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I'm toying between the Canon A80 and the IXUS400 (Also called the Powershot S400). I prefer the size and rechargability of the S400; apart from the obvious (interchangable batteries, ability to clip on accessories) is there anything that should persuade me to get the A80 over the S400?..

Comment #1

Hi Robert, There is much mure creative potential within the A 80 (full manual control). The S400 is a great point and shoot cam..

I peronally tend to go with the A 80`s a good link to campare.

Non professional shots of both cams..



Comment #2

Hi, I would like to know if anybody else have seen this problem with the A80 or other Canon cameras. When I use the flash indoors and I have a white or light colored wall behind the subject, I can notice visible horizontal lines in the picture. Here is an example. (I used maximum resolution). At first I thought they were fingerprints on the lens but I cleaned it and it's still the same. Thank you Attachments:.

Canon 001.jpg..

Comment #3

Sorry guys, I just found out what was the problem. After careful observation, I have noticed that the problem comes from my computer screen. I use an 800x600 resolution for my screen and I can notice the lines even more than when I use another sharper resolution. So, I will forget about this since I cannot change anything. Otherwise, the camera is great !..

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I just replied to another post, that was discussing the same thing, so I'll just post it here too : I have an A80, and Yes, the ixus is sexier But I like to have manual controls as an option, so the little ixus wasn't ever a choice for me.

The rotating LCD is something I find VERY useful, and I will propably not buy another camera without it. The fact that you can adjust it kind of eliminates the need for anti-reflection. The LCD is small, yes, but it's nothing that bothers me at all. Using the manual focus is a bit tricky, but I guess that's the same for most digicams, and I dont really need to use it. The lower LCD resolution is something I havent even noticed. I have an olympus with 116000 pixel LCD, and it doesnt look as sharp as on the A80.

The ixus and the A80 has the same lens and sensor, and the picture quality should be the same in auto.

As for the whitebalance, it's no big deeal. 90% of the time the auto wb setting does fine. The ixus should have the same WB.

Under low light indoor yellow light environments, sometimes the pics get a bit warm. But the nice thing is that you can set two personal modes, c1 and c2, easily accesible from the main mode dial, that you can program to use for example "lightbulb"-white balance and 200 asa, perfect for indoor shots. And it's fun! Makes you feel like a pro I prefer to use AA-batteries, so that was only a + for me.

That's just personal taste - I have enough batterychargers and I don't want another just for my camera. I havent yet noticed any purple fringing, if I do, I'll just underexpose a bit. I beleive that both cameras are great and that they will get very similar results.

If you want a camera that you can bring to parties so that people say "oooooh!", then you should choose the ixus. If you want to get a more versatile photo-tool that you can grow into, go with the A80. As you can tell - I didn't regret buying the A80.

Good luck Inkyape PS.

A little resized "winter in sweden" night shot attached btw, heres some review links: Attachments:.

CANON A80 035-.jpg..

Comment #5

Please show me how to send my friend the digital camera image through email address...

Comment #6

Tonia - which e-mail program do you use?.

If it's outlook, just write your new message, goto insert at the top of the window, then in that menu choose "file attachment" and then browse to the file that you want to send and click "attach". or if you have the folder in which you have your photo is open in a window, just drag the file into the window of the "new message". If any other mailservice, like hotmail, use the attach file function...

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I am trying to decide whether to buy the Canon A80 or the Canon S45. The S45 is on sale and is $60 cheaper and I am told it has a few more options like RAW and a rechargeable battery. I don't know what to do and the sale goes off soon. Can any one help me?..

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SteveK and Inkyape, Many thanks for taking to time to write such wonderful answers. You are both persuading me to go for the A80, though... not waht I wanted to hear! I've got another month whilst the prices drop in Australia to think about it, though. Choices.... Cheers Rob..

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Rob, I am also looking at the Canon A80, which I can get for AUS $720, at David Jones Sale. How much will the price drop. Recommended Retail is $799. When will it drop and Why???.



Comment #10

The camera was released about 10 months ago abroad; it is brand new (December) in the Australian market. Whilst the A60 and A70 are still available, vendors are lowering the prices of those models, whilst keeping the A80 at a premium. The IXUS also has a similar family. Also, there are now becoming more and more stockists, so you can play one against the other. Last month, both cameras were hard to find. Just compare it to the prices abroad; I'm hoping it has to drop pretty soon after the "newness" factor has worn off.

So I'm prepared to wait another month or so and start bargaining..

Comment #11

Thanks for your comments, I might wait as well. The reviews are very positive. Let us know when you get one.



Comment #12

No prob, Rob!.

While you wait - why not look at some Canon A80 example pictures: Here's mine:.

Http:// And here's some really skilled guy's pics:.


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