'd only take a laxative once in a blue moon. I also found drinking double the recommended amount of water helped tremendously. Now that I'm in my 4th week of transition, I've been able to stop the probiotics. The foods I'm eating now are doing fine on their own. I'm still drinking all that water and it's making my skin look great.

Water is wonderful!..

Comment #18

I'm down to simply taking my fish oil in the morning and evening (1 in the AM, 2 in the PM) with a Medifast meal, and that's all I've been doing for the last month or so and have been perfectly fine. It was definitely a struggle for the first many weeks for me, until my body found it's happy spot. Whatever that is lol...

Comment #19

I learned from a nutritionist that we should all have 3 pounds of healthy flora in our gut! I suppose we should take that into account if we have been on probiotics for a while.

I definitely need to get going on them after I am done with these antibiotics to replace everything they kill. A healthy gut is essential to good health...

Comment #20

Phillips Colon Health Probiotic is the one for me!!!!..

Comment #21

I've used flax seed oil capsules since the start and no constipation!!!.

Good luck!.


Comment #22

Funny, I've been using the flax and it hasn't helped much in that department. It does give me terrible GAS tho! hahahahha..

Comment #23

Ground flaxseed is awesome each day. DH has it in his dry cereal and doesn't even know it. I use it in shakes, pudding, brownie and other foods..

I have used probiotics (have to refrigerate) on and off for about 35 years. They help with yeast infections........take them regularly to keep your gut healthy so that you won't get systemic candidiasis..



Comment #24

What about Psyllium Husks.for this.

However I seem to go from one extreme to the other. The bars which I just love have started causing just the opposite problem, even limiting to one every couple of days...

Comment #25

Thank you everyone....I just bought some Organic Golden Flax Seeds and Ulimate Flora Probiotics!..

Comment #26

Okay - after reading this thread and having a mild problem... I purchased the Flax seeds - not sure if they are Golden - missed that part of the thread... We shall see. I do find that Spinach really helps my mild problem... Well used the Flax seeds in my shake this morning despite not having a problem this morning. We shall see.

Thanks for all the great ideas!.

BUT BUT Tracy... ahhhh gas... NOOOOOO! I can't deal with any MORE gas! Oh well - hope that it reacts with everyone different! More will be revealed!..

Comment #27

Do the probiotics actually make you "go"? I hate the way laxatives "stir the pot" but maybe probiotics would be better for me.

Can anyone tell me exactly what it does?.


Comment #28

They don't make you go like a laxative. They just get your intestinal tract working like it's suppose to. Like normal. They made all the difference for me...

Comment #29

I started taking a probiotic a week ago and it has helped a LOT. I was having trouble w/constipation on and off. since I started the probiotic I have been "going" every morning after my coffee, and i'm down 2 lbs...

Comment #30

Thank you for your answer! I have a coupon for the new "Sustanex" that has a commercial on TV now and am going to pick some up today!..

Comment #31

Been taking probiotics and flax seed oil capsules. No problems over here...

Comment #32

I've tried about everything..

I think I need a better probiotic.

Do you take them everyday?..

Comment #33

I take mine every day. I got one indicated for intestinal health. I think it's Acidophilus and Bifudus. Make sure it's refrigerated...

Comment #34

I hate that my body is all screwed up from losing weight lol..

Comment #35

I just started a probiotic the other day (thanks Diane) and it has helped me just be regular again...

Comment #36


I started on the Sustenex Probiotics (well worth the price) ($5 off coupon online) about a week ago and it has been a welcome relief! Lol.

No pain, No cramping, No issues whatsoever. I wish I had known this long ago!.

I love you guys for sharing you tips, tricks and sincere desire to help another fellow Medifaster!..

Comment #37

I've been taking probiotics too. I noticed I have less gas in addition to being "regular"...

Comment #38

OK this weekend. Going to heathfood store for probiotics and flax seed...

Comment #39

Thanks for all the input! I will try the probiotics...

Comment #40

Colace stool softener and some chia seeds in my oatmeal..

Comment #41

Flax seeds go rancid very easily. Chia seeds are the best; they have a very long shelf life and they fill you up and give you energy. Probiotics should be taken forever. They are necessary to good health, regardless of what kind of life plan we may be using.



Comment #42

I read in the forums that eating the crunchy bars keeps you on the runny side..

I normally have 2 crunchy bars as meals on a daily basis and have had no constipation issues at all.

I also have lettuce as my greens at least twice per week and that helps imho..

Hope this helps..

Comment #43

Hi Teresa,.

Flax seeds have a shelf life of up to three years if stored properly. They should be stored in a cool, dry place. Preferably in airtight glass containers or sealed brown craft paper bags. Chances are if your flax seeds are rancid, they were purchased in that state. Too many retailers allow their bulk grain supplies to sit too long in improper conditions. By the time you buy them, they should be thrown out. I have talked to many retailers about this and they concede that sometimes they allow them to sit too long in the bins or they are not stored properly...

Comment #44

I use flax seed. It's best to buy the whole seeds and crush them yourself instead of buying the already ground flax seed. You have to grind them or they just pass through. I love the nutty flavor and the texture they add to oatmeal and pancake muffins..

1tsp is considered an on plan condiment according to MF... so you can take up to 1 TBSP per day if necessary and still be on plan..

However, if you have diverticulitis or IBS make sure you talk to your doctor first because flax seed may not be a good solution for you...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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