Choosing a new camera... help needed.
Gee... I hope someone answers pretty quick. I was planning on ordering today, and was sure which one I was going to order, but... OK, it's a Canon showdown between the SD450 and the SD550. The usage for this camera will vary, the usual family snapshops, quick picts of the cats being goofballs, memorable scenes (sunsets, wildlife, etc...), and business related pictures. I am a woodworker and want to also use the camera for taking pictures of pieces for use in flyers, brochures, and on the web (project pictures and web store pictures).

Now, I have been doing my homework and either camera seems to be able to fit the bill quite nicely, but there are a few things I'm uncertain of. the SD450 seems to have a better lense (less barrel distortion and no pincussion), but the SD550 definately does have a bit better resolution, but with increased barrel and pincusion, as well as chromatic aberation. For the family type snapshots the SD450 would do nicely. For the woodworking shots I'm not so sure. It definately needs to be able to capture woodgrain detail on a wide variety of pieces, from small ring boxes all the way up to a computer desk and bookshelf unit I'm building for the father-in-law.

As far as price goes, other camera's are really out of my range at the moment, with the exception of the A620. The only drawback there is the 620 isn't as "user friendly" for the rest of the family. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks...

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Hi Dale, If it's between the SD450 and the SD550, the SD550 has a much better.

Lens. Specifically, in terms of sharpness. Chromatic aberations is.

Present on both, as are slight distortions. Since you mentioned the A620: That, or it's 5 MP sibling the A610,.

Should be the camera of choice. They are much better in every.

Respect except for portability than the SD450/SD550. Don't be.

Put-off because it has more features. Canon is remarkably.

Consistent in it's user interface. If you keep the A620/A610 in P.

Mode (top mod-dial), you will have access to an interface which is.

Nearly identical to that of the SD550. But you can also 'grow into'.

The camera by learning the other useful modes over time. Hope this helps, - Itai.

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Thanks for the reply. The 620 has already been ruled out after a trip to a local store that stocks a lot of camera's. The Wife didn't like it. Too big and not as easy to cary around. One reason she doesn't use our camera now is it's a little too big to carry with you everywhere. And since this is a camera that has to fit a lot of different roles, the SD550 is in a winning spot right now.

I know this thread is in the Canon area, but another choice could be the Sony DSC-W7. The Wife liked both, but the Canon is her favorite between the two right now. The Sony's features were a little more difficult for her to grasp, and I will admit that I didn't care for it too much either after playing with the Canon for a while. The SD550 was very easy to pick up on, but a few things on the Sony were a little confusing to both of us. I would have to say that if a valid argument can be made in it's favor (other than the batteries and the fact that I can get it about $90 cheaper), it might just win the contest.

I still have a Raynox telephoto and wide-angle lense set in 37mm that was bough for our camera. As far as growing into a more advanced camers, not a problem for me at all, but I have a 10 year old and the Wife who are put off by our current camera, a Nikon CP900. They want "point-and-shoot". Of course, I would like some advanced features for shooting furniture and jewlery boxes. But this time the majority just might have the say....

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No more help needed... just ordered the SD550 and I doubt I'll regret it. Thanks again Itai... and to imaging-resource for providing all the great reviews...

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Greetings, I'm in the market for a new digital camera. I'd like a camera with a hot shoe for greater flash capability, and one with interchangeable lens for longer shots. I also would like one that is forgiving when it come to shaking the camera while taking pictures. I'd like to stay under $700 if possible. Thanks Max..

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Max, Your criteria seems to point to a Konica-Minolta 5D. It is a 6MP DSLR with Anti-Shake. Go look at the reviews for it. Bill..

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My show down is between the Canon PowerShot A80 ($170 used)and the Canon PowerShot S50 ($200 used)...

Any words of wisdom???..

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