Confused by the Medifast cupcake ad?

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Am I the only the one? It shows a cupcake and says "does your 2010 diet look like this?"..

I really don't get it. There aren't Medifast cupcakes, lol. And there are tons of people who can eat cupcakes without a weight problem. I don't get it..

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Hi luv2scrap! I agree! I see that ad all the time on the web - also an ice cream cone ad as well (yes, Medifast has ice cream - but the cone is no OP)... *scratching my head*..

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I don't get it either, waiting to see if someone can explain..

It bugs me seeing all those pictures of food all the time with those ads!..

Comment #2

I was confused as well but it figured it out,it is saying does your diet taste like this while showing the cup cake, basically medifast is saying does your eating habits consits of cakes cookies etc,you know un healthy eating habits ,then come over to medifast where you can eat healthier.That is what I took from it...

Comment #3

Does the ad say "look" or "taste"? That makes a big difference...

Comment #4

I agree with Dianne270. I was confused at first, but I think the ad is saying "if this is an example of the cruddy junk you have been eating, then you may need Medifast"...

Comment #5

From what I remember, and I could be wrong, but I believe those ads were rolling out even before the soft-serve came out, so perhaps there is a cupcake coming?..

Comment #6

Someone else raised this issue, and another poster shared her OP icing and cupcake recipe on that thread:.

Comment #7

I think it's bait and switch, to be honest. They are advertising a meal replacement diet, and implying that one of the meals is that delicious looking cupcake. They also have a pic on their website of the variety pack of foods that has a bowl of what looks suspiciously like cherries. Uh, no...

Comment #8

This.....I agree, they are trying to portray an on plan edible product. I am assuming the cupcake would be some variation of a shake cake and the ice cream would be a frozen pudding or something similar. I agree it is deceptive in the message..

Comment #9

Someone doing the 4&2&1 plan would be allowed fruit...

Comment #10

No they aren't. I have always read it as if your diet consists of cupcakes, you might need MF. They do not promote cupcakes, or even the recipes for shake cakes that are on the recipe board. Not quite sure why people interpret this ad to mean you can eat cupcakes while on MF...

Comment #11

That's not even in most of the literature, though. It's an exception, rather than the rule. Still pretty misleading, as far as I'm concerned the vast majority of MFers do not eat fruit...

Comment #12

If I see an ad for Pizza Hut I'm going to assume the picture they show in the ad is of something I can buy at Pizza Hut. They don't show a really enticing and delicious looking picture of a Whopper or some other product you might otherwise choose to eat instead.

I think you are being disingenuous here...

Comment #13

You know, it caught me by suprise, too. I saw an ad with a whole pie, bottom crust only and it was filled with blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. You can imagine my suprise when it wasn't a selection on the medifast shopping cart!..

Comment #14

Can someone please link to a page where I can see this ad? I've never seen it...

Comment #15

If that ad says "Does your diet taste like this?" then to me this implies that Medifast food tastes as good as the unhealthy treats we indulge in when not dieting, like cupcakes..

But I still have never seen this ad so it's hard to say...

Comment #16

The diabetic plan is pretty prominently linked on the Medifast homepage. But regardless fruit is still an option on a Medifast plan, so it isn't as if the ad is falsely advertising. And there's also a fruit & nut crunch bar, which is fruity, though not full of fruit, I imagine...

Comment #17

Aren't ads meant to draw attention? Especially on a web page, it's difficult to get a user to look at your ad (hence all the annoying animated ads). So put a picture of a yummy treat and who is going to look? Probably a good portion of people who are interested in sweet foods and are perhaps needing to lose a few pounds due to indulging..

The ads caught my attention and when I saw it was an ad for a diet program I thought... yup, I definitely need to be on a diet. LOL.

A lot of advertising is intentionally misleading in order to grab the attention of a potential customer. There's no way we can figure out what the Medifast advertising team was intending... but it sure seems their ad is getting attention!..

Comment #18

I don't know the ad in question, but I noticed strange food pictures in the literature I received from Medifast. The Quick Start Guide pictures a bowl of oatmeal with real blueberries on top. And I remember some other oddities in The Secret is Out. I wish they would be more honest in their advertising. The food is pretty good and the plan really works! Why not just show it as it is?..

Comment #19

This topic has come up before and I don't know if the ad has changed but I've seen it recently and it includes the words "Now Try" which clarify that it's not saying you'll be able to eat cupcakes on Medifast...but that if you've been eating cupcakes as your "diet", now try Medifast.....

Comment #20

I don't think it's at all unreasonable for people to think they're indicating that you can eat those foods on Medifast. There is similar advertising out there for Nutrisystems and Jenny Craig.

A lot of weight loss companies have some less scrupulous advertising practices, and Medifast is no exception. For example, it's REALLY hard to find honest reviews of the program by googling it; most are advertisements for the program disguised as reviews. This is probably due to a referral program Medifast has, as well as the Take Shape For Life Multi Level Marketing scheme...

Comment #21

There's a *cherry* pomegranate shake, there's *blueberry* oatmeal, etc. The point is to show you the flavors you can have on the diet. That's how I took it...

Comment #22

Food is a difficult subject to photograph. Professional food photographers use a lot of tricks to make food look appetizing. check out that article for some eye-opening information..

But logistics of photography aside, adding some blueberries to the top of oatmeal adds color and appeal to basically bland looking round tan shape. Adding banana slices to a shake indicates it's flavor. Etc..

I'm not condoning these practices, I'm just it's good to be aware when looking at ANY advertisement that images are tweaked into the most appealing form possible...

Comment #23

Yes they are.........Not sure why you don't. Its all in someones perception. Mine happens to be different than yours...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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