Canon S1 IS and purple fringe
Hi, I'm looking at the Canon S1 IS as well as the Olympus 770 and the Pentax that also has image stablization. I've been reading the posts and I think there's a bazillion folks in a similar delima. I can tell you why it's on the top of my list (which may change). First, the question: As far as I can tell the biggest image quality difference (against the s1 is) is purple fringing. My question to you experts out there: can purple fringing be removed (easily, not so easily?) via photoshop or the like? I am NO expert at photoshop, but am willing to become one if needed. Now, why the canon? Well for me, I've heard the alternatives have better image quality but the canon has some very cool features - not the least of interest to me is the quality underwater housing and image stablization.

So, the olympus doesn't have the image stablization - I NEED to get in close and I won't have time to whip out a tripod. And, the pentax (Zsomething10) doesn't have (to the best of my knowledge) a very nice underwater housing. Other things that caught my eye about the canon is the CF memory - still cheaper and will always be available in larger sizes. And, by taking "AA"'s, when I'm traveling out of country I can afford to bring several extra sets and use alkalines in a pinch. So, if I can solve the image quality issues (high-contrast w/zoom way out) that I've read about, then I think I'm good to go....

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G'day Ken ,I have had my S1Is for 5 weeks or so and have shot 700 odd photos on it and have yet to see any purple fringeing although I have yet to shoot any night shots on it .I understand from the review on stevesdigicam site that this can be reduced by using a smaller apperture which would be less of a problem on this camera than most due to the image stabilization.I understand from the reviews that I read whilst buying this camera that all it's 10 x zoom rivals suffer to some extent.I'm afraid I cant help you on the photoshop front as I am still learning the basics of photoshop my self.I feel that CF cards in this camera are a big plus as the price of a sandisk ultra 2 1GB (I paid $380 aust dollars from a camera store .)card is now not a lot more than a 512MB in other formats and is very quick.All the people who recomend the NiMH AA batteries for this camera were spot on as I am able to get a full days use off a charge and a spare set are only about $20 aus .The C770 was not in my local shops at the time I bought the S1-is so I did not get to try it out but I feel that image stabilization and ultrasonic zoom on this camera would reduce some of the image quality difference due to 3.2 vs 4.2 mp sensors. There is a lot of flexibility with this camera so far as settings go so any problems such as high contrast at long zoom settings can be delt with, although this is not something I have noticed on my photos.I am very happy with this camera so far.If you have not already found it there is a very comprehensive review on the Steves Digicams site.

I hope I have been of assistance.


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Thanks for the info! I did spot the review on Steves Digicams site - that coupled with some sample photos from a user prompted the concern. Glad to hear that for most uses, it's not a problem. Let me pose this question then...if you had to take a picture of a bird in flight from a canoe could the camera pull it off? There wouldn't be a lot of time to prepare and fast focus on a moving object would be essential. Granted, this is the most extreme thing I'd ever ask the camera to do and I can't currently do it... Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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G,day Ken.

If you want to take Images of sport/wildlife where fast focusing and shutter release are important you find all digital cameras at this price point leave a lot to be desired compared to a true D-SLR ie Cannon EOS 300d (digital rebal in US) EOS 10d etc.My trusty old EOS 630 film SLR is far Better at taking photos of Aircraft in flight and sport due to much quicker shutter release and focus time is simular, also no lag in viewfinder/display.I am currently experimenting with the continuos shooting mode and focus bracketing features in an attempt to improve my success rate at taking shots of my son playing Auskick (australian rules football for under 7's).The only reason I have not bought a D-SLR is cost!I feel the main way I will get decent action photos will be to shoot lots and accept a higher failure rate.

Good luck Brendon..

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Hi Ken I have just returned from a walk to the local park which has a small wetland area in it and I saw a harrier in flight a short distance away but was unable to get the camera to focus on it and had great difficulty keeping it the EVF viewfinder against an overcast sky.A short while later I startled some egrets into flight approx 30ft from me but only ended up with with 4 blurs taking off!.

On a happier note I have had better luck with with action shots using the continuous shooting modes.I think you should definitely test this camera in the field before you buy.


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Hi Brandon (G'day?) That was good information... Disappointing, but good information. Given that I can't afford the IS lens on a Rebel (300D) that would be comprable to this in terms of speed and length, I might have to just get used to being disappointed at this pricepoint. It appears to do enough other cool things until I can afford the right camera, though. Bottom line - are you happy with the quality and performance? Ken..

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Hi Ken ,Yes I am happy with this camera as I believe it is at least as good as it rivals at this price point.My results are still improving at a steady pace as I learn to get the best out of this style of camera.This camera does every thing my old slr did and being digital I can afford to take photos to my hearts content.

The only omisions as far as I can see is a lack a flash shoe so I cant use my trusty old 430ez speedlight.The most disappointing/frustrating things to me on this style of camera is the EVF and lag between display and photo capture .The number of photos I have taken with the subject departing the frame is amazing!.

On a more positive note I doubt you will find a more silent camera which should be a big plus for anyone shooting wildlife.One good tip I have picked up from a digital photo website was to set exposure 1/3 or so under as underexposure takes to seconds to correct in any image browser but over exposure cant be fixed easily.

Good luck.


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@all ISS1 users... Its now a week or so, am trying different things with this. But am finding difficult for macro shots!!!, hs any1 tried with this, or what settings to use. All I tried was to focus & zoom from 2-3 feets away and take the shots. On the other hand my frnd hs coolpix 4300, that hs a great macro capability.. attached is the sfo crystal zoomed frm app 2-3 feets!!!.

A bird on the traffic pole with zoom!!!.

The other is a close encounter of babyoil with no zoom @ 10 cms distance, but I hv to put the camera on the table and take it, with hd the cam gives "shake warning" though IS was on.. so far I love this cam, like the movie mode, it's cool.. some downside, the zoom leaver and click button are on the same plane, where you hv to handle both with single finger!!!!!.. hv to train your fingure any1 tried moving objects,.

Can the owners share ther great pic with this camera??? Attachments:.


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And the 3rd babyoil. though the sfo crystal, the bridge looks blurred/shake, a close look of the crystal showed thats how it's was made!!! expecting others to post there shots!!! Attachments:.


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Hi Cjarr.

I have shot a few macro photos on my S1-Is and have found my best results to be with zoom set closer to wide angle end rather than telephoto end .At tele end min focusing distance is about 1 meter and at wide 10 cm .I also have used a tripod mainly cause it was difficult to hold camera steady close to ground.I would also try with stronger lighting and camera set to P mode with iso 50 selected.

I also had a problem with quality for a short time when I accidently set IS mode to the setting for the optional tele extender.

I have attached two photos Which are slighty cropped.Sorry I cant send full size images due to account size limits.

Brendon Attachments:.


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Here is one of a swamp hen shot at local park. Attachments:.


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