Comments/questions on Nikon 5000 Production Model
This is a thread for anyone to ask me questions about the production model Nikon 5000 I posted some preliminary photos from earlier today. If you have specific questions (or just comments or flames ;-), leave them here - I'm even more up-to-the-eyeballs busy than normal, but will try to monitor this thread and check back frequently. If you have specific questions about the 5000, leave them and I'll try to answer. Likewise, questions about the test photo conditions can be left here as well...

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Hi Dave, I travel frequently between USA and Europe. Does the camera support both NTSC and PAL standard or is there an european and an american modell. Thanks for your help. Matthias..

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Thanks for the first Nikon 5000 pictures. I own a nikon 990 and waited for the first 5000 pictures. First impresion; I am a little disappointed. The Nikon seems not too sharp to me. The bulp/lamp on the right corner of the hous seems much sharper with the Sony 707. Maybe because of the different light condition between Nikon/sony photos.

The whites form the windows are all very white, with hardly any detail. Normally the pictures have a shadow on the first-floor-windows. With the Sony707 house photo there is no sunlight. The Sony 707 seems to have very good details in the whites. Problably because the contrast in the house-photo is much lower.

Is it possible to make pictures with the Nikon from the house with the sun just above the house, so the windows are not direct sun lighted? Or maybe better with no direct sunlight, like the Sony pictures. Thanks anyway, Harry.

The Netherlands...

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You've hit exactly the dilemma with that outdoor house shot: I can try to shoot it at about the same sun angle every day, but as the seasons change, the sun angle north-to-south changes drastically, making it hard to get really equivalent. As it happens, I recently got a production-model 707 back in-house, and haven't sent it back yet, so maybe I can shoot with both the 5000 and the 707 at the same time, to get an actual, direct comparison. When the sun's fully on the front of the house and the air is crisp and clear (low humidity, no atmospheric haze), the contrast is *very* high in this shot, and that highlight on the front paint is *very* strong. Also, there's precious little detail there anyway, the white painted surfaces are pretty uniform. I'll be posting more photos this weekend (tomorrow?) and will try to get a few "random" shots snapped today, with a wider range of subjects. I do think the 707 generally does a good job with highlight detail though - Sony claims it has a 14-bit A/D, which should do a better job of holding highlight detail - You only get 8 bits of range in the output files, but having more data to work with in the first place lets the camera do a more refined job of tone compression. (IMHO, Sony cameras generally do very well with highlights, I think in part due to their A/D depth.)..

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The 900 series had a bad delay when using flash (even an external one) as did the Canon G1. Does the 5000 suffer from the same problems? Have you tried to use a nikon flash with it?..

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With the Coolpix 995, it is possible to get close enough to a ruler to include just 15 mm of it, full frame. Such an image, on a 19 inch monitor, gives a magnification of 42X to 50X depending on resolution. This is excellent. How does the 5000 perform compare to this?..

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Dave - based on your time with the 5000, would you say it's worth $300 or so more than the 995? The biggest I'd print on my Epson 780 is 8x10 - would the 3.3 MP's of the 995 be enough?..

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I agree with H.Hobo in that the Nikon 5000 appears noticably less sharp than the F707 and, I would add, the Canon G2. It does, however, have fewer digital artifacts visible than either of these cameras. This is very noticable in the resolution chart tests. I have two questions: 1) Do you feel the softness of the Nikon is from the lens or the conservative in camera sharpening or perhaps a combination of the two? 2) (totally unrelated) Does the production model function properly with a Microdrive? I spoke with a Nikon rep two months ago and she said they were testing the camera with a Microdrive and that it may or may not be compatible. Thanks for your excellent site...

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Did you do shutter lag and cycle time tests yet for CP500?..

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I'm in the same boat as Patrick William... is the CP 5000 worth $300 - $400 more than a CP 995 if the largest print is a full bleed 8 1/2 I 11. Hope for an answer before the $100 rebate goes off...

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On the 5000 at the highest resolution how long must I wait between shots saying I want to take a total of 2 or 3 shots?..

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Can anyone tell me which camera in the same class as the 5000.

(like the G2, and Sony) has the least amount of shutter lag?..

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I just got my Cool pix 5000. Question in Auto mode when I use the zoom it locks up and I get a message that the lens cap is on. Am I doing something wrong?..

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A friend just purchased a 5000. The photo store just told him there is a problem with the software. It sounds like a software upgrade is the fix. I just called another photo store and they shipped all their units back to Nikon to get upgraded. Should have my hands on one this week...

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I am having a similar problem mine just decided to lock up and tell me the lens cap is on when it is not and now I can't get the thing to work at all I may be taking it back if this is any indication of how it works let me know if you figure this one out.....

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I would like of hear your answer to Patrick William's Q. Is the 5000 worth the extra $300+ over the 995. I have just ordered a 5000. This is my first experience with digital and am having second thoughts after reading some of the comments. Tks for your help. Next time I'll come to you first...

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