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I'll admit that I didn't read every last word of the G7 review, but I ask, especially as Canon's product line becomes ever more confusing: What differentiates the target market for the G7 from the target market for the S3 IS?..

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Basilb, How about smaller, slimmer, more robust body; flash hot shoe, ISO 1600 & 3200, optical viewfinder, larger LCD, 10MP vs 6MP, Face Detect AF, Lithium Ion battery, better ergonomics, rangefinder styling, etc. Maxx..

Comment #2

Again with the complaint about auto-rotation in the "cons" column! I don't understand how this can be considered anything but a "pro". The lack of this sensor causes time-consuming annoyance in other brands of cameras (as far as I know, every point and shoot digicam other than Canon and Panasonic), as each portrait-mode picture must be manually rotated either in review in the camera or by hand in editing software. On the other hand, if you really want all your pictures lacking this information, you can just turn it off. Meanwhile, if your "standard" software doesn't understand how to deal with the exif rotation info, no problem: simply run it through the public-domain and cross-platform program jhead to produce pixel-rotated images. But actually, what standard software are we talking about? Photoshop and Photoshop Elements certainly understand the exif info, as does Google's Picassa...

Comment #3

A Canonized M8? When will someone bring an affordable rangefinder to market for us wide shooters? Wouldnt I love a compact body with a short zoom perhaps 21mm to 80mm (equiv) f2 coupled to a 22mm x 14mm sensor or better yet a 1.33 aspect ratio 16mp? Of course it would shoot raw and keep everything that doesnt belong on the menus off the menus i.e. keep the ISO dial, 86 the shooting modes all together and just put the aperture on the mode dial. Add a larger brighter dead-on accurate viewfinder, and a burst buffer of about 5 raw shots. Some of us really are searching for a pro quality wide angle system at a reasonable price. If Canon can bring us the Rebel XTi for $750 then why not a much simpler version in a more compact form factor with a top shelf sensor and bright tack sharp WIDE lens. It runs on a set of AAs locked securely with a captive fastener, and is built on a cast metal chassis sturdy enough to take skiing, climbing, kayaking or wherever else. For my money it would certainly be of higher value than a large, heavy, cropped body SLR with abysmal wide angle performance...

Comment #4

I bought the G7. I like the S3 but the size rules it out. The 710 was a serious considerationuntil the G7 was announced. If there's any mystery why a person would choose the G7 over a DSLR, the only issue is size. Give me a pocketable DSLR and I'll buy it. Current technology (or market demand) doesn't provide that, so what I wanted as a 6x zoom, with IS, good photo & video quality, and a large hi-res LCD (poor eyesight).

I'd probably never use Raw. I'd love to have an articulated LCD, but I'd never sacrifice the IS to get it.

I think the photo quality is excellent. And I agree that the video is so good (at 1024) that it can be used for taking photosthough I was surprised that a reviewer would say this.

I would have loved for the G7 to have other features, but certainly cost cannot be the only consideration. Who can fault the G7 for not having what no other camera does, just because it costs $550? It's a good package. Certainly HYPOTHETICALLY there could be a better camera made, but I bought the G7 because no one else currently offers anything better. I'm sure in a year or 2 someone will beat it. I didn't want to wait...

Comment #5

I am one of many people who like to travel and take photos while traveling. I want to have a camera with me at all times, and I really do not want to lug a dSLR around all day long. I need a compact, high quality digicam with manual controls. Image Stabilization would be a big help as I take many photos in low light, e.g., in museums where flash and tripod are not allowed. I bought an S70 two years ago based on Dave's review ("a G6 in sheep's clothing")and it has been excellent. It even has a polarizing filter, which makes landscapes much clearer.

I would have bought the S80, but it lacked IS (no wonder it's been discontinued). I would buy the G7, but Shawn says it's noise suppression is terrible, the G7 lacks RAW (which my S70 has), and the G7's resolution (1400 to 1600 lines) is no better than my S70's (1500 to 1550 lines). Given the huge technical progess in digicams over the last two years, the G7 is a travesty. Shawn is absolutely right that Canon has abandoned us. The SD800 IS (no manual shutter or aperture control) and the A710 IS (1300 lines resolution) are no solution..

Comment #6

I am considering to buy a third camera with a form factor in between my "always with me" ultra small Sony Cybershot and my Nikon D70. I am hesitating between the Leica D-Lux 3 and the Canon G7. The reviews on the Leica are mixed and rather negative on noise for use anything below ISO 200 but it scores better on other qualities, like speed. The Canon also receives critism on noise, but the noise performance still seems to be quite better than the Leica. However, it has a worse performance on speed. The lack of RAW is not an issue for me, since I won't need it for the kind of use of this camera. Has anybody a recommendation which one of the two camera's to buy?..

Comment #7

The review missed the real killer for this dumbed down poorsumer camera... The extra 0.3-0.5 seconds of final half press shutter lag, when using internal or external flash... The final nail in the coffin. Imagine a $500+ camera with .8 or 1.1 seconds lag using flash, in this day and age! Poor suckers. Canon is genius! The folk who buy one, will all have to buy new cameras VERY soon after buying a G7...

Comment #8

I bought Canon Powershot G7 last week and encountered some problems after try it. Powershot G7 will stop on Display Mode when USB cable connected the camera and PC USB port whatever press any button of the camera. It's still no reaction unitl the USB cable being unpluged. My P4 PC is installed Windows 2003. The user manual of Powershot G7 mentioned the attached software disk is compitable for Windows 2000 SP4/WinXP SP2. I don't know how to solve this problem to directly transfer the photos from the camera to the PC. Who can help me by e-mail me? The camera shouldn't have problem as it's brnad new! thanks a lot~..

Comment #9

Transfer of images from my G7 and 400D is much easier and quicker using Picasa than Canon's own software to download all. Picasa is a free download from Goggle. Try it...

Comment #10

Hi guys, I own a Canon G3, S50,Rebel 300D. I want a pocket size camera that can take indoor pics (low-light), without using a flash. I am hesitating between the Fujifilm finepix (F30,F31d,E900), or the G7. I know, outdoor the G7 is a better camera. Can Any of you, have any suggestions ?

Comment #11

Windows 2003 is the server version of Windows XP...

Comment #12

Will the software work with a PC that still operates under Windows 98SE?..

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