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So.. I've read about WIPO cases and stuff, but say they rule against me and say that I'm supposed to give a certain celebrity the domain, can they actually enforce it in any way? Does anyone know or have experience in this..

I own a domain which I think will be worth a fair sum in the future, but I don't want to have the celebrity who's name it is just be able to take it for free. lol....

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I don't see how a celebrity name is different than a brand name. Celebrities are regular people who, themselves, have become brands. If you are trying to profit off their "brand name" then yes... they could try and take the domain name from you...

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They don't politely ask you to transfer the domain, they tell the registrar to transfer the domain and it happens the next day...

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Yep.. Im afraid it's true... Unless you (domain owner) have exactly the same name as the celebrity and can prove you are not profiting from the celebrity name you dont have a leg to stand on...

Comment #3

Try selling it now to someone else and get it off your hands for a smaller profit. Then let them deal with it getting stolen..

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Well, right now, it's probably not worth much so I think I'd have a hard time selling it to anyone. I think he will be huge in the next couple years though. I am actually really surprised the name wasn't already taken...

Comment #5

That certainly sounds tricky. Can't see how that can be enforced, but on the other hand, are you using someone else's name without consent?..

Comment #6

I'd be interested in purchasing it, give me a PM if you want to sell...

Comment #7

Tell potential buyers why you think they will be big, etc. Tell potential buyers about what the person(s) in question has done and what he/she plans to do in the near future. I'm sure several domain investors would be interested and you can offload it for a profit and not worry about losing the domain for $0 later on...

Comment #8

Well, honestly I'd like to just keep it till it reaches it's full potential... if possible.

Assume I were to transfer it to a foreign registrar who protects their customers (or even like moniker, I saw them talked about in another thread) with anoynmous/fake info or even without.. does that change things?.

I honestly think eventually that 6 figures wouldn't be unrealistic... if I can somehow keep it without going to jail or getting it stolen.

How would that change things?..

Comment #9

If the celeb is anything like Prince you are fucked.

Prince Sues His No. 1 Fans - Switched.

Prince Fans United.

Or the celeb is fucked, or both, whatever...

Comment #10

No, not at all. You are the mercy of the registry, Verisign, as well as your registrar. Even if your registrar is off shores, Verisign is still very much US based. As such, if the name is lost in arbitration it will be immediately taken from you..

Moreover, you are liable for up to $100,000 in damages per domain as stated in the anti-cybersquatting protection act (ACPA)..

Honestly, you're completely out of your league here. There are people making tens of millions a dollar a year in this business, and if there was a way to legally squat .com addresses then I'm sure their lawyers would know about it by now. You really have no idea what you're doing and it's only magnified by posting on WF about it. Get out while you can. The only 6-figures your name is worth is the $100k in damages you'll pay to the complainant...

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