Canon PowerShot SD700 IS
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I caught a few minor errors that I wanted to bring to your attention:.

1) The price is just under $500, not $400.

2) The battery supplied is the NB-5L. Otherwise, good review...

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Mikey: Thanks. I'll pass your comments along to the review team. Forum Admin..

Comment #2

I have debating on a Canon sd700 vs Sony T-30. This is my first small digital. I have the Canon Pro 1 and several film cameras. Salesman at Wolf told me today Canon was more complicated and Sony easier to use. I would like to eliminate red eye and achieve sharpe images...Any help would be appreciated. Jackie..

Comment #3

Most of the small cameras have trouble with redeye but it is so easy to fix with a Mac using the included iPhoto and PhotoShop Elements on the PC side. In fact, I no longer even worry about redeye because of the simplicity of removal. Now if I could feel as confident with removing purple fringing, another problem many small cameras have. The reviews on the SD700 have been very very good. I know has that computer on sale right now for about $415 with free shipping. More than most small cameras but with image stabilization it is worth it...

Comment #4

I've owned several digital cameras and the Canon SD700 IS is by far my favorite. I purchased this camera because I wanted a camera that supported photo sizes 8 X 10 or more, it had to be small and compact, have good optical zoom, and have excellent picture quality. After comparing with other brands, I found this camera had all my requirements and a whole lot more. It's just the right size to take with you anywhere. The camera starts up quickly and is very responsive. The image stabilization works beautifully and is useful on a camera so small.

I love having a 4x optical zoom on a compact camera. Along with the camera I purchased a large capacity secure digital memory card and an additional Canon NB-5L battery. I purchased the SanDisk 2 GB Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card and at the highest image quality setting it holds 720 photos. I've always liked having an extra battery to extend my camera use. I've been very satisfied with Canon products in general and this camera is no exception.

Max Smith..

Comment #5

Has anyone else had any problems with the SD700 IS running out of juice immediately after the low battery indicator comes up? Twice now my SD700 IS has only allowed me 3 or 4 shots after the low battery indicator comes on. Have any of you experienced this problem? Or do you think there may be something wrong with my camera or battery? The camera seems to have the battery life advertised, it's just that the low battery indication comes on too late...

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I'm new to digital photography and made my first mistake, when I purchased a small digital camera with out an optical view finder. Right out of the box, put in the battery and went outside to check out theimage on the LCD screen. It was a sunny day and to my utter disappointment, the 2.5 screen was unusable. I couldn't see anything on that washed out screen. I tried to shade the screen with my hand and even that didn't help much. I should have listen to the reviewers on "," who warn against relying solely on an LCD screen.

It's going back and I'm going with the Canon IS...

Comment #7

I bought the new Canon SD700 IS in part because of it's obvious sexiness sleek, ultracompact, well designed exterior features and controls and in part based on reviews of it's image quality, something that is difficult to ascertain by looking at the camera at the electronics stores. After using at home over the past three weeks, I am beginning to question the reviews I have been reading (e.g., about it's image quality. To give the question a fair study, I set up a tripod to photograph a wristwatch, and compared the performance of the Canon SD700 IS against my older Olympus C-3040Z. For both shots, I used the macro settings, autofocus, and timers on the cameras. I posted the results on my Web page at It's obvious that the Canon shot is definitely blurry, especially compared against that of the Olympus. I find this unacceptable in a camera, especially one that costs $400. Is this the best that the Canon SD700 IS can do, or could it be that (1) my camera is defective and needs to be replaced by the dealer, or (2) there is some setting I could make to my existing camera that could improve the results...

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My friend has a 700D, and his photos are always excellent. The newly-announced 800D seems to be very similar (1/2.5" sensor, image stabilization, more pixels). The 900D improves the sensor to 1/1.8", and the megapixels to 10. But it lacks image stabilization. Ignoring the cost; is the upgrade from 1/2.5" to 1/1.8" going to outweigh the subtraction of image stabilization?..

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I own a sd700 I am returning it... went on vacation with friends, their olympus 3040 gave much better quality images.. clearer brighter better color... using the compare feature I have determined the sony H5 will be our new camera.. are the sony compacts as nice as the h5? anyone else have this issue with color? I see few reviews that quantify color capability... the compare shows how good the h5 is vs the sd700..

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I just got my canon SD700 IS about two months ago. I have had only Sony's in the past. What ever I do... the photo's are just not as clear as my other camers' Any suggestions as to what setting could be off? I have tried everything. When pressing the button half way down for the shot... the lcd light is red????? Is this normal;? Thanks ahead for any help. Can use it!!!..

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How can I erase all photos in one step. I'm sure I don't have to do it one at at time...

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JeannetteI have not tried to erase any single photos from storage, but.

I have erased all photos at one time by formatting the SD card. If you enter the menu, and go to "format," you can clean off everything on the card by opting for the low level format. It is also possible to remove the storage card from the camera and format it on your computer with a USB card reader, but I read somewhere that it is recommended that you do the formatting in the camera because the camera may encounter some difficulties reading the card if it is formatted with software other than Canon's. I hope this answers your question...

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