Carb range for Medifast?

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So it seems a bit late in the game for me to be asking this question but as I'm coaching others (friend's) to start the program, I have come across something I can't really answer..

I'm a vegetarian so my carbs are on the higher end - the boca/meatless stuff tends to be higher in carbs so in general, I'm in the 90's pretty much everday. This could be contributing to slower losses but it's worked so far..

Now that I'm coaching some meat eaters through starting the program, I've noticed that on some days their carbs are barely hitting 80. So my questions are:.

1) how low can you go on the carb portion of your wheel. Is 80-85 safe? (I'm in the 90's so I don't know).

2) what's your daily carb range?.

I'm also second guessing my choices now. I'm wondering if I should go back to egg beaters as my lean for the last 12 pounds and if I will see faster losses if I do that vs. eating the other meatless products..

Thanks in advance!..

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You should probably ask this question to Nutrisystem but from what I've read having your carbs between 80-100 g daily is ideal. The 80-85 range is safe and puts you in a mild state of ketosis, much lower will put the body into starvation mode.

I'm not a vegetarian but I do incorporate the meatless options while still eating meat. According to my statistics, I average about 85 g of carbs daily and have had steady weight loss. I eat a lot of seafood also, like shrimp and scallops that don't contribute much to my carb intake..

Hope that helps!..

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Thanks bbrooke. I did read in the guide that 80-100 is considered normal but I was wondering what others really clock in at. I guess because my experience is so different being in the 90's all the time. have fun on your egypt trip! how exciting!..

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I keep mine between 75g and 85g as much as possible. I don't know that it's effected my losses, but it affects how I feel the next day....


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I had trouble reaching the 80 mark until I started adding a packet of the Medifast soy crisps or crackers as a snack. Hasn't slowed my loses and I feel a lot better...

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Wow emma/cellis - can I ask what veggies you're eating for your green? I guess this is a lot easier to do if you eat meat. grrrr..

Emma - how does it affect you? What happens if you eat over 85?.

I guess this thing is a learning process. I'm trying to figure out how to get my carbs lower being a veggie aside from just egg beaters. Would love to hear from some more vegetarians!..

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It is easier with meat...if I eat seafood or eggs, I get the 75-80g...Otherwise I'm in the 80-85g range. If I'm going with all my lean as a meat substitute, I usually have lettuce, mushrooms and cucumber. I usually split my lean to some meat substitute and some other i.e. one MSF patty and some cheese to limit the carbs and let myself have bell peppers or tomato or such..

If I go over 85g, I'm hungry the next day, so I assume I go out of ketosis. I don't check (never bothered and don't want to spend the money) so I don't know for certain. It only happens once in a while (mostly on weekends where I tend towards higher carb Medifast meals)..


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Thanks Emma! I think I have to be better at managing what veggies I eat with meatless stuff. maybe save the broccolli for egg beater days and cucumber/lettuce for meatless product days......

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I've got a very narrow range of 78-82. I'm right at 80 probably 80-90% of the time. I'm one of those people who only eats 2-3 different L&G's so it's pretty easy to keep the numbers the same all the time. On the rare day that I eat a meatless choice, I make sure I eat the scrambled eggs as one of my Medifast meals since they are the lowest carb choice.

I have no idea what happens if I go higher than that because I never do...

Comment #8

I ran my report and found that I've had a daily range of between 70 and 93 grams of carbs since I started on July 26th of this year. I average 83 overall, but seem to be on the higher side of the range lately...

Comment #9

Thanks for sharing GGRobin/Ethelfleda. It's really opening my eyes - I am going to make a concerted effort to get in the 80's and see how I feel even with my veggie options...

Comment #10

I am a vegetarian and I agree it can be a challenge to keep the carbs down. I plan my day either the night before or early in the day to make sure I work everything in without too many carbs. For the first 2 months I was diligent about staying between 80-85 carbs but I have loosened up in the last couple weeks and let it get up into the 90-95 range..

Things I do to help with the carbs:.

