Can't bring my Medifast food to a conference?

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I'm going to a conference this weekend and they do not allow outside food or drinks. You are allowed to bring an empty water bottle and fill from the fountain inside..

It's for 2 days - what am I going to do? They look in your bag and will confiscate any food they find. You think I could disguise the shake packets? I could mix them when I get inside..

I'll be able to eat breakfast and my evening snack at the hotel, dinner is at a restaurant so no problem there. It's just 3 meals for 2 days..

- Judy.

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I have a purse with a "secret compartment" in the bottom and no one knows it's there. Do you have one like that? ALso, you may want to check with the place. If it is for medical reasons, some places allow it. Get a docs note and see if it works. Or you can just do the whole "shove them down your pants until you're inside" teachnique. Then go to the bathroom, put them in a makeup bag and there you go.

I hope something works out!.

Comment #1

I'd totally be putting shakes or cocoa in my bra, and bringing a colored water bottle (one of those metal ones you can't see through) and then when you go to the bathroom put the powder in the bottle and add water..

Comment #2

What kind of conference restricts people bringing in their own stuff? No offense, but that sounds ludicrous. Tell them you're diabetic and you need to bring outside stuff. Im sure they dont want THAT liability..

I would make sure you speak to a manager or someone involved with setting up the conference and explain you are on a restrictive diet..

Is there special equipment that would be damaged in there? Are they trying to sell food/drink inside and they want business?.

Comment #3

I say put them in a makeup bag and put that bag in a zippered pocket inside your purse. If it's like the movie theater, they'll really just push things around haphazardly without actually looking..

Better yet, buy some maxi pads with wrappers (like always). Take the pads out of the wrappers and then wrap your packets up in the pad wrappers. Put them in a zippered pocket in your purse. Extreme, but it would work! Ha!.

Comment #4

Smuggle in bars- fight the power!.

Comment #5

I never thought about putting them in my clothes, what a great idea - I'll definately do that - I think I can fit a bar in my bra and a shake in each back pocket. Hmm, does my butt look big?.

It's not a work conference, it's a women's conference at a big arena in DC. I guess it is their policy, most likely to get you to buy their food. I actually signed up months ago and think I even bought a boxed lunch - which will most likely be a deli sandwich, apple, cookie, chips, and water. I guess I can have the water..

Comment #6

I love this! hahhhahahaha.

Comment #7

Ah ok, so it's for business sales. Understood, thanks for the clarity.. I was ready to incite the lynchmob on your behalf..

Comment #8

I'd really push the medical necessity thing. I doubt your dr will have a problem writing you a note. Or totally just hide the shakes in a bag in your bra (or under a flap in your purse, but for sure nobody is checkin boobies for food). If for whatever reason that doesn't pan out I'd just stick to 3 l&g. What kinda **** conference is this anyway??.

Note: apparently I can't say the name of Hitler's party on here..hmm odd..

Comment #9

Ahh, thanks - but we don't need to bring on the mob. These are funny, but really good ideas. I feel so much better..

Comment #10

Or in the back waistband of your pants!.

Comment #11

It's for women - with speakers, drama, worship, music, comedians, and such. I go with some ladies from my church, never been but they say it is a great time..

Comment #12

Ok..this may sounds strange. but when I went to an amusement park with my daughter, they didnt allow outside food. I stuck a few bars in my waste band on my pants. the bars were in a zip lock bag maybe you can do something similar and then take a bathroom break to eat a bar?.

Comment #13

Some of the options are so hilarious and ingenious! I wish I'd have thought about them trying to sneak beer into the football games! My favorite is the maxi pad wrapper! .

Seriously, though. Whomever is in charge needs to be told that you cannot just eat what they provide..

Comment #14

I would tell them that you have food allergies and can not eat what they are providing. That will scare them big time. Worse comes to worse..stash the stuff in the inside pockets of your purse or laptop bag. Both my purse and laptop bag have MANY pockets. The laptop bag has tons of cords and other stuff that they don't want to poke around in..

Comment #15

Find an old, too big bra and pack that puppy with some shake packets and bars. Careful of melting the bars, though, could get sticky. Good luck!!.

