Choosing between 5 cameras
1/1000 was the fastest available shutter speed for most cameras for many years. I doubt it would be a huge hindrance - there are lots of other problems facing digicams and sports, lag and reaction times, burst rates, lens speed and low effective ISOs come to mind as well. I think you've reached a point that you need to actually get to a store of some sort and handle all of the cameras. There are no perfect cameras, let alone there being one perfect camera. You will likely have to make some difficult trade-offs. To avoid setting up good cameras for rejection by telling you which ones specifically, there were several that I felt really hit my needs from the specs but that I found entirely lacking from a "feel" standpoint.

What I'd suggest is look at how they feel in your hands, how the controls seem to work for you. Then I'd suggest trying the finders. I don't find using the external lcds at arms length to be satisfactory so the eyepiece needs to "work" for you. and there is a big difference in how optical finders and electronic viewfinders "work" for people. and if you don't like or can't adjust the finder to your vision, the camera isn't going to be good for you.

BTW, I ended up with a Fuji S602 and am really, really happy with it. Not perfect, there are some things it doesn't do as well as some others but it fits my most important needs really well...

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I agree with Craig you really do need to go to the shops and have a go with the cameras it really helped me playing around though I reccommened going to the best independent shop you can chain stores tend to be filled with spotty 18 year olds who know less than you do. Also have you been onto I found this site really helpful obviously written by a real anorack but there are times when there is no substitute for an anorack! I have just ordered the Olympus C-750 mainly for the excellent photo quality, helpful memory to store all your favorite settings, and Hot Shoe not all have one and if you think you might want to get creative you might want to have as many options as you can. Didn't fancy the DiMage annoying music when you turn it on (can you imagine the looks you would get in the school play!) and from what I have read the image quality is reflected in the low price. As for the zoom I am told that for anything above 3x optical you really need a tripod so you might want to bear this in mind. I took ages to pick my camera and in the end it's just like Craig says you have to decide what you are prepared to compromise on. Good Luck...

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Hello- I was looking for the same type of camera that you are looking for over the last few months. Just yesterday I decided on the Panasonic FZ10 because of it's manual controls and 12x lense with an all-important lens-stabilization feature. Others considered were Minolta Z1 (cheap feel and small LCD) Fuji S5000 (noise and framing problems) Olympus 740/750 (costly for what you get) Nikon 5700 (expensive) and Minolta A1 (expensive). If >3x zoom's not too important... I'd also look the Nikon 5400...

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I have the A-60 as a backup camera and I am most impressed by it. I would assume the A-70 and A-80 share most of the same features and problems. All things being equal, go for the bigger zoom, but if this is for Mom, will she really use it? The menu of the Canon cameras is relatively easy to use. I have a Fuji S602 which while a great camera, has a difficult menu to use. If Mom is not going to do a lot of work on the computer then you might want to consider a 2 meg or 3 meg camera. The larger meg cameras greatest virtue is the ability to do a lot of cropping and still produce an acceptable image.


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Taxus, You might want to give the HP a miss - have the A80 and love it - but I never use the Macro feature. Obviously a 3x zoom is going to be a problem if you want telephoto. The Olympus is far better in that regard and is probably what you want... Seeya.


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Tkx for all your answers...

I finally made up my mind, I'm going to get Olympus C-750.

The Panasonic FZ10 isnt for me, because it min shutter time is 8 seconds, I like the 16 seconds from olympus to take night shots.

Ive been thinking about the HP945 but ive read some really bad reviews about it. The price difference between olympus and HP it's about 40 ($40US) so I think the Olympus is the best choice..

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Taxus, I would have to agree with others here who suggest getting your hands on a few of the cams you have in mind and see how they appeal or dont appeal to you. Personally for me, I also found the Panasonic DSC Z10 is the camera for me, I have had it in my hands and have seen the crystal clear, images which were breath taking, also on the HP camera I have to side with the other gentleman who advised against it. The HP image quality leaves a lot to be desired and I personally know an individual who owns the 945 model, it takes ok photos, but nothing like what you'll see on this Z10 from Panasonic or the Oly 750 for that matter. I believe with any digital camera, for me at least image quality is what I look at, thats what the end result should be, and I might also add that this Panasonic Z10 has a shutter of 8 secs to 1/2000 of a second, and offers full manual control, with a real manual focus that works. Good luck to you, and happy shooting..! This is the Z10 review page ->>

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Hi, I have selected the DMC-FZ10 as the one to buy. It is not available here in Thailand as of this date. Hopefull soon. I short listed the G3, the C-750 and C-5060. Price wise here the C-750 is near the average. The G3 is $655 U.S.

Please give me any other good info. I have read with interest all the reviews I can find and have been researching for the last few months. Certainly has paid off in terms of learning. Prices here are high in compared to the internet. It certainly pays to shop around.

Here in Bangkok. Good luck with your new camera...

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Nickolas and Jeff both went with the Panasonic Z10.I viewed steve's digicam web site for sample pics of this camera and found them or some not to be that sharp. Anyone else agree with me on this? Would like to view your opinion on this too,Nick and Jeff. Do you need to sharpen in an edit program and resize all pictures? Thanks...

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