- The only veggie burger I eat is MSF Grillers Prime (8 carbs for 2 patties).

- Real eggs are lower carb than eggbeaters (8 carbs for 2 c. eggbeaters v. 1 carb for 3 whole eggs, 2 carbs for 2 whole eggs + 4 whites, or 5 carbs for 1 c. eggbeaters + 2 whole eggs).

- Eat lower-carb Medifast meals like shakes & bars, and especially the Medifast scrambled eggs (10 carbs!).

- Limit condiments.

- Eat more raw veggies (1.5 c. cooked fresh broccoli is 18 carbs v. 1.5 c. raw broccoli is 9).

As to that last point, the raw v. cooked veggie thing really bugs me. If I can have 1.5 c. raw broccoli count as 1 full green, why can't I steam it and have it still count as a full green? I don't know if it's the nutrients getting lost in the cooking process or what..


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I ran a report as well and it says that I average 53g....this is my first week too so I am a bit concerned that I may be putting my body in starvation mode. I havent weighed myself yet (and dont plan on it till Sunday), so I guess I should wait and se the results on Sunday..

Any suggestions for a newbie?..

Comment #12

That is definitely low. Can you post some examples of what you've been eating?..

Comment #13

Breakfast : Medifast pancakes.

Mid-Morning : Dutch Chocolate Shake (55).

Lunch : Medifast Cream of Broccoli soup.

Afternoon : Fruit and Nut crunch.

Dinner : 6 oz Chicken Breast and Raw Cucumbers.

I forgot to have abn evning....


Comment #14

That's your problem. You need to have that evening snack. Also, I would suggest mixing up your green a bit. Have some lettuce, cucumbers, and another green for a salad. Or even a higher carb green like broccoli. That should do the trick for you...

Comment #15

Starvation mode theory deals with total calories or lack thereof, not carbs. The starvation mode theory comes from the idea that when one has too great of calorie deficit the body will not continue to release pounds in order to conserve.

Grams of carbs ingested each day or not, does not put one in starvation mode. Total number of calories ingested vs. total number of calories burned may or may not promote the starvation mode theory.


Comment #16

Also make sure your are eating THREE servings of vegetables. I made that mistake when I first started and was only eating ONE serving of veggies...

Comment #17

Yeah, that's only 4 Medifast meals. You have to have another one. And if you add a snack on top of that, it's ok...

Comment #18

I eat mostly cucumbers, lettuce, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower for my veg. I also have a snack every day now. I haven't logged in a while so I am not sure what my range is for carbs. I know I am at the higher end of the carb/calorie range because I feel better. I sometimes add a string cheese if I am really hungry or feeling weak. It scared me when I logged early OP and realized I was getting <800 calories and , <80 gms of carbs per day.

I just figure that I am OP, losing weight at a good rate, and feeling good...

Comment #19

Thank you Nora... it is so aggravating to see people throwing around the idea of "starvation mode" when they know nothing about it! BTW... the atkins plan has people eating 20 net carbs a day... and we all know that it works... so where is the "starvation mode" in that???..

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While on 5&1 I tried to keep my carbs between 80-85. Very rarely did I ever get into the 90's..

Comment #21

BTW Atkins counts net carbs, not actual carbs. If you take your carb total and subtract the fiber grams (not digested) and any sugar alcohols (not used the same as regular carbs), you'll get net carbs. My net carbs on Medifast run in the 50s. I believe phase I of Atkins had 20g net carbs and that was a short couple weeks to get you into ketosis, then you moved to phase II/III where you were in the 40-50g net carb range. But it's been a while since I tried it and it's just for information purposes.

It never hurts to look at what you are doing and to look for ways to improve whether that be to increase your losses or to keep losses long term. The Medifast program says less than 100g and optimal in the 80-85g range. They recognize that not everyone's choices will give them the same outcome..

Wishing you all the best of luck in losing and/or maintaining.


Comment #22

While I was on 5&1, my carbs were between 75-85...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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