Comment #16

The maxi pad idea is so good!!!! I love it you cleaver, cleaver girl..

Comment #17

Just bring like 100 Medifast meals, they cant possible find them all.

Comment #18

I don't think the packets would really look like the "food" they will be searching for....

Comment #19

If this is a WOF conference, last year I told them it was for a special diet and they let me go in with it. However, every arena is different. Your are better off hiding it to be on the safe side. This year I'm going with a vegetarian friend of mine and we are going to keep a cooler in the car with a lunch for her and Medifast for me. I'll smuggle in a bar for the morning and then another for the afternoon in a jacket pocket or something. Don't worry, you'll figure it out..

Comment #20

I love the WOF conferences. I go to the Dallas ones...... You can do your food, no worries..

Comment #21

You could cut the inside out of a thick paperback book and store them in there. Wrap a few rubber bands around it and have some folded papers sticking out to give a reason for the rubber bands. But I love the maxi-pad idea. That would be a fun one.

I can see a new forum popping up here. "Smuggling Your MFing Food"..

Comment #22

Or you know those small 10 packs of tampons? Empty the small box and fill with shakes and bars. You can easily fit a day's work of Medifast in that size box; and who's going to check your tampons??.

Comment #23

I went to an afternoon into late evening concert yesterday that didn't allow outside food & they did do a very thorough check of bags etc. When I looked at the menu on line, there wasn't anything I could eat. I used two snack size ziplock bags for puffs, & lined the bottom of my bra with them, brought a pkt of punch in my purse (which they didn't recognize as food), and a bar in my waist band. I was able to stay on program, dance my bootee off (OK, a good part of it is still there ) and enjoyed a wonderful day. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!.

Comment #24

I went to a concert last week (day 3 for me) and I knew they would search purses. I snuck a bar in in my bra. Seemed a little drastic at the time, but it kept me from eating any of the junk they had there since it lasted 5 hours! Never thought I'd be sneaking diet food into a rock concert! lol! Best of luck to you!.

Comment #25

I've gone to a couple of events that didn't allow outside food and just brought in my Medifast food in my kids' diaper bag. My game plan if caught was to say that I'm on a special diet for medical reasons (true - I did have high triglycerides) and that I'd happily purchase my Medifast food at the event if they sold it. So far no one noticed my outside food. If they want to listen to my crabby, hungry self argue at their event fine, otherwise they'll just need to deal with it. Really, I would call in advance (anonymously) and explain your situation my guess is they'll be fine with it.

Please keep us posted as to what happens..

Comment #26

Oh my. Some of these ideas are priceless!!!!! Maybe hide the bars in your socks? Giggles. This is too much. You have to tell us what you snuck in and where you hid it. I vote maxi pad idea!!!!.

Comment #27

Good grief, I can't believe what some gals have done to stay ophopefully they don't start searching anal cavaties prior to events that's about the ONLY place that hasn't been suggested yet -LOL.

Comment #28

Maybe THAT'S what's wrong with the oatmeal..

Comment #29

LOL UGGGGHHH....definitely not a good place to hide a chocolate crunch bar on a hot day...

Comment #30

Two words...cowboy boots. Think of all you could stash in the legs of cowboy boots..

Comment #31

I laughed so hard at this thread. You all are just too much fun! I see the problem seem to be already solved, but I couldn't help but comment..

I love the way everyone jumps in to help, whatever the crisis. This site has been SO helpful for me during my short time here..

God bless, good luck to all, and I'll leave you with this little note....

Oh where can I hide my Medifast today?.

I just know theyre gonna search me, and take it away!.

I asked my buddies, Help me smuggle it in!.

They had so many tricks, but which one would win?.

I heard, Hide them in your boots!.

No! Hide them in your pants!.

(I could even strap them to my bloomers.

And do a little boogie dance!).

The tricks were all so helpful.

There were none that were too bad.

But the one that took the cake?.

Strap that sucker to a maxi pad!.

Everyone have a great day!.


Comment #32

Very cute and funny poem. Thanks for the chuckle!.

