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So, I just started medifast 8 days ago and have lost 9 pounds already. I lost my job yesterday and I can't afford to spend 300 for my next shipment in 3 weeks. I want to know if anyone knows how I can continue this journey on my own with my own food and still lose... I don't know what to do, because I know this works and I want to stay with it, but I can't spend the money without any income on my part coming in... Any suggestions would help...

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Hello- sent you a private message on this! Hope it helps!..

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Personally, I'd probably switch to South Beach. SB is a very healthy diet that controls carbs without going crazy and emphasizes complex carbs, proteins and vegis. I'm planning on incorporating SB principles into the maintenance phase when I get there.

Sorry about your job; hope things brighten up for you soon...

Comment #2

Maybe you could try buying Medifast food cheaper on Ebay...

Comment #3

Sorry to hear you lost your job, really bad news always but right before the holidays is dreadful. Good luck with your continued weight loss journey, have you thought about trying the T&M plans and making your existing meals stretch as far as possible. Lots of users continue to lose in transition and beyond so it might work...

Comment #4

First of all, sorry you lost your job..

Don't be too quick to assume you can't do MF. I know my hubby said our food budget went wayyyyy down when I joined MF.

You are going to have to 'eat' and 'buy' food anyway..

I suggest you contact Nutrisystem directly, not thru the site. They have all sorts of modified plans to help when folks have either financial, or medical reasons for needing help with the plan. This is a business, and Medifast does not want to lose a customer, so they are willing to work with us.

Don't give up hope. You have made a great start and investment in YOU, your health, and your future...

Comment #5

Thank you all for your suggestions... I'm going to try to stay on program and I will contact Nutrisystem and see how I can supplement some of my meals for cheap... I can probably afford to do $150 a month and figure out how to fill in the rest of the meals... Thanks for keeping me motivated and I will push on.....

Comment #6

I think that the basic principles apply regardless...the pre-packaged food just makes it easier to stick with. Study the nutritional data of your daily meal plans...the calories, fat, carbs, etc. If you can design your own plan using those same numbers as a guideline and continue the 5 small meals plus one lean and green meal then I thinks it absolutely possible to do this without Medifast meals but it will take a lot of planning. Good luck to you...

Comment #7

Sorry you lost your job. That stinks..

For me personally, it is cheaper to be on Medifast than to go back to my old ways. Since being on Medifast I have actually been able to save money!!.

Everyones situation is different though. I was a fast food addict and a junk food addict and a late night munchie addict. I'd eat FF 1-2 times a day at 6-8 dollars each and then cookies, candy, Shakes, chips and pop! OMG the amount of Diet coke I drank was unreal. Now, I don't buy it, just Medifast and L&G. For us, iMF is the cheaper route..

Comment #8

I agree that South Beach is a great alternative. But I also agree that my total family food cost went WAY down when I started MF. We don't go out to eat anymore or buy expensive processed junk..

In addition to eBay, also check out Craigslist for cheaper Medifast meals. Sometimes people order it and don't stick with it. Maybe you can find some deals..

Also, search the boards for L&G on a Budget. There was a nice thread about it recently with great suggestions. I know tuna was mentioned alot..

I'm so sorry that this happened at such a hard time of year. Good luck with your search!.

No matter what, stay here for support :-).


Comment #9

We never really ate out to begin with. We always made meals and I was pretty good about getting lean cuisines and such at lunch to keep things inexpensive... I just need to try to find a way to put aside some money for me to try to stay as close to on program as possible. It is definately more expensive for me to be OP by about $100 a month. So if I can cut it back in costs some how that is the way. I will try to see if I can find the shakes with about the same content at Super Supplements and save on costs there?? I will overcome, yes I will...

My husband is supportive to my weightloss, but doesn't understand that I have a hard time holding myself accountable without this program... I like the principles and it is fitting in so well!! I still have to make a full dinner for my family other then what I'm eating, because they won't eat it. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night for example... It's been easy for me to avoid it and I want to keep it that way!!!..

Comment #10

I lost my job in August and fretted about MF. My husband took over paying for it because he thought it was important for me to continue since it was obvious I was having results and I was very happy..

I was eating out a lot, either restaurants or fast food, so my costs have gone way down. But unemployment funds are less than 1/3 what I was bringing in before so it's been very tight here..

I think South Beach is way too expensive and time intensive...

Comment #11

So sorry about the loss of your job, but you have received lots of good advice here. If you deem that Medifast is simply not a possibility for you, then like others here have said, SB or any lower carb, with good lean proteins, count carbs carefully, will probably work. Just be sure to take a vitamin daily to get your balanced nutrition. Hopefully things will improve and you can hop right back on plan in the future! Best Wishes!!..

Comment #12

This is so true, I was unemployed for months while on Medifast and actually saved a small fortune, especially with the HIGH cost of groceries. It's Scary..

Sorry to hear of your job loss and hope Nutrisystem is able to help you in your situation..

Good Luck..


Comment #13

Well, I am currently unemployed, and unemployment definitely is quite paltry, but my health is my #1 priority. Actually, I believe it is cheaper than before, I do not eat out anymore, no more Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts or McDonald's or Subway, no more booze, no more ice cream.

You have to sit down and make some decisions about what you want to do. I dropped my land line phone, cut my cable, changed my insurance coverage, haven't had my hair cut in ages, don't go to anything that isn't free, explained to people I love and who love me that I do not have a gift giving budget right now, and generally squeeze is penny mercilessly...

Comment #14

Hey Ashley. So sorry to hear about your job. Wishing you well..

I got my last order using and they have a discount plus you get 5% of your purchase back as a rebate (down the road but still). This month they had $25 off $150+ order or $50 off $275+ order.

I ordered just over $275 and paid $10 for shipping but with the discount and my rebate, I'll pay about $223. Not bad for a month's worth of food, although I know every penny counts!.

Something to think about although Medifast may be able to help you more. Good luck with everything!..

Comment #15

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