Center vs. Online Medifast plans?

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Are you doing Medifast utilizing the online only method or do you go to a center?.

My dear Wife found the Medifast plan for me online and strongly encouraged me to try it to loose the 70+ lbs I have gained since retiring from the military 2 years ago. So after looking and reading online and checking out the prices, etc. I saw there were centers available (2 in my area), so I thought what the heck, I made the "free" consultation appointment..

Long story short, I figured there may be a slight up charge for using a center, but was shocked to learn that it would be about $1,600+ in addition to food ($75 week)I told them I was considering doing it online and of course they strongly recommended I pay the center fee (all $1,600+ due upfront OR 1/2 now ($750) and payment plan each month) and come to the center because the success rate was higher. The sales pressure was kind of high but I made my way out of there without committing.

So I go back to my original question, how have you found the plan online or do you go to a center?.

Anyone seen or heard of a center vs. online success study from Medifast?.

BTW: I placed my first order online last night and plan to start the program online as soon as it arrives.

Can't wait to hear your experiences...

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I love the online forums, and have been quite happily plugging along with the support available here (both Medifast official support, and the many friends I've met on the boards). I live in Maryland, and do not think I"m missing a thing by skipping the center environment. Shipping for us is practically next day (I just got an order on the porch today that I ordered at 10pm on Wednesday night) so even not being able to buy your food in person isn't a big deal at all for us..

I hope you like Medifast as much as I have (my DH is also doing MF, in fact it was his idea)..


Comment #1

Hey Smarty,.

Welcome aboard! I think this depends on whether you are a 'self-starter/follow through', more independent type of personality or someone who enjoys a consultative process or relationships. If you are comfortable doing all the reading, internet surfing, ordering and can keep yourself on plan, the online process is for you. If you enjoy (or need) the help of a coach, like having 'a place to go to' to be accountable and like the convenience of buying food locally, the center is for you. Medifast has great tools and resources; what will keep you on plan 100% of the time?.

Wishing you much success...

Comment #2

I think the centers are a good place to go when you don't have a personal doctor (only because they run labs for you). I think the cost of that is crazy. If you have any kind of health issues.. you need to check with your physician to make sure it's the right move for you.

Personally, I opted to go thru a health coach and order thru her online site. She introduced me to Medifast and has been a great support. You'll find great support on these forums as well.

Congrats on your decision to improve your health! We'll all be here for you!!..

Comment #3

I think it's a personal choice and what your needs are. I never joined a center and found the support and motivation right here on the boards and blogs. I wish you the best on your journey.


Comment #4

I started out with a health coach but she didn't work out for me and now I find that I enjoy a better discount by ordering directly through the Medifast site (via Ebates) and picking up a few bargains on Ebay here and there..

This site has THE most supportive and inspiring guys and gals, you will really enjoy having found this site!.

Gook Luck and Welcome to the Medifast family!..

Comment #5

Thank you all for your replies and I am truly inspired by your successes, between three of you I added it up and the total weight loss in just three replies is 273.8 lbs..

Ethelfleda - I live in Maryland, and do not think I"m missing a thing by skipping the center environment. Shipping for us is practically next day..

Thank you that is great to know, it is kind of funny to me the Home of Medifast John Hopkins University was so high in cost, it also surprised me that the center I went to being so close to JH did not know more or have BEATA foods available or something.

Beemergirl I think this depends on whether you are a 'self-starter/follow through', more independent type of personality or someone who enjoys a consultative process or relationships..

I believe you are totally right, if your not a self starter or have family support (wife/husband) then a center might be the right choice. I am a computer type person, took a majority of my college courses online and such thus I think this is the right choice, plus I could use that $1,600 for something more practical like a cook-book or piece of home gym equipment for the winter months or maybe even splurge for a gym membership once I have lost some weight and dont jiggle any more.

Mary I think the centers are a good place to go when you don't have a personal doctor (only because they run labs for you)..

Totally agree, I have an appoint with my Doctor next week to get the final go-ahead but all of my doctors (PCM, Cardio, and Sleep) have been also encouraging me to loose weight and not put any more on.

Lisa, I never joined a center and found the support and motivation right here on the boards and blogs..

I look forward to the online interchanges and find them much more practical and timely. I have done the centers before (Jenny and WW) and did not find them very helpful, it was nice to pick-up the food in person, but a little preplanning should go a long way. Congratulations on Making your Goal and exceeding it!..

Comment #6

Thank you so much for the insight, see this is the kind of stuff that is great about the online forums, we get to share wonderful ideas (ebay & ebates) and inspire each other. I would never of thought to look there.

I was surprised that the center did not offer any discounts on food, when there are so many discounts online...

Comment #7

I've lost over 100 lbs, and I've never stepped foot in a center. These boards are wonderful, and have provided all the support I've needed. It's a personal decision of course, but it certainly can be done without the $1600 upfront fee!..

