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I did a search for Powershot G9 and found nothing, so I thought I'd start this ball rolling. There seems to be every chance that the G9 will prove to be one of the most successful point-and-shoots to date. I just got mine this morning. I am a long-time film and digital photographer. The last camera I bought was a Minolta A200. In the past I owned cameras from Leitz, Bronica, Rollei, Pentax, Olympus.

I've had A2 prints made from the A200. Nobody looks at them and says 'You've blown it up too far'... Thus far I have resisted buying a DSLR. For one, I have a horror of dust. Second, I'd rather have an EVF than one of these pokey entry-level pentamirror tunnels.

Plus they're all so bulky... and expensive, especiaIlly when you include some decent lenses. Anyway, with Minolta dying and technology moving on, I wanted a new camera. I started off looking at the Pentax K10D. Since I've got IS already, I wasn't going to be without it.

I really did want a pockeable camera. Then while I was dithering the G9 was announced. When I found it for UKP310 on Amazon I paid extra for express delivery. Who knows, perhaps I'll get the Pentax later, anyway the market will move on. First impressions of the camera are good..

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Had to break off last night, pressure of time. As I said, the camera is solid. Not icehockey-puck-solid like an early Leica, but solid, nonetheless. The Leica wore a hole in my pocket. I was walkinng at speed one day, it slid down my leg and round the curve of my ankle and shot about 10 yards up the street ahead of me, bouncing. The base plate came off and the camera had a few corners worn off, but it carried on working.

Of course, at nearly a pound in weight, it drags your shirt out of shape, but you can take it out before you get on the catwalk. I think I'll get a pocket with a button, I lost a mobile phone down a toilet once. Now we've got fog here. I haven't taken but 2 or 3 shots. When I get the chance to do so, I'll post a few more impressions.....

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AAAAAAh! I couldn't find a shirt with a button pocket like I wanted. On Monday I had to inspect a computer system I designed, in a luxury yacht. I was leaning over looking into a low equipment enclosure in the engine room. The floor plates were up. The camera fell about 4 feet rattling down through some stainless pipework and pumps into the bilges. Fortunately the yacht is new, the bilges dry, and the camera survived functionally unscathed, although it does have a couple flats on the corners and a little ding on the top plate near the flash.

Before I got the camera, not having handled one, I had a mistaken idea of the usefulness of a viewfinder. The old Leica I used to use had an auxiliary finder of the type called 'bright' or 'brightline'. When you looked through it you saw a silver box projected onto your field of view, which was x 1, i.e. you could keep both eyes open. I guess, thinking back, I used to keep the camera set to the hyperfocal distance a lot, with 400ASA B/W film for it's latitude, and to keep the DOF deep.

I am very quality driven, and rarely print an image that is cropped other than in one dimension, but I could rely on the boundaries shown in the viewfinder to a high degree. Working a digital camera is a bit different. If you have used an EVF you get used to visual indication of focus lock, live histogram, and basic settings being constantly displayed along with the image. Of course some of these are available in a DSLR too. With the G9, unless you are going to use auto modes, you are going to look at the LCD to verify your settings when you first aim the camera.

I don't see much point in a viewfinder that only shows 85% or thereabouts of the frame, and you can't keep both eyes open. If you're going to have 10-20% error, then show 120% fer chrissake. Take it out and make the camera smaller, or fix it up with a brightline, parallax correction and some info is my verdict. Possibly useful if you're trying to record some journalism in a hurry, or you're more relaxed about cropping. Anyway, I've taken a few photos with the camera now, so I've had a chance to look at and evaluate the results.

It's portable in a way that my other cameras aren't. The image quality is excellent. Creamy smooth and detailed with minimal muddiness in high frequency areas such as distant vegetation. This is at iso 100. I don't take so many photos now in much-less-than-ideal conditions.

Flare seems notably largely absent. I always semm to manage to provoke some colour fringing very early on when I pick up a camera, however in this case it is very well controlled. Yes. I think I'm going to like this. I dug out an old shirt...

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This is in reply to Fred Gemmell in reference to the Cannon G9. By the way,is your family from Scotland? I traced mine back to Irvine, Scotland in the 1700's. A variation of the spelling but thats normal.

Getting back to the camera, I liked the G9 a lot. It reminded me of a ranglefinder by the shape, sort of "leica like". I had a new Olympus 410 but saw the Cannon while in the store but they were all out of them.. I took the Olympus home and played with it but the G9 kept coming back in my mind so I returned the Olympus and went to another store and purchased the G9. I'm a Real Estate appraiser and am going to do a job tomorrow and try it out. I'll post my results...

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Hi Jim Yes, I believe the name is from Scotland, my grandfather was a Scot. I'm glad to see soembody else has bought this camera. I'm delighted with mine. I have noticed a little corner softness at some apertures and focal lengths, but the image detail is fantastic for the large part. I started in digital with a 3MP camera. A few things I did with it, I thought "This is nearly as good as I used to get from 35mm".

With this, I just looked at the first A4 print I made, I thought, "Ooo that's nice". It's a very, very nice little camera. Fred..

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Is anyone aware of any comparisons of photo quality (sharpness, detail, resolution) between the G6 and G9?..

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Sorry, I don't know of any comparisons, but you might find some old reviews of the G6 around, maybe even on imaging-resource??? I will say that I am very impressed with the G9 image quality. Given the high degree of usability, the macro features, the chunky solidity, it is undoubtedly the best small camera I have ever owned. Fred..

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Please help.Today I bought a new Canon G9. I can not find any other languages only English and Japanish Where are all the others?..

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Languages: Page 15, G9 manual. Turn the camera on. Press the playback button [>]: triangular arrowhead in box Press and hold 'FUNC. SET' and press 'MENU' quickly while holding down 'FUNC. SET'. Release buttons.

Press 'FUNC. SET'...

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I just did it but there are only two of them nothing else...

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OK, you need to contact the seller of the camera or contact Canon support for your global region directly. There should be about 30 options, I never heard of a fault like that. Sounds like an early firmware version is loaded incorrectly. There is no firmware update currently available for the camera as far as I know.....

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I am trying to choose between the G9 and the SD800, I know they are completely different from each other and I think that is why I am having trouble. For the most part I will be taking shots of the kiddo (so it has to be fast) and while we travel. I dont want to fuss around with it a lot, but having the extra functions is attractive to me. Also I havent been able to find a G9 in the stores so I havent been able to handle it and get a feel for the size. Something that would fit in my jeans pocket would be fantastic though for the right camera I would settle for one that would fit in my purse.

I am really interested in the G9, in the hopes that it would be a great bridge between a P&S and a SLR and do double duty.


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Hi there,.

I have had my G9 for about a month now and very pleased with it apart from no paper instruction manual only a disc. ANyway, my question to the forum is how can I download teh video files it creates to YouTube. On all my other digital cameras I could download the files no problem but Youtube keeps knocking them back saying file type not recognised however it is an AVI file which YouTube accepts?? Is there some code in the Canon software that changes this slightly as it is such a nuisance but I'm sure I am just doing something wrong. many thanks for your help AndyT..

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