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I am currently trying to decide between the Canon G6 and the DRebel. On one hand we have a high resolution high end compact camera with a fast lens and on the other hand we have an almost as high resolution low end dslr that comes standard with a slower lens. I currently have a HP618 which has served me well but I am less and less happy with the camera mainly due to resolution, lack of low light focus assist and user interface. Stuff I really like about the 618 are remote, orientation sensor, status display lcd, big lcd, and it's got a good feel. So far both cameras fit my needs and wants. However some of the other stuff I want are a good (but cheap) telephoto lens, the ability to play with filter, a flip out lcd, and better depth of field control.

The G6 has a 140mm equivilent tele end where my HP618 had 108mm tele. Perhaps this would be enough? The G6 is also much smaller than the DRebel and has a flip out screen. The DRebel allows me to find a reasonably nice telephoto, lens perhaps used and allows me to play with filters without an adapter. The DRebel kit lens is slower than the G6's lens so the DRebels higher sensitivity is lost unless I buy a faster and much more expensive lens right? Hopefully I've provided enough information to start with. I am really anxious to play and learn more about photography.


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Thank you for your detailed review. I did note two typos where you refer to "G5" where you meant "G6" the first occurs where you are describing the transfer rate rate to your Sony desktop computerthe second is under Power in the sentence describing the CR2016 lithium battery.......m..

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Melvin: Dave writes: __ Thank you for your detailed review. I did note two typos where you refer to "G5" where you meant "G6" the first occurs where you are describing the transfer rate rate to your Sony desktop computerthe second is under Power in the sentence describing the CR2016 lithium battery....... Melvin - Thanks very much for those catches! I went back over the review with a text editor and found there were actually quite a few other places where I'd slipped and said G5 when I meant G6. - I guess I was comparing the G5 and G6 in so many places that my fingers just wanted to type "G5" a lot of the time. I think I've got all of them corrected now, thanks again for taking time to point this out to me! - Dave E. __ Hope this helps. Forum Admin..

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Dave, With cameras like the G6 and the S70 coming out it might be a good time for a new compact vs slr article. I cannot be the only one confused as to which way to go. A year ago it was much easier to decide. I thought I knew what I wanted, a DRebel, but then I ready the G6 article and now I am having big problems deciding. David..

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I appreciate your review. I am a previos G3 owner and just picked up the G6 3 days ago, your review helped make the final decision. I have taken a couple hundred photos over the weekend and am glad I made the jump. Image quality is excellent and my first 13 by 19 print was astounding. It is noticably faster and noise levels are better than I expected. The new handgrip and 2 inch LCD are definitely an improvement. I highly recommend it...

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I am currently looking for a serious digicam. I want high resolution, low noise, ability to handle low light shots, full manual controls and healthy battery life. I know SLR is the ultimate, but I'm not ready for that step.

Here are the contenders: Canon G6, Casio P-600, Pentax 750z (very new model). I have read that the Casio produces high levels of noise, so I'm leaning towards the Canon or Pentax. Can anyone offer me some wisdom on the matter, or recommend another contenter...

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Hi, I'm thinking about purchasing a G6 like yourself. Do you use RAW files? and if so, do you think they are a huge improvement over the HQ jpg compression?.

Are there any major concerns you have found with the G6?.

Were you considering any other models?.

Sorry about all the questions, I'm just anxious about a new camera...

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Hi Dave, I am new to this forum. I sneaked into discussion with a "reply" to you just to make sure I am addressing the message right. I am a Nikon DSLR user trying to move to a more portable solution for micro and outdoor scientific photography. Could not find anything suitable in Nikon range, but Canon G6 seemed to promise a lot. However, I am concerned with G6's ability to get close-ups. I agree with you that the macro sample in your review was not the best one can expect in terms of corner sharpness and everything.

I compared this with the (better) macro sample taken with G5 and noticed that the G6 one was taken at full tele, whereas G5 at the wide end. Could that be a reason for this much worse G6 photo? Could there be any "sweet point" setting for macro? It is a bit weird, as I cannot see major differences between G5 and G6 optics. It would have been nice to see more of G6 macro performance: e.g. at wide end, at SuperMacro setting, etc. Thank you very much for your extremely useful reviews...

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Does any one know if Canon in going to release the G6 in black instead of silver? I've seen some pictures of the G5 in black (but not one in real life). Thanks...

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Hello Dave.

I have read your comprehensive review.i didn't see any comments about the quality of the new it handles bright light or low light conditions. would appreciate your comment. thanks.


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One point that is not always mentioned in reviews is that different manufacturers seem to use different standards in determing their ISO equivalents. For example, looking at Dave's low light tests, proper exposure for the G6 at .67 lux at ISO 400 was 4 seconds at f2, which is equivalent to 8 seconds at f2.8. Looking at the same test for the Sony P150, at .67 lux, proper exposure at ISO 400 was 15 seconds at f2.8. The G6 therefore appears to be almost a full stop more sensitive at the same rated ISO or 400 or, put differently, the G6 seems to obtain the same exposure at ISO 200 as the P150 obtains at ISO 400. In comparing noise levels, then, it seems it would be more accurate to compare the G6's noise at ISO 200 to the P150's noise at ISO 400, and to bear in mind that the G6's ISO 400 is equivalent to ISO 800 on the P150. The P150 still appears to have a slight edge on noise comparing equivalent ISO's (at least at the higher ISO's), but the difference is much less marked.

Is this a fair reading of the tests for these two cameras? Given the variance in how companies determine their ISO ratings, a test for actual sensitivity at a given ISO rating would provide an additional useful point of comparison...

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Is the optical viewfinder on the G6 good enough to use as the primary.

Means of framing your image? I (and many people I've talked to).

Do not like using the lcd as the primary means of framing the photo because it creates a "disconnect" between the photographer and the subject matter. The optical viewfinder on most digitals (except slr's, of course) are pretty pitiful as they usually cover only about 85% of the actual image area, and the viewfinder image is usually ridiculously small (even compared to film cameras). This is a subject I've never seen covered in any digital camera review, yet I hear so many people complain about it...

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