Comment #8

I too, initially went to a Medifast center, but I had done most of my due diligence beforehand. I was astonished to hear about the seemingly exhorbitant fees up front (no payment plan unless auto-debited from a credit card!). Seemed like a good way to make money off of folks who, by odds, would quit the program early. I did appreciate the bodyfat analysis, but geez, I can weigh and measure myself at home. Went online and found the fantastic folks here who persevere on their own with much success! Now, I want to be one of them :^)..

Comment #9

WOW! I never checked into the center but thanks for the info! I like the online plan. I buy the food and look on here for support. I have tried everything and so far this is working!I'd rather put the $1600 towards my food then to someone coaching me (I had bad weight watcher experiences LOL) I've lost 20lbs in 1 month..

Good luck!..

Comment #10

I have done center like programs and have dropped out in the past - HMR, weight watchers meetings, even my bariatric support group after I had weight loss surgery. I find it ends up being a pain to try and get to meetings and get burned out on them. I do think it is a personal choice and you need to pick what works best for you.

I am an IT Analyst at a hospital and happen to be on a PC most of the time when I am not in meetings. I log all my meals so it is easy to pop in for that added support online when I am at work or at home at anytime of the day..

Ironically after I had been on Medifast for just a few days I found out that the guy that sits directly in the cube on the other side of me lost over 70lbs on MF. I went to him with a few questions and found out he was also a Take Shape For Life - Health Coach. He offered to be my coach if I wanted to go the TSFL side (subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. - does direct selling too). No added cost but I get the advantage of that personal face to face support now too and some other extra benefits. He gets some minor kickbacks when I order via him.

The fact that my coach is so accessible is wonderful. I doubt I would have actually gone with a health coach if it were not for the fact that I already knew him and he was in my office. Did some homework on TSFL before I decided to become his "client" and then made the final decision to switch over. TSFL has it's own website but the community here on medifast1 is much more active. I really like the blog feature and since I started here I already felt invested and connected to the people here. The combo of both makes the most sense for me..

Best of luck in your journey!..

Comment #11

Thank you, it's amasing who is around us that can support us... THank you and congradulations on your weight loss...

Comment #12


Thank you for your feedback, I know what you mean about WW, not realy my social network either. Congradulations on your 1 month loss..

Comment #13

Congradulations on your mini-goal. Thank you for the encouragement to do great thinkgs...

Comment #14

I KNOW! Exactly what I did and thought... Everyone online in the forum seems so nice, wounderful, and such an encouragement...

Comment #15

I recieved an email from the center today inviting me to the "do it yourself program" the cost is $240 a year. Anyone have any idea what that is about?? Of course they didn't provide any details, so I emailed them and asked....

If they think I am going to pay $240 a year so I can come in and buy food vs. ordering online and get free shipping they have another thing coming...

Comment #16

I'm not planning to join a Medifast center but am just curious.are members there required to sign a contract and commit to a certain amount of time?..

Comment #17

I didn't even know there were centers when I started. My doctor asked if I would like surgery. He told me Medifast was a great option and I would have just as good results, so I got started right away. I think it might depend on your motivation for losing, which would work better. I was to the point I thought I'd never be able to lose again. I lost a little the week before I started MF, and am down 20! I'd say stick with doing it online and you could always choose a center later if you absolutely have to...

Comment #18

From what I learned, the answer is yes... The center fee is based on how many weeks you will be using the center to include weight loss, transition, and maintenance phases. So the more weight you have to loose = more time in the center equals more money upfront... I guess you could quite the center after three weeks, but they you would be out that money and from what I learned again that is at least 1/2 the center fee or in my case $750..

Again, I was just a prospective client and don't work for Medifast and did not sign nothing before I got my tail out of there...

Comment #19

That is my exact plan... Thank you for your wounderful feedback, and congradulations on your current losses...

Comment #20

Thank you everyone for letting me know your thoughts, the feedback on this board is awesome...

Comment #21

Smarty_Maryland - Welcome (fellow MD'er and Medifaster). I too went to a center to find out the costs. Originally when I 'investigated' the program it was $100 a visit, once a month. Well that changed in the short time of me researching and going into the center. They also wanted $1,700 EACH for myself and my husband - we had over 100lbs to loose. Well, I wanted to try the program before spending that kind of money, so I signed up on-line and ordered my food.

Anyway, 11 months and 140lbs later we are still going strong on our own. Also, I did sign up for the $240 plan, but that was only because I was having trouble keeping up with the shipping and ordering through the VIP program (getting paid once a month SUCKS -LOL), so it was easier to go to the center to buy the food.. and that is the ONLY thing that plan covers.. the opportunity to buy the food for a YEAR.. needless to say that membership is up in March and we are not going to renew..

Anyway - good luck on your journey.. stick to the message boards and support here and you will ROCK it!!..

Comment #22

Thank you so much for the feedback, and congradulations on your awesome program successes...

Comment #23

Thanks for the bump! Looks like I will be another online gal!..

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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