Considering Medifast, needing input?

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Hi there.

Im new and am considering Medifast and was hoping to get some insight. First, forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place, I did a quick scan but did not see anything.

Does anyone here use a center for their program or just order online. If you use a center, what has the experience been like? I am a little nervous about just walking in. Ive joined diet programs that were center based and I didnt like the weighing in and whatnot in front of another person. Im reasonably private and just want to make my purchases and go home. I realize that sounds really negative, and I dont mean it to be, LOL, I guess Im just shy when it comes to my weightloss situation..

Thanks! and Good luck to everyone on their journey!.


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Hi Jenn,.

I haven't used a Center, but they can be great for someone who wants one on one attention..

I have used other centers and while I liked the weigh-in and one on one attention, I did find that I could do Medifast online and lose wonderfully..

It works beautifully and is easy and from what I hear much less expensive online..

You will also find there is so much support on these boards and everyone here will support you..

Just know, if I can lose weight with Medifast, YOU can!.

It's the best thing I ever did in my life!.

You will get lots of good input, so you will be able to make an informed decision!.

Good Luck to you and I know you will do great on Medifast, whichever way you choose!.


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Jenn I just bumped (moved up) a thread in the same forum Center vs Online.. Take a look.. I just completed week one and for me online is working great! Medifast is the best thing I have done to date to lose weight, (again I am only a little over a week into it). It is easy to stick to (after the first 4 days or so) and you don't feel hungry all the time. I would recommended online to start with because the center charges you based on how much weight you have to loose, and you pay it all up front.. So if you can lose some weight first doing the Medifast plan online and then move to a center if you get stuck you will save some big bucks.

I would also recommend you read the boards there is a lot of great advise here, that has helped me through the first week.. Most people here are awesome and helpful...

Comment #2

Jenn, you sound like me You're obviously comfortable with finding your help online, because you not only found these boards, but are searching for your own answers. Medifast is an amazing program, and I think you'd be just fine using these boards for support..

All of the program info is up at the top of the page under the tab Success Tools. You can also log your own daily progress under MyPlan for nutrition, weight, exercise, etc. If you want official answers to questions, we have 2 official boards - Registered Dietitians Support as well as Exercise and Training Support where Medifast has trained dietitians and ACE certified trainers to answer your questions. You can also call a toll-free number to get help faster..

Plus, the boards offer a ton of support and help.

If you'd like more support, there's also a mid-level version. Medifast has the Take Shape for Life program, where people like Dan, the poster above, become health coaches and offer support, but through email and phone, typically, and some with local meetings, depending on how they gain their clients. I have a health coach, and it gives me that weigh-in honesty time, but through email. I can also call her if I need it, or can schedule calls if I think I need it (I don't, but it's nice to know that if I did, she's there for me!). And she's super fast at answering my email questions and giving me feedback on my journey. You also get a discount ordering through a health coach which is nice.

PM me if you want her name, or check out the posters here on the boards, as many of the health coaches put that in their title or signature.

You can also get a lot of support through the many groups that have formed, or challenges that help give you short term goals. You'll see them listed in many signatures..

Best wishes to you on your weightloss journey. Medifast is the only thing that has every worked consistently and well for me, and I look forward to seeing how it works for you!..

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Find yourself a health coach... a friend on mine happens to be one, so it was easy for me. Not sure how to go about actually finding one..... but JUST DO IT! You will have no regrets in the weightloss department! And we are all here for you online for support...

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I didn't use a center but do have a health coach through Take Shape for Life. She has helped me tremendously. Many people do the program without a coach and some go through their local center. If you decide to do the Medifast plan, you will be successful if you stay on plan and don't deviate from it. It is an awesome program and I am so thankful I found it. There is a wealth of information on the forums here as you probably have already found out. I wish you the best whatever you decide to do...

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I don't have a center near me so going to a center wasn't an issue for me. I do have an issue with a center getting paid to just provide food and weigh in services. You can do this online on your own as many of have chosen to do so. If you need the rigidity of going to a center and weighing in, then go that route. Sounds like you are a pretty privater person and online would work best. Use the boards and forums as support as needed. Good luck!..

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I buy online and hang out here on the boards for support. Works great for me! And I'm way too cheap to pay the surcharge for one of the centers. It would only make me crabby and rebellious to have someone else telling me what to do, anyway...

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I lost 165 lbs on line, I coach others to do the same, there is a lot of good coaches on here. ask them some questions about what to expect from them. I wouldn't pay for what you can get for free. Coaching is free, support on the boards is free. You can absolutely do it by ordering on line. I didn't think I wanted anybody when I first started, but support is key. Online support works perfect..

Comment #8

Carol is my HEALTH COACH and she is AMAZING!!!!! lv u..

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I have done it online and without a health coach. I have used the boards and blogs as my support. I have found it more than enough. I believe this program is the best one I have even done. It works if you follow it as it is written. It really is quite amazing!!!..

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WOW! You guys are QUICK! Thanks for the swift and helpful responses! I will look up the bumped thread and see what the happs is over there. :-)..

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The only regret I have when it comes to following the Medifast program is that I didn't start it sooner! I did have a rough first few days (I was pretty hungry) but once ketosis kicked in it's been really easy and rewarding...

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You pay more at a center, pay atleast $30/month for the "support", and then pay retail for food. No discounts.

I walked into two centers here in Arizona awhile back and was "shocked" to find that not ONE of the "weight loss counselors" had EVER even been ON Medifast. They were just cute young things with pert figures that were good at sales.

I'd do it online and use this site as a support site...

Comment #13

I do all online, just started last week, but I have already lost 9.6 lbs since my weigh in on 11/15. Medifast works. There is a great online community here where you can find support, I do not have a health coach yet either. I get great feedback from the blogs too! You can do this. You will be wishing you started sooner. Good Luck!..

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Jenn you remind me of me. I am fairly private and only want to share when I am ready to share. I had a trainer for a year before I would get on a scale in front of him. I know if I ever did the old style WW I would have never done it. I don't like to be hovered over. In fact, I don't use a coach, but I do order from a coach.

It's really a very personal thing. If you do want one on one support, the coaches are here to provide that. There are some very good ones on this site. However, the boards and the chatroom provide all the support I need or want...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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