Comment #33

This works! Any time I smuggle my camera and telephoto lens into a concert I load my bag with tampons. The security person is always like "whoa! ok, next!".

Comment #34

Great thread and wonderful poem!.

Comment #35

I'm sure the other folks at work are wondering about the loud outbursts of laughter coming from my office... Seriously - what an amazingly creative group of folks!! You guys totally rock on so many levels! Makes me proud to be an MF'er! (and I can't wait to hear which method of smuggling she chose - LOL!).

Comment #36

I wrote a blog on this last month.... .

Let us know how it works out! You'll be surprised on how someone telling you 'you can't' will make you even more determined to stay OP! .

Let us know how it turns out!.

Comment #37

Loving all the ideas, but, it all seriousness, in a STADIUM of women, surely the OP is not the only one with dietary requirements/restrictions?.

AND, as long as the "meal" for sale has already been purchased (and likely not refundable) what is the problem is she brings additional foods? The event has made it's money....

I'm also very interested to read how it all turns out!!.

Comment #38

I'm sure that, it being a Women of Faith convention, it will all work out..

Comment #39

HAHAHA! Yeah, back in the day we were sneaking OTHER things into rock concerts.

Comment #40

Ahhh good old Women of Faith conference. I'm in the DC area too, have gone for years but decided not to this time just for this reason - too difficult to do Medifast there. Lots of temptation from arena vendors and NOTHING we can eat in the boxed lunch. I hope you have a great time, I will really miss it this year!!.

Comment #41

Is it Women of Faith? I have been and they NEVER searched through our bags. Who told you that? Maybe they are just trying to scare you all into not bringing stuff, but honestly, never had an issue going there. Thousands and thousands of women go to these things and I don't see that they have time to poke around in every nook and cranny.

We go to Busch Gardens nearby and they are supposed to root out the evil of outside food and beverage also- searching diligently through our kids diaper bag. They never say anything! We take in all manner of crackers, juice, etc. and save ourselves a bundle with the children.

You can hide it to be safe, but I would not worry too much. I will be shocked if you return to say they searched diligently through everyone's bags. Seems unlikely to me..

Comment #42

I love the James Bond aspect to all this!!! Hidden compartments...hiding food in your clothes...this is great!! I would try the medial first...then if not...I would enjoy the challenge of this! Just another NSV! Good luck, and let us know the outcome!!!!.

Comment #43

Way to go- you could give Dr. Suess a run for his money! Awesome job!.

Comment #44

I like the book idea. Stick some packets in your BIBLE!.

Comment #45

It probably depends on the venue how thoroughly they check. Here in DC I have had my bag checked..

Come to think of it, if you have food in packets they might not even realize what it is. The only things I would be really concerned with hiding are the bars..

Comment #46

Is it at the Verizon Center? I was supposed to go to that conference. :-( Anyways...I have gone to the Verizon Center for many concerts etc. and they don't do that thorough of a check in your bags. You could easily just slip them in a make up bag and they'd be fine. They are mostly looking for weapons when they do the checks anyways. Good luck!.

Comment #47

Shakes and bars..sneak them in!.

Comment #48

I get that at golf courses sometimes. I tell them if they can provide my Medifast meals, I'd be happy to buy my meals from them. The food is medically necessary, and if you really don't want me to eat it, then refund my tee time..

But next time I'll just sneak it in under my bra I am starting to get a little extra space in there ... lol.

Comment #49

Oh, if this is at the Convention Center or the Verizon Center they won't look that closely and I doubt they'd even recognize the packets as food if they saw them. Any of the ideas suggested so far will work as would putting it inside something you'd normally find in a purse like a glasses case or that sort of thing..

Comment #50

This thread is just too funny but also very serious because of the issues it raises. I agree that they are probably just trying to get you to buy their food but they obviously haven't taken other factors into consideration. I love the ideas presented here and think the "smuggle" the packets in your bra and other areas of clothing are about the right thing to do.

I don't think I've heard of food being smuggled into events - except maybe into movie theaters..

Comment #51

Smuggle them in....or get a doctor's note! They have no right to dispute that!.

Comment #52

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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