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I bought my SD 550(ixus 750)a month ago and have taken 400 shots so far. Most of the shots have had great exposure in automatic mode(apart from compensation for backlit subjects). Colour is vibrant and lens detail is excellent and more than can be expected for an ultracompact. Build quality is exceptional, although case is easily scratched. The 2.5 inch LCD is great although it could be further improved with higher definition. Noise is not an issue at all at ISO 400 for 6 x 4 prints.

All in all, a fantastic camera for everyday shots, only proviso is to use within it's capabilities...

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I too have a 550 but was debating whether to switch to the 620.. I had a few red eye problems in the 550... My camera choices were canon 550.

Canon a620.

Canon s80 or any fuji but must be at least 6 megapixels The 620 would fit in my pocket as I do a lot of shooting at night clubs.....

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I have an SD500, and yes I know that this is an SD550 chat, but I didn't feel the need to start a new thread. Also, from the research I have done, the only difference between these camera's is the size of the LCD.

Well, getting to my reason for posting, my SD500 has much interference when taking videos. Just now, I tried taking a video in my room, with nothing audible playing, and I get this interference which sounds like a radio frequency or something. It is just a whole lot of noise that plays over any audio that is recording during the movie. Seems as though it's internal. I have no idea what to make of it.

Has anyone had this problem? What do you suggest?.

I appreciate your time. -Jalal..

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Jalal- Have no idea. I Switched from a S80 to the sd550. I finally got it down in my head the whole point for this second camera is to get something small and good as a secondary camera. The S80 did everything well and I LOVED the wideangle. But the unit was TOO BIG and the battery door opens too easly.

The SD550, they have a latch for the battery door. Why the heck they couldn't do this to the s80 is beyond me. Pictures so far has been good. That AiAutoFocus, I'm not sure I like that. I have my subject in the middle of the screen and it tries to focus on stuff on the side. Only way around that is to go manual.

Its dumb that I have to press one button to turn it on(actually at least 4 presses) and one more (at least 3 more to get to the part to change the shutter length).

I also had nothing but Sony cameras before this so I'm spoiled but I wish they gave me a battery indicator to tell me how my charge is going. As far as I can tell, it doesnt show you anything untill it's low. And why the heck couldnt Canon give you a charger that you DIDN'T need to remember to unplug from the wall? If I forget to do that, theres a change I can overcharge the battery if greater than 24hrs...

Comment #4

Does anyone know how to determine the effective read/write speed of the Canon SD550 with it's SD memory card? I am trying to determine how fast of a card to purchase (I am thinking a 60x card)..

Comment #5

Does anyone know anything about a semi hard carring case for the camera to help protect the LCD from cracking? I've read that the LCD screens crack easily and that it is worth buying a semi hard or hard cover carrying case for the camera. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one. Any suggestions are appreciated..

Comment #6

Have you looked at the Canon PSC-50 soft leather case?..

Comment #7

Go to Ebay and get a LCD screen sticks on, weighs little or nothing and doesn't affect the viewabilityand it works. Flew my S30 off the trunk lid when my husband hit the release and the LCD was fine upon landing. That sold me...

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I have a Canon SD550 that seems to have an over powerful flash. Anytime a shot is taken with the flash turned on (in either a light or dark situation, the flash generates an excessive amount of light. How can I reduce the level of flash exposure?..

Comment #9

What is this called, so I can find it on ebay?.



Comment #10

Does anyone know how I can activate datestamp on regular pictures not just on postcards?..

Comment #11

I just got my Canon Power Shot SD550 Digital Elph and ran to the airport from NYC to Ukraine. Unfortunately, I left my Camera Solutions Disk Version 25 at home. Any advice for how I can get the software and load my pics to my computer?..

Comment #12

Just bought an Ixy700 (Japanese version) and have mixed feelings. Very shocked at the amount of corner softness at wide ange - unlike the review it seems the top left hand corner is worst. Perhaps this is inevitable in ultra compact zooms. Very pleased with the quick responsive performance and design with ability to change ISO without going through menus...

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I have a Canon SD 550 and this is my third canon camera - Overall I love them but I have had a recurring problem on Some pictures. I get a perfectly round circle in the picture when I shoot night pictures and sometimes dark pictures. I have been told it is pollution but it occurs all over the world when I take pictures, and it is exactly the same size and in the same spot on pictures. It does not occur on all pics and I am really confused as to what it can be. I have been told it was a defective lens and canon sent me another camera and that had it , I just bought the 550 and out of about 400 pictures around 5 had it on them. Help! Anyone else have this problem...

Comment #14

Penny, It could be dirt on the sensor, dirt on the lens or just dust near by in the air (if the flash is used). It's hard to say without an example. Can you post a photo? Maxx..

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