What to do if I cheated on Medifast?

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What do you do when you cheat??? I didn't plan on cheating but I went school shopping with my daughter for school, we were going to the mall and grocery store. I was planning on taking a Medifast bar with me. Well 1/2 way there I realized I forgot the bar..I knew we'd be out long so I was debating in my mind what to do...Red Robin popped in my head and well it is still in my head because that is where we ate. I didn't eat lean and green! I'm trying not to feel guilty about it and from reading here I am still going to get my 5 Medifast meals in..I actually feel sick not sure if it is from the food or if the regret is making me sick. I was so proud of myself this morning too. I woke up thinking day 6 and I'm going strong.....

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Get right back on plan. There's nothing else to do. Don't downplay the value of a little guilt. Guilt tells us we did something we're not proud of and we might as well learn something from it..

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Yep, just get back on plan ASAP. FYI, I keep a spare bar in my purse for emergencies. This is in addition to the food I take when I'm going to be out..

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I used to just keep a bar in my purse, but now I keep a shake packet (can use at Starbucks), pretzels and multiple bars. TOO many times in 6 weeks I have been caught off guard and not able to eat. I have learned my lesson.

Stick them in your purse RIGHT NOW while you are thinking about it..

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Purse, car, drawer at work, hubbie's car if relevant, anywhere you might be. Stock them all..

And when caught out, eat L&G. Then you can at least stay in ketosis, even if you're not perfectly OP for the day. Carbs are the enemy for this diet, so if you're going to go off plan, start w/ L&G according to plan guidelines, then eat more protein, then get sloppy with fat if you absolutely must, but stay away from all grains, breads/breading, potatoes/carrots/high glycemic veggies, sugars, etc. Then you won't have to spend 3 days feeling sick as you get back into ketosis..

Back OP and away you go!.

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Shelly - Definitely get back on plan immediately. You need to sit yourself down and discuss your choices from Red Robins. There are many ways you can eat anywhere, even there, and stay on plan, but you made the choice not to and I think you need to ask yourself why. One of the hardest things about Medifast is changing the way we think about food and the choices that we make. You have to keep your head in the game always. Have Medifast products stored wherever you spend lots of time (work, car, etc) as well as your purse. Really focus the next time on what you choose to eat..

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And when you put those extra packets of Medifast in your purse put them in a baggie. :-).

Nothing worse than being out and needing a packet and realizing your inkpen has punctured a hole in the powder packet..

Well yes trying to clean all that sticky cran mango powder out of all the crevices of your purse, your work ID and the checkbook would classify as worse..

Ask me how I know!.

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Thanks for all the help and support....

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If I am going to be eating out, I prepare ahead of time by seeing if I can find the menu of the place we are going online and making a decision about what I am going to order before I go. I also think of the questions that I will have to ask the wait staff about how things are prepared. Last night we went out to a seafood place and I checked the menu online before we went. There were a couple of things on there I thought I could have. One was a seafood salad. Looking at the description, I saw that it had avocados.

I didn't take my own dressing this time, because I knew I had healthy fats left over, so I ordered the dressing I wanted and fork dipped. Anyway, I guess my point can do just takes some preparation ahead of time. It's the getting caught off guard that can screw us up. Oh....and we only choose places that we know will have OP choices. Haven't ventured into the Mexican, Pizza or Chinese places yet..

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I was wondering if there were a list or maybe a thread somewhere that had a list of where are the best places to eat out and what the best L&G meals were..

Comment #9

I asked my counselor at the Medifast center what are some L&G meals that's she has when she eats out(she's on maintenance). She mentioned the Boca Burger at Red Robin. She doesn't eat the bun, and uses the lettuce to hold the meat instead. It can be done-even at Red Robin!.

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Don't know where you live, but I find lots of places here have low carb options. Restaurants are usually happy to accommodate special requests turkey burger no bun, no croutons on the salad etc..

The key here is to learn from your mistakes. For long term success, you've got to find a path through the overwhelming supply of crappy food choices that are marketed to us. You have to turn off your autopilot and make good choices. Once you get started doing that, it feels pretty good when you see how successful you can be!.

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Have you checked out the Dining Out with Medifast forum?? Lots of people have posted where the have found Op or Op adaptable foods while eating out..

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Once you get in the "groove" of Medifast it gets much easier you know what you can eat out, you have all your food stocked where needed. If you're anything like me beating yourself up for cheating will only make you cheat more. Figure out what you can do better next time and get back on plan..

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Red Robin will prepare any of their burgers "Protein Style"...just read the toppings description to choose which should be left off or on the side. I usu. get the fried jalapenos on the side so hubby can eat them. Instead of their bottomless fries, ask for a salad w/ dressing on the side.

I admire your "fessing up" b/c it shows that you are re-committing to yourself and staying on-plan. I have to say, though, that there is no excuse for anyone to ever eat off-plan...for example, if you forget a Medifast meal while you're out, stop at a groc. store and buy a lite mozzarella stick then subtract an ounce of lean from your L&G. Nearly every fast food place now has a salad w/ grilled chicken...not usu. big enough for a full L&G, but you could eat the rest of your L&G later..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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