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For graduation I was told I can get anything I want under 1000 from my g-parents. I decided to get a DSLR camera because I am very interested in pursuing in photography. I was looking around and found that the best beginners SLR camera is the Canon Rebel XT. Since I do have about 1000 to spend, do you think I can go up to the XTi rather than the Xt. Also is the kit lense good? or should I only buy a body and then a lense? Suggest other models and lenses. Remember you have under 1000 to "spend" : )Thank You..

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#1, whatever camera you decide on, get the standard kit lens..

You could get a Pentax K100D with the kit lens, and add a Tamron 18-200 or 18-250, or possibly even the Pentax 18-250 (which is made by Tamron) and stay under the $1000 limit...

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Silverman82690 wrote:.

For graduation I was told I can get anything I want under 1000 frommy g-parents. I decided to get a DSLR camera because I am veryinterested in pursuing in photography..

If I were going to start learning DSLR photography from step one again, my inclination now would be to begin with the XTi and a "normal prime", specifically the Sigma 30/1.4. While a kit lens has a nice range and would be ideal for snapshots, the experience isn't all that different than you would have with a point and shoot. A fast prime like the Sigma will teach you about composition and using selective DOF, which are critical to getting the most out of your SLR. Also the light gathering ability of a fast lens will let you learn about exposure (the different modes, and how to process a shot) which is much harder to appreciate with a zoom when you are forced to "bring your own light" (in the form of a flash) so often. In any case the Sigma 30 is excellent, and will not be something you ever grow out of, well, not unless you get a full frame camera at some point. Odds are with a kit zoom you will play the upgrade game (most of us here have) never sure you have reached a level of satisfaction..

I am not sure of the costs where you live, but this should just scrape under $1000 (the XTi is a little more than $500 in Japan now). The XTi is my recommendation over the XT because the central focus point is 3x precision with lenses f2.8 and brighter (the Sigma 30/1.4 for example). It makes getting indoor natural light (great) results a lot easier..

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If you wind up enjoying the prime experience you can add to your kit from there (the 85/1.8 for example, which would be my 1-2 combo in a pinch), or if you find it too restrictive to your style, you can explore a zoom lens in a different range of focal lengths (ultra-wide, tele-zoom, standard range, ect). In the meantime your shots *will* be keepers..


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Chez Wimpy wrote:.

If I were going to start learning DSLR photography from step oneagain, my inclination now would be to begin with the XTi and a"normal prime", specifically the Sigma 30/1.4.I am not sure of the costs where you live, but this should justscrape under $1000.

Excellent advice. From a reputable online dealer, such as Amazon, the XTi body is $590 and the Sigma lens is $385, so it should fit. A lighter, less expensive option would be pairing the Canon 35mm F/2 ($230) with the XTi. If you haven't already read it, there's an excellent article on building a DSLR system (which recommends the XTi/30mm Sigma combination), complete with purchase sequence and photo projects to build your ability at Philip Greenspun's site:

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I'm in the position of being a beginning photographer and needing a full set of gear. I didn't have any preconceptions or brand loyalty going in. My research has led me to believe that the Olympus e-system, and the E-510 in particular, is the best system you could buy for under $1000. The kit lenses are top notch and the e-510 itself is a powerful little toy. I suggest you consider it. Remember, you're not just buying a camera, but a whole system..

As part of the system, the lenses are fantantasic. Every review has been stunned by the quality of such inexpensive kit lenses (14-42, 40-150), and if/when you step up to the pro range eventually, the glass is top-notch and they're all weatherproofed. In terms of combined system weight, you'll need fewer lenses to cover a larger range and you'll carry less weight. Plus, they all benefit from image stabilization..

Also, by using the great kit lenses (don't let they're cost sway you, they really are very good), you'll figure out what you like shooting most and will be able to make better decisions on where to spend additional money on lenses down the road..

I'm not actually getting the E-510, but the E-3 and associated SWD lenses when they available. The E-510 would be my second choice, and behind that, probably a nikon system. ..

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I choose canon Xti, mostly because I want to AF all the time, and I want my camera body to do this, rather than limited to particular lens (D40 and D40x require AF-S/AF-I lens if you need AF)..

Current Canon XT is about $440 ( and XTi is about $600. With $100 rebate if you buy the printer together (MP970 or MP610), I think the price is hard to beat... $340 to 500, that's the price you pay for a P&S! And the printer itself qualify for another $40. MP970 will cost you about $220, and MP610 will be $150. Not too bad. For lens, I pick the 50mm F1.8 MK II, which cost $80.

So, to sum up my cost, I am paying $500 (Body) + 80 (Lens) + 220 (AIO Printer) = $800. (Oh, beach camera have the 2GB memory card combo included). I think that will fit your budget of $1000. You might be able to buy another zoom lens (Tamron 17-55mm I heard is quite good, and sell for like $400) as well..

Nikon on the other hand does not have any rebate at this moment, as far as I can tell. As most of you here will tell you that there is not a clear winner, I think most of you here will also tell you that there is not a clear loser either. For me, it is AF in the body for me to pick Canon, and the more advance AF system in XTi that makes me pick over XT. I don't care too much about mega-pixel, dust removal etc for example...

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I would recommend you the D40 with the Nikkor 18-135 lens, a perfect lens for starters, still rather light, versatile, and cheap.Not sure if Pentax has something to match the 18-135, Canon has not, and it has much better IQ than 18-200 from Tamron or Sigma. It's also only ahlf the weight. And if you look for a great zoom to add cosider the 70-300Vr for 470.-.

If you get the D40 + l18=-135 is only 637.-.

Http:// would leave some money for a zoom or another lens you might like..

If you insist on the D40x (10mp).


This will set you 830.- back. Still enought left from the 1k$ for a bag some memory etc..

Also go into a store where you can put yous hands on the competing cameras from canon, Nikon, pentax or Olympus...CheersM...

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At the risk of looking like "the blind leading the blind" here is the response I just made to a similar question based on my own quest to enter the DSLR world for the best bang for the ($750ish) buck.

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