Compulsive weighing during Medifast?

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Do you have any tips for cumpulsive weighers, like myself?.

I had a not so great week last week and so I didn't weigh myself this morning ... I want to wait a few days to prevent getting frustrated and depressed and all that jazz..

BUT I know it's going to be hard for me to not step on that scale..

Why do you choose to weigh weekly/bi-weekly, or whenever you weigh?.

Do you ever feel compelled to weigh daily?..

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I weigh in on Fridays. But, I usually end up checking my weight on Monday. Depending whether it is up or down since Friday, I may weigh again on Wednesday. But usually, I just weigh on Friday, LOL..

In all seriousness, I weigh in on Fridays, I try to stay off the scale the rest of week. If I do step on it when it is not Friday, then I find myself on it all week...

Comment #1

I weigh in once a week, on Monday mornings. I find that way, any slip ups have all week to be "averaged" in with the other days, plus and most important for me I like seeing big jumps of 3 or more pounds. I would get too frustrated if I checked every day and didn't see movement or saw a slight movement in the wrong directions. That's my two cents!..

Comment #2

Twice a week. It's the compromise between my obsessive weigher side and my actual brain.

I see nothing wrong with weighing everyday if you can handle the fluctuations. If you can't then it's more of an annoyance than anything else so why put yourself through that...

Comment #3

I refer to myself as a "daily peeker". LOL..

Comment #4

I try to be a weekly weigher (on Sunday), but sometimes I jump on for a "peek" on Wednesday or Thursday. But what I use to keep me off the scale is the element of suspense. I kind of like the build-up through the week, wondering how my total loss will change on that official day. I also love to have a really "long slide" with the weights. I have the luxury of having an old doctor's scale at home, so I get the added tactile experience of sliding the little weight further and further down the bar. This is better if the span between weigh-ins is longer. So satisfying....OH and don't get me started on moving "the BIG weight"....that is simply or*****c!!!!!!..

Comment #5

I'm a Thursday morning weigher. When I started this I committed to myself that I would not be a slave to the scale and made the choice to weigh only once a week. If I didn't do that I'd be on the scale every time I went in to pee. It has worked for me, I have not yet been tempted to deviate from it. Everyone has their own reasons for weighing when they do and what works for some, may not work for others...

Comment #6

I do not own a scale. My best friend does. On Sunday nights I go over and weight myself in the same clothes (she teases me about that) and then we watch Family Guy. Then I don't "peek" during the week...

Comment #7

I weigh myself on my Wii Fit (I don't know how super accurate it is, but I figure it's fairly consistent, as long as I use that for all my numbers.) That makes it easy for me not to weigh complusively, because it's a little more involved than just hopping on the scale. And I like having the extra record/graph and having it show the difference in my BMI. (I do have to put it on mute though, because the little Wii Fit dude is v. negative, and I don't need him raining on my parade.).

I KNOW I would go crazy if I weighed myself every day. It's bad enough when I have a slow week because TOM (especially last month when it took TWO WEEKS to arrive, lolI think in the future I may just skip that week, too.).

Eta: I would say if you think you'd be happier not weighing every day, make it harder to do soif your scale is small enough, stick it in the linen closet or under the bed or something, because that will make you consciously choose if you want to weigh rather than just hopping on...

Comment #8

Have you taken measurements? The scale is a known lier. He lies constantly to us. Mr. Tape Measure, however does not lie. He will show us losses when Mr. Scale is trying to tell us we've gained.

Scale tries to sabotage us, I'll never know, but I trust in my friend Mr. Tape. He's never let me down...

Comment #9

I'm sure once I reach goal I'll weigh once a week. I've never been a slave to the scale. Ever. I have a long way to go yet, and am currently weighing once a month. Thats enough for me. My coach lives a mile away from me and she weighs me once a month.

Down 8 more lbs when I weighed in last nite..

Because our bodies fluctuate greatly day to day, I really don't see the sense in weighing daily, but weekly is good. Everyone's different, to each their own. I'll stick with once a month for some time to come!..

Comment #10

The scale is such a tricky beast....and I think it depends on how much you let the number effect you. When I was on MF, I was a daily weigher...but the number on the scale was just information, so if it flipped up or didn't really mean anything to me emotionally. And, I only had one official weigh-in day which counted and was recorded. It was helpful to me to see the day in and day out. Another thing I liked about daily weighing is that it kept me accountable...I couldn't hide from it and it helped me to not choose off plan behavior. I knew that if I did that...I'd step on the scale the next morning and the consequences of my choice would be looking me in the face on the scale..

Even now in maintenance, I don't weigh daily...but I weigh a few times a week. However, I know that I can't let the number of the scale effect my plan. I only let my choices and behavior effect my plan.

Ideas I have heard from people who decided weighing every day isn't healthy...and for some, it definitely isn't. As some people have mentioned, hide the scale. I've known people who get it out on weigh-in day and then for the rest of the week, place it in the trunk of their car. My brother when he was on a diet a few years back...he'd go to the local grocery store where they have the huge scale and weigh there. I had a co-worker do the same...weigh at the scale we have at the bank....or at the gym. Now the idea of weighing in public is so not cool in my world, but hey...if it works.

Hugs and good luck,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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