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Just bought my 4th digital camera in as many years (the Canon SD 400) Did a lot of research online/camera stores/ friends. Am a slightly advanced beginner photographer. This is by far the best subcompact digital I have ever had..the pics are incredible! I have always bought the compacts for convience..we travel alot and have lots of family get togethers..I hate carrying a big bulky camera with case and that old line that men use with there wives or girlfriends of, "here honey, hold this for a minuet" only works once or twice before she catches on! Very few pics needed adjusting in iPhoto on my Mac. I used to have to adjust about 70% with other cameras. Bought a 1 gig Sandisk Ultra II at Cost Co for $75 ( In case you haven't noticed, ALL small digitals only come with a 16 or 32 meg disk) Took 261 high res pics on first battery charge (90 min). Had the LCD on for all pics.

Lots of zooming. Lot of "reviewing". I think that with nomal use and LCD off I could have taken 350 to 400 pics! The camera is so small and light that it easily fits in my pocket. I bought a small black baby sock and put on a LCD clear plastic cover ( sold in most camera stores in packs of 12) so any loose change or keys in my pocket would not scratch it. Was amazed how quick it started up to get first flash shot!..even though it is so small the controls are very easy to use..My wife had taken 50 shots of our daughters wedding preparations and loved how easy it was for her to use! I read is some reviews that the flash was substandard..hey folks, it's a subcompact digital!..not a large body SLR!..but even so I was getting incredible, very wide angle fill, flash shots at 16 to 20 ft in a pitch black room! pic #251 I got a red "low batt" light..still took 10 flash pics before stopping.

Only negative..the PLASTIC! ( Canon..shame on you!) Batt/chip cover and comp interface ports. Need to be carefull when accesing these. But one small negative is far outweighed but the MANY pluses...My vote, "Two Thumbs Way Up!"..

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I just purchased the 400 last night and am looking forward to using it. I wanted a camera which can easily fit in my pocket. This one is perfect. Will let you know about the photographs...

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Just bought one and I love it. Great pictures, easy to use, small enough to fit in your pocket...

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Bought the camera May 30th of this year. Loved the pictures and the size of the camera. But the display screen went out before my eyes as I was preparing to take another picture. Had the camera less than 60 days. Did not drop or damage the camera in any way. Limited warranty presumes mishandling if the display goes out so they don't cover it.

In fact they charge $150 to send the camera back to the manufacturer. Pretty much a total loss. Very disappointed in the customer support all the way around...

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This goes to LARRY BELISLE! Yeah, I did a lot of research on the SD series and decided to get the SD400. It's a great camera with it's feature "my colors" it's fun to use. I mean, I was aware of the SD series having problems with the LCD screen just going out. I have a question for you LARRY, did you purchase Best Buy's 4 Year Performance Service Plan? (only 59.99) Obviously not.....cause their service plan does cover the LCD. I purchased it and they did a great job of ensuring me that it was covered. What a great value.

Would've saved you a lot of money...

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The problem which you described is in now way related to the auto-brightness function. As you know, when you take night shots, the camera uses long exposure times (up to a few seconds). Nonetheless, in order to have a more or less live feed-back from your LCD you have to have an update of the images of less then a second or so, thus the camera amplifies (a lot) the low signal from the CCD, hence the noise.

The DC producers' trends nowadays is to increase the resolution of the cameras while reducing their size. Smaller camera sizes -> smaller optics and CCDs. Smaller CCDs with more photo-sensors on it results in less quantity of light falling on each of the sensors which becomes more obvious during night shots (like the difference between SD200 and SD400).

Hope this answered your question...

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Thanks! That completely answers my question! Guess that's one more thing I need to compare for my next upgrade..

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I am in the process of selecting a new digital camera - my S200 was great but I want a model that is better with red-eye reduction. Can anyone tell me their experience with red-eye and the SD400? Also, I am concerned about the infamous Canon E18 error problem. Is this camera prone to it?..

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I haven't noticed that much of a red eye problem with either SD200 or SD400. There are some posts regarding the E18, but personally I've never seen or heard any of my friends experienced it. Canon's website attributes this problem to using the camera while the battery is low (power running out while lens is still retracting). So you can avoid this problem by simply keeping a fully charged 2nd battery handy..

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Canon PowerShot SD400 is a shoddily-made piece of garbage and their customer service is abyssmal. I purchased this camera 6 weeks ago. It is my fourth digital camera, but my first (and last) Canon product. To say that I am dissatisfied with this product is a huge understatement. Never have I purchased such a piece of garbage in my life.

After purchasing it I noticed the "Spotlight" review on for this product which says:.

-The LCD is very fragile. Read the SD200 and SD300 reviews to see lots of unhappy people whose LCDs broke. Canon's warranty does NOT cover this either..

The reviewer is absolutely correct. I'm yet another one of those unhappy people. The LCD on this camera is a ridiculously delicate. Despite incredibly careful handling and very limited use the LCD broke within weeks. Again, I've had four digital cameras before this one (two by Kodak, two by Olympus) and have never had any of them break or malfunction in any way. In fact, I still have no idea whatsoever what "incident" caused the Canon LCD to break.

I sent the camera in for warranty repair assuming it would be, not so much.

In addition to the shoddy construction of the camera, dealing with Canon customer service was a complete nightmare. They were utterly indifferent and unwilling to help. They just kept saying that if it the LCD was broken then it must automatically mean that I did something to it, oh and by the way your warranty is now voided. To them there was absolutely no possibility that they are selling a sub-standard product, or that the LCD might have been damaged before I got it. Were perfect, youre not, now pay up.

What they did tell meover and over againwas how fragile the LCD on this camera is and how you must take "extreme" care when using it. Excuse me, but "extreme" care when handling a point and shoot type camera? What in the world do these people think their customers do with these cameras, leave them in a box somewhere? Apparently this is the only appropriate operating environment for their cameras. I mean, it's a TRAVEL-SIZED're going to take it places.

Anyway, after bumping my complaint up to a supervisor I was able to get a whopping 20 percent reduction on the repair, but it will still cost over $100 (which is about 1/3 of the cost of the purchase price of the camera). I was also told repeatedly by the supervisor that it is against "Canon policy" to waive LCD repairs and that, again, I must have used it in an incorrect manner.

Despite the admitted positives of this camera with regard to image quality, I strongly urge that you buy a more robustly built camera if you intend to use it as any reasonable person would; after all, what good are pretty images if the camera doesnt work?..

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