Canon Reliability Question
I really like the Canon SD400 Powershot. However, it seems they have a "fatal flaw". I was reading reviews online and it seems there are quite a bit of complaints about the "E18" error. This error usually happens a few month of use. It prevents the lens from going back and renders the camera useless...

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Hi, I currently have a 3 year old Canon A60 2 megapixel camera. First of all, I have experienced the E18 error, twice. Luckily, I was under warranty in both instances and the costs to repair were minimal. But I was without my camera for two months while waiting for Canon to repair it. This camera has taken great pictures for most of the time I've own it. Just recently it's starting to show it's age and I'd like to buy a new model.

I want a reliable camera that takes great photos. Can anyone recommend a good camera, or should I stick with a Canon and take my chances?..

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I've had 3 cannon cameras and have to say I was not happy with one of them. Canon was not helpfull at anytime of ownership. Two of the rigs were film. The AE1 and Rebel SII. The last being the digital SD400. I now have a few KODAKS and SONYS.

I have to get the NIKONS from my Daughter when I want to shoot film, it's hard to pray them out of her hands. Now please this is not a canon flaming here. No need for anyone to take what I said and try to start a fight over it. It's just the honest truth about how canons have worked for me...

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Sorry make that five. How about the wonderfull CANON S1IS Lens cap broke the day I bought the cam memery card jammed in the slot when ever it felt I donated this wonderfull camera to the troops in IRAQ. I bet it dies a fast death in the blowing sand. Then I can point out the great CANON A95 The LCD stopped working 3 times in five months The menu button stopped working twice. I got CANON to buy this outstanding doorstop back...

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I wish I had read these messages about Canon before I invested.

Thousands of dollars in their MarkII Ds and all of their "L" lenses.

Everything was fine until the camera stopped communicating with the.


I sent it for repair - the Calgary office - and waited two weeks for.

A response. When I called them they could not locate the camera in.

Their database. They said they would call back the next day. Of.

Course, nothing of the sort happened. When I called the following day.

It mysteriously showed up in their database. When I asked when I might.

Expect it, I was told 'Kevin' would call me back. Needless to say.

That never happened either.

Since it sounds like I may have to wait a couple of months for them.

To get to it, I think as consumers we should at the very least demand.

These companies extend their puny one year warranty to cover the time.

The camera is in their hands and unavailable for normal wear and.

Tear use by the owner!..

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You and Edward must knock the crap outta your cams? I have owned a S50 for a couple of years now, and it has NEVER let me down. Sliding lens cover worried me a bit, but has always functioned. I have taken snow, beach, and rain shots with it, no problem. Own a few film bodies too. Canon EF, Canon EOS A2e, Canon EOS 10s, EOS Elan II, EOS 630, Canon ae-1, and EOS Elan 7. My 12 year old son borrows a few of the EOS from time to time! NEVER a problem.

Even Mercedes and BMW make lemons. Poor analogy I know. So shoot me! ha! Happy Shooting!.


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Glad to hear there are some happy customers out there. As the MarkII Ds is their top of the line digital slr, I would not.

Be surprised if this is the 'bleeding edge' of their technology, and.

So would expect some glitches. However having used the camera very little - maybe 100 pictures - it is.

Not 'knocking the crap' out of this camera. In other reviews I have.

Noted a focusing problem that has plagued these cameras as well. Buy one, and let me know!..

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Don't forget. You always hear about the problems but people don't post when things are functioning well. There are thousands of folks out there using Canons with no troubles. If there are more Canon failures it's probably cause there are more of their cameras out there. I doubt they have any higher failure rate than any other brands...

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Well said, Benson! Poster of this original message must be one of those that dont know how to use a camera, I don't know? Happy Shooting.


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You guys must work for Canon. Maybe you can explain why it takes over four weeks to get a.

Repair done in the slower winter time. Gee, could it be lots of Canons are at the repair shop? Maybe no worse than any other manufacturer, but we have no way of knowing, do we. Either we complain and get rude remarks about our use of the camera from your types, or we meekly accept company policy without comment. But if any company wanted to improve their brand, the complaint department must be the first place to look to improve not only the hardware, but customer relations as well. Then everyone wins...

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Yeah Edward Ernest Johnson! and my new free 30d is just marvy!! Rude remarks, come on man! Some peeps tell it like it is. What can I tell you? Happy Shooting.


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I don't think it really matters what name brand of camera you own, I'm starting to think maybe each name brand has it's own little problems. From my own experience I have had a kodak ls443 and after 2 1/2 yrs of owning it, it came up with the E45 error and my lens was stuck, I replaced it with my canon S2 IS 5 months ago and paid the difference of the two cameras and as of last night I got the E 18 error and my lens was stuck on that one so back to future shop it went hopefully for a repair. I also have the Kodak DX 7590 and so far no problems with that one. My sister inlaw has owned the canon A10 sense they came out and has never had a problem whats so ever with her canon, my inlaws own a Minolta Z5 and their camera just up and quit so they replaced theirs with the exact same camera again because thats the camera they liked,and before that they had an olympus wich took a swim in the lake. so I'm thinking it doesn't really matter what kind of camera you own, they probably will eventually down the road have something go wrong with it. Personally myself if my canon can't be repaired I would definatley buy another canon in a heart beat.

Mind you I'm no photographer or even someone experienced at taking photos, I ownly take everyday kind of pics of my ponds, animals and my kids, but I love the colors and the way my pictures turn out from the canon. Needless to say I like my Kodak camera but I love my canon, and if I was asked by someone out of the three name brand cameras I have listed I would still recommend a canon even with having a problem with it. Sure I'm upset about my canon's E18 error and at the time I was when my kodak quit too but I have no complaints or regretts of ever owning either camera. I think with my own experience you end up finding a camera that you like and that suits you and you kind of tend to stick to that name brand of camera but thats just me. So in closing I guess you just buy what ever camera you feel comfortable with and that you like and just hope for the best...

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Hi Rhonda!.

Alllrightyyyy, a Canon girl!.

Points all well taken. Sometimes it might be prudent for consumers to actually 'weigh' in on whether or not to purchase a Product protection plan. I have mixed results with these, although mostly favorable. I purchased one when I picked up my Powershot S50, mainly due to the sliding lens door. It was through Ritz, and they will cover almost anything short of loss or theft, or outright vandalism. The S2IS is a great camera Rhonda, and I hope you can get it fixed, and take many great shots with it. Peace.


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