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Thanks for the thorough review. I've had a G9 for about six weeks and like it quite a bit. I also have a G3. I've made some notes about each in my blog, Gordon..

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If you opt for the custom leather carrying case for the G9, it is well made with one exception. The wimpy little magnetic closure button is too weak to keep the top lid of the case closed. I solved this problem by adding two small (.5" x 1") adhesive-backed strips of velcro to the front corners of the lid's mating surfaces. I used black VELCRO brand Industrial Strength (adhesive) UPC#759670977 which have 3 sets* of 4"x2" strips which I found at Walmart's (Fabrics/Sewing Section) for about $3. Also, check That's enough VELCRO to fix 24 of these Canon camera cases or whatever other such uses you might have for black VELCRO...

Comment #2

Hi, does anyone have Manual for Canon Power Shot G 9? Thanks...

Comment #3

If you go to and look up the G9 there's a link where you can get the manual...

Comment #4

Is there a problem with Av (Aperture Priority) mode on this camera. No matter how dark it is on my G9 it will never offer an exposure time of more than 1 second. This means pictures are under exposed in dark situations. settings are flash off, AV, ISO = any and any aperture = Any. It looks like a firmware bug to me because any photo requiring less than 1 sec exposure works fine...

Comment #5

Why not use Manual mode and set the aperture and shutter settings yourself?..

Comment #6

Hi, I do, in PDF (app. 26 MB). o...

Comment #7

Hi G9 users. Did anyone tried Focus bracketing with G9? I did but there is no difference between three pics taken in this mode. I'd expect there should be a visible difference in exif info but don't know where by which parameter. Nothing visible even on pics. Thanks for any info. o...

Comment #8

I'm a bit surprised by the enthousiasm for the G9. OK, it's nice camera but compared to e.g. the Canon A710is or A720is, it just has a li-on battery, a flash shoe and the raw facility, but it has exact the same lens as the 710/720. Where, in my opinion, one of the most important (or perhaps 'the important') parts of a camera still is the lens! Forget the pixels and see that the price of a 710/720 is half of the G9 price. I had (and have) compact Canon's but there marketing is quite clever, bringing out most of the time slight changes with strong PR. The G9 is still not what there very early G's where. In reviews, the 710/720 are underestimated...

Comment #9

Hi, I was wondering if the G9 is usable tethered to computer, and if a radio slave is workable to trigger studio strobes. thanks..

Comment #10

Hi, Just got my G9 yesterday and I played around with it a bit and I absolutely love it. However I noticed that when stating and shutting down the camera, the sound of the lens retracting and opening is a bit too loud, I thought it didn't sound there something wrong with my piece or is this normal?..

Comment #11

Frank, I agree with you on the importance of the lens, BUT - do you want also to say, that if you would have a good lens (like 17-40 L) and the same film (sensor), then there would be no difference between Canon EOS Rebel and Canon EOS 1V?..

Comment #12

I've had the camera for some time. It's always in my shirt pocket. In retrospect a soft leather pouch would have been a good idea, as dust can penetrate the viewfinder and also get behind the LCD cover screen. I haven't seen any sign in the images thankfully. It's a very good camera, very good value. I never learned to use anything except manual mode with histogram. I might buy another one in case Canon's next isn't as good...

Comment #13

Hi all.

I am looking for a camara more than 12 MPi want to get photos through computer software and the photo should come to my hard disk. can anybody suguest a camara for me.

Thank U..

Comment #14

More than 12 MP? Overkill for the most part. BUT, If I were to buy a new camera today it would the Nikon D300!! I use the 200 and the 70 professionally and they do the job. Next is the 300 when I have a spare 2 grand. Worth every cent. The only non DSLR I would purchase would be the Canon G9! DSLR wise, go for the 300 with 18-200 lens, DOES IT ALL!!..

Comment #15

"The only non DSLR I would purchase would be the Canon G9! DSLR wise, go for the 300 with 18-200 lens, DOES IT ALL!! " you would be much better off getting the 5d and the Tammron 28-300VC. I had the d300 and 18-200 and I just sold them...

Comment #16

Anybody have experience with blinking (pulsing) LCD screen in G9. I went through 4 cameras and all of them have the same problem...

Comment #17

...if you are referring to the blinking during image review they're supposed to do that, it's called "zebra mode" and it's to show you the overexposed parts of the shot. No one told you about this even after the 3rd one? (ps focus bracketing is only going to help you if you manually-focus the camera)..

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